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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. shagrathborgir
    I'll check that too. Player is at a guy from harman kardon for inspection right now.I'll wayt for news and keep yiu informed
  2. cholero
    I just wanted to do a quick update for the "pop-killer-mod": link. (btw. this is no sound mod, it only removes the "pop" at startup)
    I've been using this mod for almost 2 months now and I can say that it is working prefectly. It is not harming the player nor the headphones, in contrary it protects them.
    I was in doupt that my reverse-engineered schematic part was not correct, but it was! I didn't see that @demem has linked the schematics of the whole amp section of the DX50 (well, missing some detail about amp model and cap sizes but thats iBasso politics).
    Looking at the schematics showed me that my mod is absolutely correct and I don't understand why iBasso did not include from beginning this resisitor I added with the mod.
    Thanks demem for sharing this shematics:
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  3. demem
  4. cholero
    Thanks a lot [​IMG]. Just a small detail about the schematic (that I think are really done by you, arn't they?) the 2k2 resistor R26 i have measured to be on the R24 side of the Relay. For the rest, great work! It is difficult work to do reverse engineering! Thank you.
    demem likes this.
  5. demem
    You're right!
    I desoldering relay and checked. The correct diagram:
    Hi-res I replaced too.
  6. cholero
    Oh, so much work! I was too lazy, I measured over headphone cable when player was booting. But many thanks anyway!
    By the way, the head-fi pictures are hi-res too (in "desktop" mode). Just press Original to see it. 
    And an other quick question: If you are that handy with the soldering iron: did you do the mod?
  7. dumbears
    Would sb direct me the link or show me how to disassemble the unit?  I was stuck after removing all the 7 screws.  I didn't want to crack or damage the chassis of the player.
    Pls help.  Thanks in advance.
  8. shagrathborgir
    After that,slide the back plate,up!
  9. shagrathborgir
    Or,down,can't remeber!
  10. B3H3M0T
    who already try muses8832?
  11. CoiL
    B3H3MOT, have You already done simpler upgrades like capacitors? I would start with those first...
  12. B3H3M0T

    4 capasitor HO and 2 LO already replace with panasonic FC, i already replace some nano/ smd capasitor into blackgate, and the improve was so much
    maybe no need to replace for awhile because after i try use stock firmware it became flat and abit natural, 
    but microdetail not improve so much, so i think i will need replace the opamp
    next mod maybe replace 3 opamp, and something....
  13. dumbears

    Thanks. Just slide down.

    Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  14. CoiL
    Ok. Btw, what cans/iems are You using? And did You try those upgrades with Sound Unlocked 1.3.3 or some DOC`s FW? Stock firmware isn`t good imo.
    Only after HO/LO capacitor change I already got improvement in microdetail. Used Panasonic FC and didn`t change any smd caps. Atm, I don`t hear any need to mod anything else.
  15. B3H3M0T
    i already try it with SU 3.3 and 4.0
    3.3 high became abit sharp it make me fast to tired
    and 4.0 it bcame more forward
    FAD Heaven 2 and EtyKids with triple flange from er4p or wetstone startips
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