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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. n00b2

    The isolation on the MKII was fine when I tried it. Decent sized ear cups and good depth so your ears can move around enough to get a comfortable fit. If you et a good seal the isolation was fine. Didn't notice any obvious leakage out of them.
  2. n00b2
    If its that small then I definitely can't get them. I have very sensitive big ears and I can't really use any headphones that don't properly fit my ears.
  3. Deckardk

    No ANC on these? Thanks for the feedback.
  4. n00b2

    No NC. SOny had a separate NC model which didn't have bluetooth.
  5. Deckardk

    Bummer. Wondering if the 1ABT will have NC.
  6. n00b2
    It doesn't from all I have read. Sony are probably wise to not put in NC until they can get it to sound decent. The 1RBT MKII NC version didn't sound great with NC on.
  7. headcoatman
    Ah, thank you for researching that. I will try it today.

  8. Giogio

    Is there a 1RBT with NC? Or you mean the 1RNC?
    I am kind of disappointed to see that the ABT does not have NC.
    Anyway I am curious to see how they really sound.
    I know Sony since many many years for being very much unreliable with all these little new names and fancy patented functions which makes actually nothing.
    I want to see how much of this promised new level of quality is true.
  9. Deckardk

    Well it's Sony so they should be able to figure it out. Parrot did but screwed up battery life and charging. Too bad the Senns have a hiss. If they didn't, then they might actually be worth the asking price.

    Now awaiting the release of the Definitive Techs.
  10. cehowardNote3
    My MK2s bloat out a lot of noise by not all. BTW, the MK2s, and the new 1ABT, doesn't not have NC. All they have it the snug fit, at least with the Mk2s.  Also, I have never had a pair of noise cancelling headphones..
    When I have the MK2s on at the office, I can barely hear anything but my music.
  11. n00b2

    Parrot didn't really figure it out fully. Not too sure about the Zik 2 though but the original ZIk only sounded good with bluetooth and NC on (and with the app enabled). Sounded crap otherwise. Sony may be able to get NC working if they want but then the price will go up a fair bit. Still waiting for a good pair of headphones that sound good with NC on and off as I don't like always listening to music with NC on. Hoping the Def Tech fills that role well.
  12. david8613
    Have you tried the plantronics backbeat pros? They have noise cancelling that works very well. I did an experiment, I drove in my car on the highway with heater full blast, and radio at top volume. All road noise and heater noise disappeared, with radio voices reduced to a slight mumble. I would say they did a great job, and they sounded superb in either mode, no difference.in this day and age there is no reason not to have noise cancelling especially at those premium prices. Nc should be a standard feature imo. I love my pbb pros, there is reason why they are so popular.
  13. Deckardk

    They're supposed to be delivered today. My last hope before having to go into a holding pattern waiting for the Definitive Techs.
  14. n00b2

    You aren't the only one waiting out for the Def Tech with all their hopes. Let us hope that once it does arrive it is every bit as good as it seems to be so far.
  15. Giogio
    All those I've tried sounded better with ANC off. The zik seem to be an exception to me.
    But it may also be tastes.
    Another guy on the thread of the BeoPlay H8 just said that he think the H8 have better sound with ANC on. For me they are much worse with ANC on, I feel that the ANC takes away lot of low, low mid and some mid, and adds a hiss on the highs, and the gain is reduced. So that to my ears all sounds thinner, less lively, and, exactly at the opposite of what he said, with less dynamics.
    Then, Samsung, Plantronics, there was not much difference on or off on the sound (Plantronics specially almost no difference).
    If you have already excluded Samsung and Plantronics, then you could try the H8. I am not sure which signature you look for, but the H8 sound quite well, and are among the best ones for bass. For me still they are too expensive. But well...
    I've created a monster :)
    Let us know!!!
    And do not forget to upgrade the firmware! Ask David.
    Play a bit with EQ too, specially if you happen to feel there are too much highs (I liked that, but some people don't).
    Anyway, if ANC is your priority, didn't you consider the Samsung Level Over? The overall Sound Quality (soundstage, detail, quality of frequency rendering) is very good, and the ANC is one of the best among BT headphones. If Sennheiser uses on the Momentum the same exact Noise Gard they use on the MM serie then it is NOT a good ANC. SO the Samsung would be better than the Momentum too.
    Probabl on par or better than the H8, but with no hiss.
    The comfort is excellent (better than the BBP, if you happen to feel the BBP like having too small earpads), and you just have to know that the sound signature is particular. The mids are relatively balanced but as the highs are rolled off and the bass is kept soft, the overall impression is warmer and less bright than the BBP for example, and less punchy for sure.
    So if you look for a bassy can, the Samsung is not.
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