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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. Philip Ha
    I wish you put in a better font.
    Current font is slightly bold.
  2. WindowsX
    I'll consider it.
  3. DrGonzo
    @WindowsX for what it's worth. I think the font you used is much improved over the iBasso FW. My 42 year old eyes can see it much better.

    Really enjoying! Thanks.
  4. WindowsX
    Glad to hear you like it. I consider stock font being a bit too small for its size. Maybe it's OK for DX150/DX200 with bigger screen. I tried to use lighter version and there's bolder one which is too bold to my taste too.
  5. DrGonzo
    It would be nice to make the song title that is displayed over the album art more visible while in main playback screen.
    mbwilson111 likes this.
  6. smorgar
    Is the Mango OS based on android? I thaught Mango was stand alone linux
  7. WindowsX
    Android OS and Mango OS are based from Android's core Linux platform from the same kernel. You can treat Mango OS as a minimal core version with player as core app.
  8. zabin29
    Is anyone able to use the DX120 in DAC mode to play music from an iPhone, basically using the dx120 as a dac/headphone amp for their phone? It no longer works for me since upgrading the firmware.
  9. gazzington
    Anybody know how this compares sound wise to a fiio m9?
  10. HansBarbarossa
    Hi, friends!

    At last, I caught an iBasso DX120 DAP for testing and writing my review. I want to share my first impressions of this pleasant acquaintance.

    I will begin with a box. Here everything, as always at the iBasso brand, adequately. Packing is beautiful, the set is rich: a player, spare protective glass on the screen (one is already accurately established), a coaxial cable, the nice usb type-c cable for connection to the power adapter and synchronization with the PC, a cable for burn-in the device, a silicone cover well and guarantee documents.

    The DAP combining the simple Spartan form and graceful waves splashing on its sides and attracts a look. In my case color light brown, and it is ideal for my style.

    iBasso DX120 is the small device convenient in management and with the high-quality screen. The interface and management of any complaints do not cause. The tach-screen response to contact is fast, Swype on display to right and left is fast. The menu in already familiar to Mango intuitively clear. There is a wish to note beautiful display as fonts, blocks and interface in general, and covers of the reproduced albums.

    Funtsional is rich, at the same time there is nothing superfluous. Existence of 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm (TRRS balance) exit, 3.5mm Line outpout, and that it is important personally for me, a digital 3.5mm Coaxial output. I often use a player as digital transport, and DX120 perfectly copes with transfer of a digital signal. Very pleasant moment, 2x micro-SD slots, and a possibility of use of DX120 in the form USB DAC.

    Pleased very long operating time, about 15 hours, and the player of all for a couple of hours here is loaded. Fast charging is great

    Here I also reached a sound.

    So far early to draw some deep conclusions, but already now it is possible to tell that at DX120 a neutral manner of sounding with exactly moving low-frequency range, the smooth, beautiful and clean mids, with nice dynamics, details and sound resolution (even without the price level of the device) and a some little cool, little aggressive, but blank and accurate high-frequency register. The virtual space quite well is built in width and a little less in depth.

    It is exact, clean, balanced, a little dry manner of giving of a sound with small accurate "spark" around high frequencies, but in too time without excessive aggression and some obvious distortions. The bass is neutral, exact and well controllable. As it seemed to me, it lacks massiveness and a tone variety a little. But, I will remind, it is my primary assessment. For the rest, low frequencies do not cause serious complaints, all very decently. The low frequency range is very nice. There is both a direct shot, and a relief, and excellent speed. And it would not be fair to carp at DX120 at its price. There are many more expensive devices with a heap of more essential shortcomings.

    Following the results of two-day friendship with a DX120 it is already possible to tell that it was successful wonderfully well. To listen to DX120, as well as to use it, very pleasantly. And in more detail I will tell about iBasso DX120 in the full review which too not far off.

    All I shake hands, all the Best, Alexey aka Hans Barbarossa!

  11. seanwee
  12. hansuhumpty
    Got my DX120 fixed(loose screw). Found someone in my area who knew how to open it since he's done it 4 times already. Back to chilling with my Docomos. Can't wait till i get my Penon BS1 Official reterminated to 2.5mm balanced.
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  13. gazzington
    Is this loose screw problem common?
  14. hansuhumpty
    With the people I know who have it in my country, me so far(I have a tremendous unlucky streak from Custom Mechanical keyboards to Headphones). For other people on this thread, i think i only know 2.
  15. Music Enthusiast

    I notice that even with the very latest FW 2.2.42 installed at least 2 people on this forum are still getting 'crackling' noises on line out when changing tracks. Is anybody else having this issue? I don't know if iBasso are also still active on this forum but it would be nice to know when this will be resolved.
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