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That's correct, but you'll have to open the case and lift your X up to have access to the HOLD-button. They could have done this better imo.

Other than that I can really recommend this case too. Expensive but great quality!

Don't mean to turn this into a meaningless discussion but I just can't see how Sony could've designed this case better. The HOLD button is placed in a very awkward position at the back of the player making it very difficult to design a case that protects the player and still looks quite stylish and not bulky. I had another leather case --and quite a nice one actually-- but had no access to the HOLD button, and all others I've seen around just don't seem good enough. Also, one thing I like a lot about this particular (pricey) case is that when you open it, the X is in full view unlike most other cases, certainly all other leather ones I've seen around. This also makes it easier to use all features of the touch-screen while allowing you to 'contemplate' the beauty of this DAP.
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Like this:

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Did anyone buy an X and switch to a different pair of earphones?

I'm looking to buy the headset that was included with the player from someone who hasn't used them. I prefer them over some other ones I've tried.

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Originally Posted by AndyT87 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
just traded my x for a 160gb ipod classic...did i do wrong? lol

You didn't go wrong, you just went another way. The Sony is richer (darker, warmer) and if that is your thing, well... you did go wrong. If not, the Classic is as good a player.
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yeah, i needed the extra storage, because I started getting into lossless, and filled the x's 32gb really quickly with wav's...now I will have plenty of storage for alac files, but will need a portable amp to try and replicate the x's sound signature...any ideas?
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I don't know of any portable amps which are as warm as the Sony players. You could try the acoustic EQ on the iPod which adds a loudness curve, but that will only warm up the bottom end accompanied with sparklier highs. Since the iPod is already more neutral and sparkly than the Sony, it won't really do the trick.

Maybe a Deep setting. The Sony sounds pretty different when using a portable amp (at least if you amp the LOD), because it is a lot more neutral. Another option might be a good impedance adapter, though those are hard to find. They tend to roll off the highs and make the sound a bit 'richer' in some sense.

What earphones do you use again? That may be an important point to ponder.
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I use the ie8's which are warm I think. When I had an ipod nano 2g I never used eq'ing because I felt that it seriously detracted on the players sq in most cases (particularly in distorting the bass). Guess I will just have to get use to the neutral sound again...will probably pick up one of the ibasso range of amps/dac's because I've wanted to try them out for a while now.
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Ah, the Nano 2G had some bass roll off which I find hurts the IE8. If there is bass roll off with a boomy earphone, the boom gets worse. The loudness curve (acoustic) setting shouldn't distort unless under very very unique circumstances (a brand new recording). My A845 rolls off, but I don't have the IE8 now to chat about signature matching.

I know there is a lot of talk about the X being the best. I agree that its signature is addictive, but in comparison to some of Sony's older players, I think it actually distorts the music more. It is further from the actual sound wave output when running earphones. Headphones are pretty good though.

If it didn't hiss so much, I'd probably consider it among my favourites.

The X is a fine player for sure, one I'd recommend above Sony's other S-master players. I can recommend the iBasso T3D - 'cheap', small, good performance.
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Originally Posted by AndyT87 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
just traded my x for a 160gb ipod classic...did i do wrong? lol

You'll find out soon enough

I had the Classic for a few days and returned it because I couldn't get along with the small soundstage and thin sound. Even when I paired it with lossless files, an LOD and cn11's Mustang P-51, it didn't seem to improve much. Definitely wouldn't say it sounded as good as the X, but that's just my opinion.

The Touch (to me) sounded better with lossy files than the Classic did with all the extras. So maybe take care about which amp you pair it with. When I returned it to the Apple store, the guy said he had a Classic but only used it for travelling when he needed his whole music collection at hand, otherwise he preferred his Touch by a long shot.

I know the 5g was considered to be a great-sounding iPod (which I never heard) - but the Classic, to my ears, lacked body and soundstage, even when used with my W3 and TF10. The X has more 'oomph'

So matching it with the right amp should be your first priority.

EDIT: And the EQ on the iPods is totally iCrap.
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Soozie - matching is definitely important; I find that headphones which need EQ are way better on the Sony, but then others might disagree.

Sony's effects processing is pretty decent though it tends to compress the peaks. It will definitely be a personal thing for you.

A lot of people swear by Sony's sound. I am half on, half off that boat and like both the iPod and Sony sound, but for different earphones.
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Can you explain what you hear when you describe compressed peaks? To me, the X seems rather opposite that, although I will admit I don't think I could distinguish a normal peak with a compressed one, if it were there. Do things sound missing in dynamic swings to you or something? For me, the X does dynamics the best of any DAP I've heard. It's much better than the Cowon S9 for example. That player was the first I really heard bass roll-off for myself.

Thanks man!

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