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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. Uncle Monty
    Good question - depends who you ask. I thought I knew but am not sure anymore..
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  2. N Quarter
    Even if this HQPlayer turns out to be close to an Mscaler/TT2 sound wise, I do not want a laptop, or computer in my listening room. Also, my Dynaudio XD 600’s, which are active, should benefit when connected directly to the Mscaler ( Single BNC out), well, I am hoping. Definitely can not hook a laptop directly to my XD’s, so it depends on your current gear, server and streamer, which works better for you, in my case Mscaler all the way.
  3. Mediahound
    Question - are there any prebuilt adapters for hooking up passive speakers to the balanced outs of the Hugo TT 2? If anyone can point me to some, I would appreciate.
  4. GreenBow
    They have been mentioned. You can search this thread with the search box, or google for them. Atlas Cables make full speaker cables for the TT2.
  5. ZappaMan

    Photo of :
    2 x 3 pole Female XLR - GBP34.99
    Speaker Sockets - 4 x 4mm -
    In-Line Sockets Cable Set

    Myself and other tt2 users use these and they’ve been continually referenced on the thread.
  6. Ragnar-BY
    HQPlayer is good, but not as good as M Scaler.

    I think the reason is that HQPlayer do upsampling to DSD. Rob already explained several times that HiRes PCM is better than DSD. I can not say that I fully understand the science behind his explanation, but my experience confirms that. I have DSD and DXD version of Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique. Both sounds great, but DXD (which is HiRes PCM) sounds better. PCM version have slightly better dynamics. Although, when I had Qutest I could not hear any difference between the two. Only after upgrading to TT2 the difference become clearly noticeable.

    So, I think HQPlayer might be a good choice for less expensive systems, but M Scaler is a way to go if you want best possible upsampling for your Chord.
  7. racebit
    I trust Rob and agree with him. I only use PCM and use no DSD files.
    Are you sure about that? I have been trying HQPlayer the last few days, setting output mode as PCM and feeding only PCM files. I would think this way no DSD processing is involved.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  8. Ragnar-BY
    Sorry, I could be wrong about this. A friend of mine uses HQPlayer to upsample everything to DSD512 and I thought it was the main or the only option. In my system I`ve tried PCM upsampling with BitPerfect and it was not even anywhere near to M Scaler. Never tried HQP PCM upsampling, maybe it sounds different.
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  9. RustyGates
    @Rob Watts

    Hi Rob, just to clear things up, the TT2 has 10 pulse array elements per channel yes? DAVE 20, per channel.
  10. racebit
    I also thought HQP to be DSD centric, and that is why I didn't pay attention to it. And in fact the developer main focus is on DSD. But the required PCM functionality is there, it seems. We just need to disable DSD.
    Opposite to my assumption it turned out very easy to try (free trial). Any PC less than 6 year old will do 768K. No GPU required. My 10 year old i3 only does 384K.
    Just use these settings: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1552/8145/files/SRC-DX_HQP_Settings_1.pdf

    I still think Chord or Rob should provide a sample 705K/768K (together with original 44/48K) file so that everyone could hear (with Chord DACs) what mscaler does. The reason given by Rob was music copyright, but I am sure there must be some small piece of music out there without copyright attached.
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  11. N Quarter
    Tomorrow I am going to my local dealers home to hear a pair of Neat Ultimatum MF5’s that I am seriously considering buying from him. I am bringing my TT2 with me, and will be connecting it to his Blu2, which he uses with his Dave normally. This will be my first time hearing my TT2 with Mscaler connected to it, and we will also be trying to drive the Neats directly from the TT2, using my home made XLR to speaker cables. I think he is more excited than me, because I keep telling him how good direct driving speakers is. From browsing through the TT2 online manual, it looks like when you connect dual BNC’s, the TT2 automatically adds the option to choose Dual BNC in the menu, is it that easy? I don’t want to get there, and have no clue how to configure it, so any pointers would be appreciated. I ordered an Mscaler last week, so hopefully the Blu2 will give me a taste of what to expect, but it seems pretty rare on this forum for people to pair a Blu2 with TT2.
  12. miketlse
  13. greyforest
    hi i was the person who got the issue.

    Here is some update

    Meet rob at shanghai camjam, show him the video regarding this issue.(had great talk with him as well)

    Rob identify the problem being infrared interference. (There is nothing infrared apart from tt2 In my room)

    Next day i bring over the tt2 to the camjam, remote works fine there(2hrs). Swap it with the demo tt2 unit to further test it at my home.

    Demo unit demonstrated same problems, turned off all the electrical equipment in my room, the problem is still there.

    Finally got one solution, long as i put something there remote always works fine. As the remote sometimes works fine without this little aid. I suspect power related issue with the remote recipient module (i use to own hugo2 which works fine at the same position)

    Haven’t got any official response from chord yet, but I suggest you go for the purchase and don’t worry about this very specific problems. It probably only happens to me
  14. greyforest
  15. miketlse
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Only the designer could have identified that a bespoke accessory like that could have solved the symptoms - but at least you have a working TT2 again.
    When at home, is your TT2 positioned so that part of the infra-red beam could be accidently reflecting off another item of kit, or a stand or shelf, and entering almost vertically through the infra-red window?
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