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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Paul - iBasso
    Arriving soon, the new DX120. Designed around the AK4495 as a player with very high quality fidelity.

    Balanced: 2.5 TRRS
    Single Ended: 3.5 TRS
    Line out: 3.5 TRS

    2 micro SD card slots.

    DX120 Specifications:

    2.5mm Balanced
    Output Voltage:3.6Vrms
    Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB
    THD+N: 0.00028%,-111dB (without load)

    3.5mm Single Ended
    Output Voltage:1.8Vrms
    Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB
    THD+N: 0.00042%,-107dB (without load)

    16 hours of play time with standard files. This will vary depending upon the load, volume and resolution being played.

    The DX120 development focused on obtaining the most out of the AK4495 DAC chip to deliver high fidelity at an extremely good price. The specifications for the AK4495 show a THD+N of 105dB. In real practice obtaining this THD+N can be very difficult. However our engineers, through hard work, using intelligent design and research, have reached a THD+N of -111dB. This surpasses the -105dB of the AK data sheet by 6dB! A mission impossible has been made possible. And you will enjoy the rewards of a high performance digital audio player.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
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  2. Urubu
    yes !!! exactly what i need !!!
  3. Urubu
    power output ?
  4. maira
    Yes, me too.

    If Battery life is good (10h or more in BAL) and If it will ever be sold in Europe (and if SQ is great (engaging and muscial, of course)....
  5. newtophones07
    Can you use the amp modules from the DX200? I have switched all my cables to 4.4mm, but I would really like two sd slots in this version.

    What processor does this unit use (still the old rockchip), and will Lurker Roms be allowed?

    Is LDAC capability included, or standard aptX/sbc?
  6. twister6 Contributor
    if you go by a very rough ideal condition estimation of P = V^2/R (from P = V * I), 3.6V @ 32ohm will be about 400mW in BAL
    alphanumerix1, ValSilva and tarhana like this.
  7. twister6 Contributor
    There are no amp modules, it's a single piece unibody $299 DAP, running native mango, and I don't see any mentioning of bluetooth. This is a pure audio playback DAP with two micro-SD slots for max storage capacity. iBasso just posted a video of it: https://www.facebook.com/iBassoAudio/videos/849012615489059/
  8. crabdog
    Just saw the vid. This is a great looking DAP.
  9. Urubu
    i was just looking for a player , no wifi ,no BT ,no bull , just good sound
  10. alphanumerix1
    Looks good. Looks like a nice small solid unit.
  11. torpedorag
    Any info on the battery? I hope this doesn't have the battery problems of the DX80.

    Also will it be better soundwise than DX80? dual CS4398 vs. single? AK4495
  12. BonzerKeith
    At last some firm information. All we need now is a review, and a release date for the rest of the world after the release in China today.
  13. ldo77
    Will this DAP replace DX90 or DX100 ?
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
    alphanumerix1 likes this.
  14. Mhog55
    Slick looking device right there.
  15. Vanquished
    No BT - great, no wifi - great, two micro sd card slots - great, pure Mango - great, the price - great! If it's better than DX90 it will be great! :)
    crabdog likes this.
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