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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Keko123
    Is Quick Charger 2.0 or 3.0? Now I can only find 3.0
  2. expatriot
    I got the 3.0, 2 pack from amazon. The 3.0 is backward capable, so can be used on 2.0
  3. icefalkon
    I just received my DX120 and am in the burn-in process but have to say that I love this little DAP. Fast response, and great bass, with an easy interface. I'm pushing Meze Classic 99's with it and they sound great.
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  4. trivium911
    What about sound quality? Have you compared it to any of DAP's you have?
  5. expatriot
    trivium911: As I stated earlier, it beats my Cowon J3, Fiio M7 and Fiio X5iii. To my ears it sounds slightly brighter than neutral which I like. The DX120 is much more powerful than M7 and J3 and about the same as X5iii on balance.
  6. Davitron

    Y have the player ibasso dx120 and headphones final sonorous 2 with impedance 16 ohms only. If I use the output balanced 2.5 mm will i have a better sound or the sound will be highter only?? My question is because my impedance is very low.

  7. expatriot
    Davitron: I am no expert, but many reviewers of the DX120 state that the sound quality is better with the balanced connection. I've tried both balanced and single ended and I can not detect any difference in quality. If you have hard to drive earphones then balanced give you more driving power. I have a lot of earphones that are 16 ohm and sensitivity plus 100 and i have no problem with any of my daps driving them. Only my Mee Audio P1 needs more power at 50 ohms and sensitivity of 96. Your headphones are rated at 16 ohms and 105db sensitivity so you should have no problem with single ended or balanced. Just go with which one sounds best to your ears.
  8. Dobrescu George
    --- After experimenting a bit

    Even if the impedance is low, the balanced should have slightly better dynamics and instrument separation, plus a wider more holographic soundstage. This being said, usually using balanced adds a bit of hiss if you're sensitive to it.

    I use Single Ended most of times because I have to do comparisons and such between IEMs and headphones, and I still don't have enough balanced cables around to rely enough on Balanced connectors. I specifically would need Balanced cables that end in 3.5mm connectors, and I only had one from Meze, and that was all, I need more like that one for doing tests.
  9. Davitron

    The cable is expensive, about 120 euros, and if there isn´t a better sound perhaps i don´t buy it. I don't know what I do.

  10. expatriot
    Davitron: pm me
  11. Mephisto26
    I had some days with the DX120 now.

    The feeling of the player itself is very good. The thick charging cable included is a really nice touch. The silicon case, however, is a bit of a let down.

    I really like the sound, specifically with my AKG 550 Mark I. I only have to go to about 30.

    Some things are annoying though.

    1) There is a short click or plop after every track change, which annoys me quite a lot and might even bring me to send the DX120 back. Have to try gapless though... I am on FW 2.1.20 by the way.

    2) The touch navigation is a bit sensitive. When navigating the directory of my card (scrolling), I often end up getting to the „playing screen“, having to swipe to the right again to get back to the folder view.

    3) Charging with my iPhone XR charger and the supplied charging cable takes ages! Could someone in Germany or Europe maybe recommend a quick charger?

    4) It would be a nice touch if line breaks were handled better (long artist names).

    5) It would be great if one could scroll album artists instead of song artists.

    Do you have recommendations for IEMs letting you use the DX120 with balanced cables (up to 150 EUR)?

    Any comments and hints are appreciated.
  12. jamato8 Contributor
    For an IEM that is balanced or single ended and comes that way and extremely good sounding I would get the IT01s by basso. Have them and enjoy the sound a lot. Well balanced, open sound field and solid bass.

    For quick charging you have to use a quick charger. My DX120 takes a little over 2 hours for a full charge if run down quite a bit.
  13. Eddy Flycatcher
    Mephisto26, I don't know where in Europe you are located, but I just bought a Samsung quick charger over here in Holland that does the job. Also I have not heard any clicking sounds between songs, but my gapless is always on.
  14. expatriot
    I've had my DX120 for about 1 week. I always keep it on gapless and if I manually advance a tune I don't hear any click sounds. I purchased a Qualcomm Quick Charge from Amazon that works, I do have one issue with charging though, it seems after charging is complete, the battery indicator displays the previous level. In other words if I charge it when the indicator shows 68%, when charging is complete it shows it at 100% and I shut it off, then I come back in a few minutes, turn it on, and it's back at 68%???
  15. expatriot
    I forgot to mention I have not run it down to 0% yet.
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