1. ahmadfaizadnan

    Found: Holo Spring Dac Level 3 KTE

    Hi all, Looking for anyone who willing to sell their Holo Spring Dac Level 3 Kitsune Edition. I just put the price there but do give me your best offer and pm me if you do have one to sell :beerchug:
  2. mtoc

    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

    Two modes: NOS or DSD. Built by resistors.          SNR      THD@1K@NOS    THD@1K@DSD    THD+N@5K@NOS(0.00068%)      THD+N@5K@DSD(0.00050%)      NOS FFT SPECTRUM      DSD FFT SPECTRUM
  3. Torq

    Life after Yggdrasil?

    Update (5/11/17): While I mentioned it in the thread at the time, I should point out that I am no longer pursuing this process - nor am I updating this thread going forward. This means sending suggestions/requests for DACs to be included in the list is unnecessary. It also means that any...
  4. Holo Audio Spring DAC - Level 3 - "Kitsune Tuned Edition"

    Holo Audio Spring DAC - Level 3 - "Kitsune Tuned Edition"

    Patented R2R technology. This is the first discrete DAC that has linear compensation and this allows for ultimate music reproduction accuracy. Dual R2R network for PCM, and Dual R2R network for DSD.