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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. shagrathborgir
    is 300 euros lost,do you know how I feel? I can't even feel my heart beating inside,actually I feel that there's a big hole inside my chest right now.for 30 euros I would trow it away right now,but it's 300 and here is a lot of money!
  2. shagrathborgir
    screen is back again,I don't understand what's wrong with it.I turn it on and off for 20-30 times and the first 3 attempts were bad,then I got the screen back,but it was blue,now it seems ok,hope it stays this way!
    another thing that I notice is that it plays songs without headphones,and it was impossible to do this when I got it (don't know if the mods are responsible) and also,when I pull the jack from the player,song just continues and until today it just paused.really don't get what's wrong with it.please help me with the popping sound or service center,maybe there's nothing bad with it,maybe!
  3. CoiL

    Duh... YOU wanted to mod it, YOU did change the caps (without even understanding how to connect them), YOU let someone else to do those hardcore hardware mods for You. YOU screwed it up not iBasso! Do You understand it?
    I warned You from the beginning that don`t rush into this modding. You did. First You liked upgraded sound, then not. Then it`s faulty, then it`s not. Who asked You to go this way? Ppl recommended You to try other IEM`s or headphones to get better pairing. Ppl told You that if You don`t like this DAP sound, go on and sell it and live with what You like. Did You take any advice? No.
    Blame only Yourself and the choices You made.
    But I hope You get it fixed. Instead of You, I would stop turning it on/off and take it apart, check all solderings (or excess soldering deposits etc.)... or let a professional to take a look. If visual observing doesn`t reveal anything, then there`s probably something more serious. About screen - maybe You didn`t attach screen terminals properly back on?
    But please... stop whining and bashing DX50. Problem is more likely in You and Your subjective perspective.
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  4. shagrathborgir
    I asked questions,just to be sure,ok?someone else did the mods because he has knowledge and he works with this kind of parts,he repairs phones,he solder lot of small parts,not me!
    the screen got something,I don't know.when I turn it on,it just got some light but if I press power off button once,and then once again,it shows normal.
    my iems are 200 euros,ok??? just searc for DENON wich is a great brand by the way,AH-C300 these are duble driver iems,11mm drivers,for bass,which ibasso does not have.I'm so sorry that this is not the perfect player for me,it really isn't,just accept it!I don;t like to hear music from 10 streets away and I don't like echo sounding.I want music coming from front of me,not from behind me,but I've read some reviews that the ibasso wonderfull players,are not all the same.some reviewers seems to tell a lot of wierd things,like noise in iems when music is not on,so I guess there are units and units!
    by the way,this player,just does not deliver the sound as a you hear it from a sound system,in fact it is so different from all other players,and I'm not talking about the quality of the music it's just how it reproduce it.listening to song from yamaha and jbl with my eyes closed,and I feel like I'm in the studio with the band,and listening to the same song on ibasso,I'm feeling like I'm in hall,the band playes live on a stage that is far far behind me.I'm looking at a wall,and the music is behind me.I can't explain better!
    maybe it's just me,maybe it's my fault,maybe it's this stupid thing that got broken,even if yesterday worked perfect,and all days before today,but please,if you just want to help me,please tell me were I can repair it,as I want to save it,and sell it.it's not for me,I want,and I need something better than ibasso dx50.
    the thing that matter to me the most,is that even with cowon j3,the music was here,not there,and I don't like this sound signature,I don't want echo in my music,I want the same sound as you put a cd a push play,the music is there,is present!
    I'll upload some photoes made with my sony pj760 camera,I don't have anything better,but this is 1k video camera,so I guess it's pefect!
    I feel so bad about this,and really hope to get some of my money back,and I was really thinking of selling it today,and get the dx90,which from some reviews I've read today,does not compare with this one.most of the people say that dx90 has bass,not like dx50. fiio and ak100 were other options either but,I just got this surprise today!sorry,I'm really angry with all of this!!!please help,instead of judging me,we're not all the same,we don't like the same things,we don't even listen to the same kind of music,and what I listen does not sound so good to me from ibasso! also,I know what I'm telling,I record concerts from the band I listen,I have over 40 concerts taped till now,and maybe more than 200 that I've seen and not in one country,and I know when the sound is good or bad
  5. shagrathborgir
    There's nothing wrong with that soldering,I'm sure,as I used it one week before the mod,and if it was something wrong,I guess it was dead from the firts time I've turned one,after the mod.
    Last night I've tried to put the avx caps instead of the panasonic ones ( which I soldered by myself and it also worked perfect) but ended with low level sounding so I put back the panasonic ones!
    so enede with the same panasonic inside,listened to about an hour of music,and went for bed.today just wanted to try some flac files,as I've downloaded some discographys and the rest you know!
    It was perfect last night and today it went crazy.still don't know what's wrong with that popping sound and the screen! please,I just want to repair it,and recover a part from the 300 euros spent on player and parts for mods.even 100 could make me happy today,I'm really,really,really upset,but I guess this is what happens when you spend money for a car on tv,audio hi-fi,vedeo camera and other things that I've got!
  6. cholero
    Ok, I've looked at the photos.
    The first one is sharp but has a lot of overexposed areas because of the flash. To be honest, I did not read your whole story but if you say that it used to work in this configuration without any physical change it probably has nothing to do with the mod and looking at the photos would not help, because it would be sort of a sw problem. You also seem to have different symptoms coming from different problems. I'm just ignoring the problem you had with the black screen. But also the strange sound effect (a) surround sound; b) coming from behind) you are talking about cannot come from the mod I would say. Ar you not using rockbox and enabling some sound effects?
    Anyway, what I can say about the photo is that the soldering of the opamp looks ok (i cannot say that they are good, just in this picture it is ok). The solderings of the elcos are not visible enough. I guess you know that when you are soldering and unsolderung part often, the pcb suffers. The solder mask laquering can go off and when you solder again it leads to shorts to the nets around, what often is GND. Also the vias in the THT-Soldering can brake, this would lead to a broken circuit; in our case that the cap would not be connected at all. 
    Something else I saw is that the tantalum cap above the preamp op that you've replaced, is a bit dark; this comes from overheating. I would say by the color it has that it is not in a dangerous level at all. I've seen quite brown ones that still used to work. And usaully if a tantalum dies, it will stay dead. But if you have to exclude all possible roots for the problem you could replace it.
  7. shagrathborgir
    I think there is something wrong with the HO jack,for sure,as if I'm inserting the jack,but let like 2mm out,and move it a little bit,the popping is gone (still the sound is not good ) even if I move the gain in all 3 position,but if push all the way in,the the popping is back.I already did the soldering from that jack,twice,but the problem is that jack moves,the housing is moving.I looked at the LO and Coax Out and they are stable like they are super glued,so I don't know what to do.I think the metal inside the jack is the problem,and the only think I can do is to replace the socket (don't know the name in english).
    the good part is that is not broken,I hope so,it's just this problem with the jack.I still hope there's no problem with the screen as I already did what Coil told me,but still some times,DX50 does not appear on screen!
    How can I search for that part on ebay,or elsewhere,what is the exact name of this part? 3.5mm headpone out socket...seems to be a lot of types so which one is for ibasso dx50? THANK YOU
  8. shagrathborgir
    It worked perfect after the mod,it worked perfect last night after I tryed to change the caps and let the panasonic as avx turn my HO into LO at volume level,don't get it why!today it just made this popping,and I opened my player to check,and I saw a wire,which I used to solder one cap.as I said before,I've put some bigger caps (bigger in size) and one of them I had to put 2 wires to solder it.one of thaose cable was off,so I solder it,but the popping was still there,so I panic.I put bag the jovials,and the popping was still there!
    I'm using sound unlocked 1.4 no effects and please do not worry about what I don't like about this player.english is not my base language,and it's very hard for me to describe a "music problem" or what I hear and how I hear the music from ibasso!
    the soldering of that opamp,has to bee good,we both check it (me and the person who solder it) and I think that if it was bad,it ruined the player from the first start!also,if it worked perfect for one week,than the soldering is good!
    the tantalum cap above the preamp was just touch by the heat/or soldering gun,some other tantalum corners turn brown,but I don't think this is the problem!also,the one you point is not brown,maybe the one in the right of the opamp is!!!
    what you've said about soldering and unsoldering makes me worry as I thought of this when I put the panasonic back.so I took off jovials,put panasonic,took out panasonic,put wires only 4 wires,not 8 to make that rig,put panasonic,remove panansonic and put back the jovials!still,don;t think this is the problem,as I checked the back of pcb and the circuits are there,it's uglier on the front than the back.I was looking to see if I ruined some circuits in soldering un-soldering caps (exfoliate if this is the correct word)
    I think the problem is with the HO socket as if I moove the jack,actually if I pull it 2mm out and pus it up/down the popping is gone,both channel work even in low gain mode!I'm not having the sound I remember to have,it's worst,but if the popping is gone,I think this is the problem,the socket.also,I used panansonic caps lately and when I test them yesterday,with that rig,there was a big difference in panasonic and jovials sound,later ones were kind of noisy,and maybe this is why I think I'm not getting the best sound even when I moove tha jack.If panansonic were there,I would be sure right now!
    How can I search for the exact socket as it has to be/I hope it is the problem here???? thank you so much for helping me
  9. shagrathborgir
    it seems like the exact name of that soket is WQP-PJ320D 
     I find them only in China,but want to order 2-3 pcs from EU.please post a link if you know were to buy from EU,as I want to repair it this month,not the next one!
  10. CoiL
    * clicks and pops can be caused from certain SD cards. Sandisk cards seem to have problems by some users reports. After changing to alternative, problems have gone away.
    * clicks and pops can be caused from loose/bad jack connection soldering.
    200€, dual driver and known brand name doesn`t make IEM certainly good one. There are lot of other IEMs with better SQ with lot cheaper price. We already discussed it in another thread. Read some reviews about those IEMs, they are not great. Boosted bass (especially sub-bass) which lacks in accuracy and definition. Also lack of mids. They are far from good balanced sound. Now, with all those upgrades made to DX50 (which makes it more balanced, controlled, clear, open large soundstage, better separation and transparency, better imaging) ...combined with those Denons ...well, no wonder You don`t like what You hear. Especially when You have been used to sound out of galaxy S3 or whatever smartphone that was You liked. Your reference point of hi-fi sound is off and this hi-fi sound that most of us are after in here is probably not for your taste. You don`t like the way DX50 sounds (even after modding) ...fine, your subjective opinion and we respect that but don`t go around telling it`s the worst mistake You have done and it`s sounds bad and wrong etc. when You have different sound reference point and goal. We recommended You to try other IEM`s to get better match - no, You just told they are 200€ (which by your opinion makes them certainly hi-fi sound and great ones) and didn`t even consider trying other stuff. We recommended You to sell it and keep enjoying what You had before or try other DAPs. No, instead You rushed into mods without any knowledge. You didn`t even let those caps properly burn in (for example my DX50 LO caps that had littlebit harsh highs for me have now settled down and are very detailed, sparkly and open). Not to mention about HO caps which You certainly didn`t let burn in and compare properly. And then those other mods... doing everything at once without acknowledging about differences each mod does. All those mods also require burn-in.
    This is probably open large soundstage You are experiencing but there is no "echo sounding". Only thing with that "echo" is probably You are now experiencing how reverbs and echoes should be inside music, not congested in small soundstage "inside" your headstage. 
    Have You thought that maybe Your sound system is also not so well defined, balanced and with large soundstage, better separation/transparency and imaging?
    DX50 so different from all other players? What all players? Examples please? In DX50 thread one guy did blind A/B/C switch test with some other well known quality hi-fi DAPs (Fiio X5 and AK100mkII) and could not make noticeable difference between them! Btw, he used Sound Unlocked 1.3.3 @ lossless/IIr off/CPU default. Check his post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/679473/the-ibasso-dx50-thread-latest-firmware-1-6-0/16140#post_11235862
    Again, it`s probably Your reference point about hi-fi sound that is off.
    DX50 reproduces music very well. And that "live on stage" is probably again the open large soundstage You are experiencing. If You don`t like it then You are probably more type of intimate close sounding soundstage with less depth in front and "back". I warned You about capacitor upgrade and that You might not like that sound signature. Did You listen? No.
    Again, it`s about soundstage I talked above.
    Probably yes.
    First thing is to contact with iBasso and ask if they are willing to repair modified unit and how much it will cost with shipping.
    Yes, DX90 is certainly better but actually some ppl say that difference is not so big. DX90 should be even more balanced and open sounding. You probably will be disappointed again.
    Your reference point about hi-fi SQ is probably off and You should just accept the fact that this kind of sound is not for You. 2 options - just stick with players and sound signature You like or let Your brain/ears adjust to this new kind of sound signature and learn to appreciate it.
    We tried to help. Problem is more likely in yourself, you just need to realize and accept some facts.
    Record with what? how? What format? What are You using to reproduce it? Your Yamaha receiver? In 7.1 mode or Source Direct stereo? What speakers? what room size and speaker placement? Do You even understand that comparing that system with DX50 + IEMs doesn`t make real sense?
    This is VERY subjective perspective and doesn`t make You ears the truth!
    I`m tired of commenting your posts and it`s the last one (Lol, I failed)... just wan`t ppl to take your subjective off-reference opinion with grain of salt.
    Only part I agree with You (and some others) is that stock DX50 has littlebit weak/loose bass/percussion punch, but that`s all... with upgraded caps this "fault" is removed. I might do some other upgrades in future also (though I don`t feel/hear the need for it atm) and will keep this thread updated about it.
  11. shagrathborgir
    I just can't track all the things you've said and answer! first,you can't tell that my audio sound system is not so good,balanced,or whatever and ibasso sound is better. we're talking about yamaha a730 + jbl es25,jbl e30 pair,jbl es20 pair,jbl e10 pair and jbl es250pw subwoofer that is a superb subwoofer with perfect bass for me,and it's the 3rd sub that I have and the second sound system that I've got,and still the first one was same combination,yamaha + jbl!
    how do you know that I did not burn in caps,or 100 hours of burning is not enough???
    I've tested headhones that I have in house,can't go in a store and try some headphones,mostly in-ear which I prefer,or can you do this in you're country???with some sony over ear,the sound is garbage,you just can't listen to music (mdr-v500 I think),creative ep-830 that my girlfriend have are still disaster with ibasso,and I have used these iems back when I had creative players!
    My last player was Cowon j3,and before that I had 2 creative x-fi!I was only saying that even xperia z3 has more punch,and the music is not so god dame live like on ibasso!
    My problem with this player is that makes me feel like the band plays behind me,in a hall,that's the problem,and that's what I don;t like!
    I'm not listening to music from last year,and don;'t tell me that ibasso is perfect sound,and all the other audio equipment sound strange!!!!I don't like that open wide large sound stage,I want the music the be closer to me.I want the voice to be in my head,not far behind my back and I HATE THAT HALL EFFECT that ibasso has! just put a cd in a player,and push play,and the listen to the same song on ibasso,and tell me the differences about from where does the music come from!
    I can't explain better,I just want the music to be here,not there.Even Slipknot is not so agresive with this player,as that punch from their barrels are way back,not near me.
    also don;t like flac/irr off/cpu default and really dont understand how you like it,since you talk so ellaborate about sound and stuff.this setting for me is just voice and bass and nothing else,and using default settings makes the sound sounding way better.there are a lot of sounds that are not there with flac settings!!!but this is from recording to recording,and from one kind of music to another.
    I'm tired,I don't want to talk about this player no more,I'm upset,I'm angry,I lost a lot of money...I could spent them on a new tv in 4-5 months,or just buy an ak100 player!
    I got a message from ibasso telling me that they can try to fix it.they say try,because they think it's the mods,but I'm sure,that this is not about the mods,as it worked perfectfor one week,but in case that this is the problem,I still got the orginal parts,so there's no problem.
    My only concern is the amount of money they charge as I don't have any ideea and I hope that repairing it does not cost more than a new one,and still I have to think if it's worth paying let say ....100 euros for postal taxes and repair!this is my problem now,don't know how much they charge.these days when you broke something,it's cheaper to buy a new product!!!
    still,there's popping from one channel,it's not dead,so maybe the problem is not so big and I'm really thinking that the jack output is bad1
    Also,if you put headphones in LO and you turn volume over 230,do you have perfect clean sound???
    LO is for using it with an amp,is that right??? but that amp is for over ear or in ear iems?does it change the sound signature?I saw some fiio amp with bass gain...I really have no idea and knowledge regarding portable amps,and what they do beside sound amplification!
  12. shagrathborgir
    and another thing is that the only thing that stopped me from buying other in era headphones,was this unit only,as the sound with creative ep830 is garbage,and those we're my iems for 2 years if I can remember,and no unit sounded so bad with them.so I was afraid to sped 100-150 euros for some other iems and feel the same way.let's forget about all of this,as my only problem now is fixing the unit,and sell it,or sell it at spares and repair,and recover a part of the money,and buy something else,maybe ak100,or something that sounds different than dx50,and I'm pointing to that large soundstage.maybe I like it to be more intimate,like you said,I like to feel the music (when I listen to it on the road) like in a club,not like at a concert!I think this was the problem from the begining.and I've said this before,only house/club music sounds good to me with ibasso and rock and rap/hip-hop it's just too live/hall/concert effect for me!
  13. CoiL
    Yes, totally clean @ 255 vol. But why the heck would You use LO for headphones without an amp?
    Yes. Not for using without an amp.
    Did you even read what I wrote? Here it is again:
    I don`t bother to comment anymore on other things You said since You didn`t answer to my questions in last post and didn`t even read it properly.
    Stop trashing this thread because You screwed up, made wrong DAP choice and Your SQ goal differs from others. This is mods thread. Next time You do such mods be willing to lose all the money You spent before You do them! I am willing to lose all that and I know what I`m doing and hearing. Stop whining and act like 28year old. Getting angry because of Your own decisions and yelling "I'm just going to kill myself right now as I lost all the money!" certainly doesn`t sound appropriate to that age and doesn`t solve anything.

    Have a nice evening and I hope You get Your DX50 fixed somehow.
    And this really is my last answer to Your posts about DX50.
  14. shagrathborgir
    I asked about LO because that is not clean either,small popping in both channel at maximum level with headphones,BUT,same thing here.If I insert only half of the jack in LO,I got clean sound in both channels!
    I really don't understand whats wrong,and why is this happening,why it works only if I'm not inserting the jack full way and what causes the problem!also,I mod only the HO,so I did not touch the LO!
    I think I'll send it to them,for repair,but really,I would like to find out how much did other people payed for repairing different stuff at this player.are they expensive or not?I'm sure I'm not the only person interested in this,since everyone with an ibasso,has no other option if something bad happens to his unit!
  15. babs
    I Just read all this Modded Shagrathborgir story....
    When I solder the differential amplifier on my DX50 (the smaller one with lot of solder), i also have a intermittent pop sound
    I fund the problem: one of the OP AMP pin have a cold solder
    the pin really seem soldered, but with a 20x binocular at angle, I see than the pad is not really wetted, contact is intermittent
    I remove the solder on this pad and re-solder; problem have gone...
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