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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. onlychild
    Just a quick note for those that might be interested, but first of all, the disclaimer: I don't know Dan (OptoDX), never met him or talked to him before getting the OptoDx boxes and I paid full price for mine and get nothing out it by talking about it.

    I've had my OptoDX boxes for several week now and have taken them out of my system and added them back over 3 times now. I wish they were not as good at dropping noise and harshness in the upper region as they are. The OCD in me HATES adding more boxes and cables then I need to considering i'm only running an Innuos Statement to Mscaler to Dave to Empyrean.

    Even with the purchase of the Statement, the DX boxes get rid of a noise that the Statement still does not. I have mentioned it before and not sure if Dan said it was true or not, but I believe that the FPGA chip in the mscaler creates its own noise that no matter how good the server is, it will be sent to the DAC since the Mscaler comes after the server.

    If you have an mscaler, you definitely need to hear the Dx boxes in your system. With the 60 day money back guarantee, its a no-brainer. I believe your money is better spent getting the DX boxes vs upgrading the BNC cables, though upgraded BNC cables with the DX boxes is even better still.

    Also, even with the DX boxes, switching from the Innuos Zen Mini to Statement still made a pretty big difference in my system. The first thing I noticed when upgrading to the Statement was just how real all the instruments sounded. Also had all the other benefits of better bass, mids, etc.

    Unfortunately for our wallets, seems like EVERYTHING matters in this hobby.
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  2. onlychild
    One more thing to add, these last couple of weeks I have also been testing two very high end power conditioners. One from Company "X" ($15K new retail) and one from Sound Application ($16K new retail). I have had both for over 6 months now and never really noticed a difference between the two even though I kept reading/hearing how great the SA power conditioners are.

    After getting the statement and DX boxes, I tired both conditioners again in my system and was blow away by how much better the SA conditioner was then company X. Before getting rid of the noise from the server and mscaler, both conditioners sounded about the same. This tells me that the noise floor on the SA is very low. I could not hear the difference between the two before because it was being masked by the noise from the server/mscaler. Once I lowered that noise floor, the SA true colors came out.

    I guess your system is only as good as the piece of equipment creating the most noise. Weakest link in the chain and all.
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  3. Whazzzup
    why does your server innous have noise? isn't that what a server gets rid of? antipodes uses all kinds of tech to eliminate noise
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  4. onlychild
    Relatively speaking. The zen mini has less noise than my MacBook. The statement has less noise than the zen mini, etc

    The statement has 8 different power supplies to eliminate noise along with many other advancements

    I am sure the different tiers/price categories of Antipodes have different noise levels. The ex+cx combo has less noise than the cx alone.
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  5. naynay
    It is quite an achievement considering the high powered 6 core I7 CPU being used.
  6. Whazzzup
    Id suggest where/ when possible folks get off this zenith innous kick and check antipodes out, i think you will save 1000 's in power conditioners, use of boxes, and other boxes....It may solve all these issues....
  7. mightyKyn
    so let me get this straight.... antipodes and a solid USB cable and great BNC and I dont need the rest of the schit the audiophile nutjobs are proposing?

    antipodes???? I only stream and do not own music.... what the best config for this?

    (who the F wants to own music anymore?)
  8. Whazzzup
    Go to the site, I have a DX thread as well. They are roon core with all the apps, q buzz, Mqa, tidal etc etc.....I don’t stream but they are all there including shcitt I don’t know about. The only draw back, not cheap. But the dollars thrown around here and if one owns Dave, this might be a utility play.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  9. Amberlamps
    Hi Dan, thanks for your reply.

    I knew there must of been a good reason for the two box solution instead of just one, as I'm sure if it was possible to have it all in one box and still the same sq, then I'm positive that you would of used just one box.

    Getting back to a single box solution, how about covering the internal boxes with plastic or some rfi absorbing/reflecting material, so that the actual boxes are not touching the inner metal of a single box solution.

    Basically a big single box, with enough room for two of your boxes rx & tx. Wrap the boxes in rfi reflecting absorbing material and then cover that with plastic/or thin sheets of lead. So that both boxes are isolated from metal and rfi, I have no idea if it's possible to do that and keep the sq ?

    I'm just thinking out aloud, as a one box solution if ever possible would be cool.

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  10. mightyKyn
    so i can just plug ethernet into an antipodes box and I am good? do they act as roon core?
  11. Whazzzup
    you have some learning to do. There’s my thread, there is antipodes site, you have a network rooter? You have a computer. You have iPhones or iPads. They become remotes. You get antipodes plug the network into the server. USB plug the server into your dac. There is software on board, initialize roon, pull up myantipodes.com check out the apps and options.
    Sorry to do this folks, I’d thought folks would do homework. But it seems this is a missing part in the chain to audio nirvana. I’m end game now, no tt2, no mscaler no boxes . But I’m interested in mscaler tech.....
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  12. HumanMedia
    Yes I didn’t mean a balancing transformers per se, it was an analogy to one weak link in the chain that masks changes in other components. The elephant in the room here is your generic source computer which are known sources of lots of RFI. Change that to a low noise source and you might find the overall quality improves and allows you to hear other changes at the digital end, which in turn can now be improved by trial and error.

    See this post above for exactly the same phenomena https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hug...official-thread.885042/page-530#post-15138055
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  13. adyc
    There is one such box. Go to Dan’s website for more info and the white paper.
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  14. HumanMedia
    Thank you very much for this info. This will influence my room component placement. Was the decline in RF levels linear, or follow some inverse square style drop off? That is, did most of the decline happen in the first meter, or something similiar?
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