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I am getting some Grados.. Sr60i or sr80i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by arvan, Jul 23, 2012.
  1. Arvan
    I want to get some grados, but im not sure of which one to get? Som prefer the 60i some 80i.
    The 80i has a little bit more bass? and the 60i is more neutral? 
    Have i understood this correctly?
  2. power911
    it's the other way round. the sr60i had more bass while the sr80i had neutrality
    however if you can't think, MS1i is the way to sum both up together
  3. Arvan
    I cant get my hands on the Allesandros here where i live, and it might be expensive to import them even though the price on their website is Ok for me. Thanks for your input!
  4. power911
    just choose either one.
    but SR80i is obviously better :wink:
    just if you are not satisfied, there's a ton of mods you can do to these headphones here
  5. PyekiM
    I haven't heard the "i" version of these two.  But, this was my start into headphone obsession about 12 years ago.  I wanted to hear the SR60s.  They were good.  The SR80's (at the time) sounded to harsh to me.  I left the store with SR125s and loved the heck out them!  Changed my life forever.
    See if there is a local store in your area to audition them.  You might even save a few bucks versus the online prices.  Good luck!
  6. Arvan
    I hope i wont be going on a headphonefrenzy after the grados..Atleast for a couple of months hahaha! I am starting to sell off some of my cans that i don´t use and will only have 3 pairs left.Open, semi and closed. ( yeah like that´s going to happen )
    I don´t have any where near me that have the grados for audition i´m affraid. Retailers here mostly keep sennheiser,akg or beyers in their stores...Since two of you recommends the 125s i might have to check them out..Might be worth the extra cash.

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