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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. doraymon
    I am selling my 5 months old KTE Spring L3 and KTE SU-1 DDR here in case anyone is interested.
    As I wrote more than once it's a stellar DAC which to my ears smashed the Hugo2 when paired with a good headphone amp.
    I'm selling it only because I decided to try and upgrade to another (more expensive) stellar DAC.
  2. bearwarrior
    Chord DAVE?
  3. oneguy
    I regret selling mine. I hope you don’t as well!
  4. doraymon
    bearwarrior likes this.
  5. hyde27
    Sell Auralic VEGA and buy Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC is an upgrade or downgrade?
  6. dcguy73
    Wow, I just got this DAC yesterday and I was impressed with it right out of the box. Mates nicely with my iCan Pro amp. Looking forward to continued listening as it burns in.
  7. inthere
    Just wait until it burns in, things are going to get pretty holographic........
    dcguy73 likes this.
  8. Whitigir
    Holographic as in a sense of vertical axis rendering ? The Z axis ?
  9. elan120
    Congratulations!!! It is a very capable DAC, I recently modified my SU-1 to accept SOtM sCLK-EX clock signal that is fed by a 10MHz rubidium master clock to send improved signal to Spring DAC, this DAC responded very nicely and show a significant jump in sound quality, so do whatever you can to feed this DAC with best signal possible, it will play excellent music in return. Very happy with this DAC.
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  10. ZenErik
    Any impressions on the Holo Audio Spring level 3 vs Metrum Onyx? Thanks! I've been looking through some of the Pavane mentions as well since that might be close enough of a comparison.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  11. tkcha
    Hi fellow HOLO Spring DAC owners or somebody wanna buy DAC . 6 weeks ago I upgraded new XMOS U208 usb board and Audio Sensibility Signature Silver USB V2 Cable. It was huge sound change blacker background noise, more dynamic, more 3D effect ETC But 2 weeks ago I got Isoacoustics Orea Indigo,Bordeaux footers under DAC and Aurender N100H music server and Allnic phonostage and amp. My whole system sound now so much change first time in my audiophile life I am in heaven. I recommend either new XMOS board, Audio sensibility usb cable,Isoacoustics Orea footers. !!
    20180411_000412_resized.jpg 20180411_162917_resized_1.jpg 20180411_163034_resized_1.jpg
  12. musicmaker
    Why post this is a Holo thread ? I love my Holo Spring Kitsune L3 and highly recommend it.
  13. tkcha
    because It is Holo Spring DAC did you read I own HOLO Spring DAC and I recommend for owner of HOLO Spring DAC.
  14. ZenErik
    I smell snake oil.
  15. tkcha
    I just believe in my ears and try yourself and verdict after that. I believe in everything and try everything.
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