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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. bflat
    Did you try the i2S input on the Holo DAC? That has universally been accepted as the best sound quality, but that was in comparison to the original XMOS USB input. The order of preferences was:

    i2S > AES > SPDIF > USB
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  2. tkcha
    AS already I mentioned before New XMOS U208 usb board is different animal with better clock It was huge upgraded compare to old XMOS usb board IT could be same or better to I2S input for less hustle or money. Coast for new board is 129.99 plus shiping. now you talking less cable ,less small box to deal with it altogether better or equal to I2S input. Also anybody interesting to upgrade better usb cable look for Audio Sensibility Signature Silver USB V2 Cable. IT is Revolution I compare to Wireworld Platinum 7, Audio Quest Diamond usb cable both no contest to Audio Sensibility cable.
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  3. tkcha
    And also always importance of dedicate music server or streamer. For all who still use PC for your source better try dedicate server. It is must for me.
  4. rocky500
    Where does one buy the New XMOS U208 usb board?
    I would be interested. Does it fit inside to replace the original board? Is it from Holo Audio?
  5. tkcha
    It is from Tim, kitsunehifi.
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  6. musicmaker
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  7. WNBC
    Did Tim say IT could be the same or better than I2S? That would be interesting. I've always understood I2S to be the most way direct way to get the signal to the DAC and for USB to be now on par or better would indeed be interesting.

    How easy to install? No rush here as I'm pretty content with performance via I2S.

  8. tkcha
    He didnt say anything and I didnt ask but Lets say old usb input board was weakest input even compare to other input, because IT had bad clock so most HOLO user use Kitsune Singer SU-1 or stock Singer Su-1 by pass clock and use SU-1 clock instead but if you check specs New XMOS U208 board. They have same clock so it hard to claim better sound but least same in case who use stock Singer SU-1 but for me New usb board doing very good job dont want bother with extra boxes and cables so for you it might be no gain for sound qualiyt but who knows listening is believing try, you have nothing to loose and only gain. It better than Old usb board way way better.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  9. bimmer100
    The xu208 module does not have the same clocks as the Singxer su1. I’m not sure where you are getting that info from.
    And yes to clarify, I have never said that the xmos u8 or xmos xu208 module is better than the Hdmi i2s input. I want to be sure facts are straight and nobody is confused with your posts you have made. I’m very happy for you that you are enjoying your dad along with the xu208 module.

    But the short of it, the only thing the Singxer su1 and he holoaudio xu208 usb module share alike is the xmos chip. That’s it!
    Singxer su1 has femto crystek clocks, and depending if you have 2018 version or previous version, they are different freq sets of crystek clocks. Also 2018 model now has new 4way circuit (no more lvds) for i2s and improved Hdmi connector. Improved firmware for fpga, improved Spdif, more official support for dacs.
    The clocks in the new holoaudio xu208 module are quite good but not the same as in the su1. I need to clarify that as when I read Tae’s post it reads to me that it’s claimed to be the same. I am trying to clarify so no one is confused with that post. Maybe you borrowed an su1 to make these claims, but last we talked you were not interested to try the su1 for some particular reasons you had. And that’s ok, I think the xu208 module was a good small step in the right direction.

    Also, the older xmos u8 module was never a bad usb module. People criticized it yet the measurements would show its much better than majority of usb implementations. It’s just that our i2s input has been the best or most desirable especially if you enjoy dsd native.

    I’m not sure what extra boxes or cables you may speak of Tae. But if you may be talking about an isolator, then neither our usb module or the su1 have the same isolation that is capable from the box I think you might be referring to.

    On a side note, we have been shipping spring dacs with the new xu208 module for a while now. And will update you with when that change happened. But some of you likely already have the module in your dac and not knowing it. But you could tell by seeing what the driver tells you. Whether it’s an xmos u8 or xu208 in the control panel of the Asio driver under info. But I could be wrong, I will double check tonight to verify. And also give some dates on which dacs May have this module installed. If you are using an su1 I personally would stick to what you have. But for some who want a better usb module and are not using an su1 or kte su1 than yes, it’s a good alternative that is a natable improvement compared to the standard xmos u8 module.

    Hope this clarifies things. And if I have to edit any of this I will. I am rarely ever to post on Headfi except for when one asks if I quoted something. And I did not say this module is better than i2s. :)
    Thank you to everyone who chooses our products! We are so blessed to have such enthusiastic customers.


    -Tim @KitsuneHiFi
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
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  10. WNBC
    Thanks for the info. @KitsuneHiFi

    I received a new Spring in late December so good to know that it might have the upgraded USB module already. I never really checked since I always went in via I2S.

    I do recall talk of the new Holo Audio Cyan having improved USB implementation so it sounds like the Spring was also upgraded along the same lines.
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  11. WNBC
    I must admit that I'm pretty cheap when it comes to cables.

    Audio Sensibility Signature Silver USB V2 Cable is not a cheap cable. Is most of the benefit to sound quality coming from this cable or the new USB board? Considering the cost of that cable one can easily get better sound quality via I2S with a DDC like the SU-1 or Matrix Audio SPDIF-2 plus cheap HMDI cable.

    At the very least it would be a fun shootout at a Head-fi meet:
    USB: Audio Sensibility Signature Silver USB V2 Cable vs I2S: standard USB cable + SU-1 vs I2S: Audio Sensibility Signature Silver USB V2 Cable + SU-1

  12. bimmer100
    Gosh, I don’t even want to get started with cables. Especially usb cables. As I can’t post my thoughts on that to these forums anyhow. :) hahaha.
    Many miss the very important facts about usb cables.
  13. WNBC
    Gotcha. You should create a special little forum or blog on your website to discuss these things.

    By cheap I tend to stay around $100 or less.

    WireWorld Starlight 7 USB cable
    WireWorld Equinox 7 balanced interconnects
    Apollo HDMI cable
    BlueJeans RCA interconnects
  14. tkcha
    I never claimed Tim said better or same. I wanna clearer that and always you can claim on your own experience nothing hurts and I am not against his claim but Ive read about new XU 208 board have a new clock but He knows his product better than me. And he is Singer su-1 seller too. Now about Audio sensibility cable, ( WNBC) try this cable I was shocked that was so much better than Wireworld Platinum starlight, Audio Quest Diamond usb cable so only try and verdict later and I upgraded before New usb board change . I was talked about Intona and reclocking device and more in between source and DAC and power supply . SO you need few more cable and HDMI cable also power cable all that. If you willing to go that far but not wanna spend few more bucks for better quality cable. I am not sure If it is snake oil than no more discus is necessary. Some how nobody interesting on after market footers or vibration device which Isoacoustics Orea footer was my last touch seems like nobody care I scratched my head !! Every thing I said is YMMV or YMMD
    I hope every owners of HOLO Spring DAC have happy listening !!
  15. whirlwind
    Great info Tim.

    Thank you.
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