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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. CoiL
    babs, is there reason why You went 3x47uF oxicap for HO amps decoupling caps? Why not 2x100uF oxicap: http://www2.mouser.com/ProductDetail/AVX/NOJD107M010RWB/?qs=%2fha2pyFadugxym376v1PCTxYMG83g6bUcOX5cpt8tb5fh%2fu5IBzi%2fA%3d%3d
    And can 6.3V be used in this spot?
  2. babs

    47uF 10V : 6 x 3.2mm
    100uF 10V : 7.3 x 4.3mm  much much bigger, too long
    The HO amp power supply is at 9V
  3. CoiL
    Ok, thanks for fast answer. It might be too long but I think it can be fitted since there is play room inside enclosure :wink:
    Problem is - my local electronics parts dealers don`t offer it atm.
  4. shagrathborgir
    well,here's come the question...would you make the mods for someone else,and charge him for the work?I would be glad to send my ibasso and all needed parts,and just pay you trough paypal!
  5. shagrathborgir
    Also babs,you have to tell us what equipment did you use for soldering,just to have an idea.I'm really curious what type of machine have you used to solder the ADA parts!
  6. cholero
    Hi @babs what types were the original Headphone Opamps and the dual preamplifier?
    Edit: to answer my own question: iBasso grinded the surface to make it impossible to see what type of Opamp the used.
  7. cholero
    So now I finally opened my device and did my first mod. I call it pop-killer. The goal of this mod is to get rid of the pop on the headphones when the player has finished startup (Mango) or music is starting to be played (rockbox).
    The problem is, that our device has output capacitors that need to be charged. Normally this is mainly done by the headphones (this is not a good hardware design). Internally there is only a 2k2 resistor helping, this is not enough.
    To explain the mod I have to discribe startup procedure:
    * power on
    * disconnect headphones with relay (=relay active)
    * initialisation of power supply, DAC and amp
    * connection of headphones (=relay inactive) here is where the pop comes

    Now with my mod, the capacitors are charged in the time when relay is active through a low ohm resistor (i took, 27 ohm, 10-100 ohm 0.25W should work). That means that when startup is finished and when headphones are getting connected, the voltage on the caps is 0V -> no pop.


    I don't guarantee that the schematics are right! I'm not responsible if you damage your device by doing this mod

    ToDo (optimization of the mod):
    * there are possibly more than one GND. The Resistors should be connected to the audio gnd, if this is not the case.
    * measure before/after the mod the peak voltage to pove the effectiveness of the mod
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  8. shagrathborgir
    So,it's done! I've changed the differential amplifier,ho output amplifiers and the decoupling cap of the diff amplifier.I used what babs used in his modd.
    It was hard,but the guy did it.I have tewted a little bit after I changed only the ho amp,as I've started with this one first,and the change was there.small test,only 3 min.after all the mods were done,I can say that it sounds way better than before,the bass is there,and flac just sounds amazing.siund signature changed in that something that I've wanted from the begining with rhis player.
    I hope babs choose the best parts for this modd,but reading that these were not the first ones he used,I assume he knew why he stopped at ADA amplifiers.
    Still got those panasonic fc on ibasso,but the avx caps has just arrived,so I'll test them in a few days,not in town right now
    Also,as everyone siad this before,new parts need some burn in,so I hope in 48 hours it will sound better.but it so good right now too.
    Thank you a lot babs,and I really hope you'll share the rest with us.

    We got ibasso dx120 now :d
  9. babs
    Congratulation! Shagrathborgir! Hope you will pleased with the result
    Yes I try some others OP amps, But due to the risk involved in each change, I limit my choice to the best components I already try on my other rigs mods
    But maybe, there betters amps to try, but not by me...
    Still unsure with the new mods I actually trying, more to come...
  10. shagrathborgir
    I've tried to put the avx oxicaps instead of panasonic caps.5 hours and 25 euro lost...I'm feeling like I want to trow away the player and all! I've made that rig,put jovials,tested them,then put the panasonic,tested and then the avx....right channel sound was so low.I've tried a lot of things,but still the same problem.finally I've put the avx inside,no more rig.I solder them,open the player,both channel worked but the sound level was way to low,like I was using line out,instead of headphones out!!!so I put the panasonic back,and manage to ruin 3 out of 5 oxicaps!
    I'm still looking for something that has not so much treble!it seems that when I go from 200 up,the treble is more powerful than drums/bass,and there's more noise than music (from 215 and up for shure)
    Also FLAC/ irr off/cpu default does not sound that good,and I've always felt this way,but that powerful bass kick made me blind!it sounds stuffy and If I listen the same song with default/ irr on/ cpu default then the song is more opened,more sounds but that kick is not present anymore.
    And I still don't understand,why this player sounds like I'm listening to music in concert hall mode!I'm feeling like the music is behind me,not in front of me,I'm feeling like it's live music,not cd music and everything is like an echo.
    I don't want to hear the part with the phone again....I'm listening to music at home,from my yamaha a730 + jbl es 7.1 and I swear,it sounds way different,the music is in my living room,not 10 streets away.I'm really nervous right now,and the only kind of music that sounds impressing to me,with this player is club music,noir recommends epsiodes!!!
    Is there any difference in caps regarding degrees? I saw that jovials are 85 and panasonic 105 and if I remember well,I've read somewhere that best audio caps are those one with 85.I don't know if this is true or false!
  11. CoiL
  12. shagrathborgir
    my ibasso is kind of broken....my left channel has popping noise,the right channel is ok.just wanted to test some flac files today,and I did nothing to it from last night,and it worked perfect.I've put back the jovial caps,but the problem is still there! I'm really sick with this player and I'm about to throw it out of the window,and forget about those 300 euros I've spent on it!
    I don't know what the hell is wrong now.I've tried to update the firmware,but I think its a hardware problem and can't put the original parts back,as there's no polarity,no markings no nothing.
    PLEASE HELP! I just want to make it work again,and get rid of it,really,this is the biggest mistake from all the players I had and it seems that I lost all the money.I had to stick with cowon j3,and not invest in this ibasso that does not work no more! I'm feeling so bad right now,thinking that those money are really one month of work here,maybe more and I was stupid to modd id and thinking that this will be a great player.If I only sold it in the first week,and there were no more than 50 euro lost,now it's the all thing lost!  
    sending it to ibasso and back,another 40 euros + repair is the last option,and I don't know if it's worth it...or selling it as spares and repair. I'm just going to kill myself right now as I lost all the money!
  13. CoiL
    Imho, Your sound reference point is quite off and You are approaching things from wrong direction.
    YOU bricked that player (that`s the risk of harware mods)... so, only one to blame is Yourself.
    Yes, You didn`t know what You were doing and probably still don`t. Btw, this IS great player! Even in stock.
    How old are You? Please keep this kind of emo stuff away from here and grow up [​IMG]
  14. cholero
    I feel a little bit sorry for you because the money in your area seems not to have big value.
    If you are willing to upload photos (top & bottom) of your "work" in good resolution, light and focus I will promise to take a look at it, to try to find the problem. I have a trainded eye to find defects in electronic devices (of course I know that not all problems are "visible", but many! My oscilloscope i cannot bring to this forum :wink: ).
  15. shagrathborgir
    I'm 28,and did not do the mods by myself,only caps removing!
    the screen does not work now....it lights up but nothing,it worked just a half an hour ago and now nothing.keep turning on and off and only once the screen worked,now it doesn't again.I'm really going crazy,can't stand it,makes me cry,yes at 28 years old,I'm feeling like I cant do it no more!
    I change my receiver,tv,phone and parts of my jbl system every year,yes every year,and this player just drives me crazy,I'm feeling like I'm loosing it.please don;t tell me this is the perfect player,as I read a lot of reviews not so great about ibasso dx50,and I was thinking today to change it with dx90.just wanted to test some flacs and this is where I am now.I almost sure that this player is gone,or how the hell am I going to repair it?
    left channel works only on maximum gain,with a lot of popping noise,but seems ok when I insert only 3/4 of the jack and only that channel works,but when I insert it full way,then the popping starts!
    I don't have a photo camera,but I'll try with my video camera.I just want to repair it,sell it,keep it,I don't know,just don't want to loose this kind of money now,but the screen is not working now,and I'm really going crazy!how do you repair this,is there a center in Europe or Chine is the only option?I buy lot of stuff in this area but this is the first thing that does this to me!
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