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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. kank
    I am interested in getting the HOLO audio L3 with the Singxer SU-1 for the I2S output.
    With cabling do you just use a normal HDMI cable or does it have to be a special cable?
  2. oneguy
    Correct. I only answered the question and stated my opinion that it would definitely help and nothing along the lines of necessity. Going straight from the laptop is not bad by any stretch of the imagination.
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  3. oneguy
    There is some info in the SU-1 thread, IIRC, on this. If memory serves me right, flat HDMI cable’s no longer than 0.5m are preferred. The shorter the better. Beyond that, the improvement due to cable composition bordered on negligible to “use it if you happen to have it laying around.” The wireworld unit’s up to the starlight 7 or ultraviolet 7 were tested along with an HDMI Cable from Apollo Audio. The Apollo Audio cable at ~$25 was ultimately decided on as the best balance in price vs performance. Again, this is all from memory so I could be remembering it incorrectly but you can go search the SU-1 thread to verify.

    I personally ran a 0.5m Emotiva HDMI cable that was $15 or $30 and was happy with the results.
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  4. T Bone
    Your memory is spot on. I was very active in sharing my experiences with different cables in that thread.
    Shorter cables are recommended. My installation/placement required a little longer cable than the WireWorld. I wound up using a SUPRA HDMI cable. ...a reasonably priced "premium" cable.
  5. oneguy
    Good to know I’m not completely crazy...yet:upside_down:
  6. earnmyturns
    The main reason to use a microRendu or another streamer is to split music storage from music reproduction, which increases flexibility and moves electrically noisy storage away from electrically sensitive reproduction hardware. Laptops are not the electrically quietest of devices... However, you pay a price, both in cost and in complexity. Tradeoffs.
  7. T Bone
    If anyone here is suffering from upgrade fever and wants to part with a Level 3 Spring DAC - drop me a private message.
  8. inthere
    I sold my Holo Audio Spring Level 3 DAC about 8 months ago and bought a Gen 3 Yggdrasil to replace it. I don't know if the I2S output is responsible (The Yggy doesn't have I2S) but the Holo is a clear step up in clarity and quality. Still using the SU-1 but going AES now instead. Going to sell my Yggy soon and crawl back to the Level 3.......
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  9. T Bone
    I had a chance to listen to a Schiit Ygdrassil this weekend at the Phoenix Head-Fi meet. I played a couple of test tracks that I know very well and found that I still prefer my Holo Spring (a level 1)
    Maybe its confirmation bias, maybe it was the rest of the system.
  10. WNBC
    I had 2 Spring KTEs and now a Spring Lvl 1. Hard to let these DACs go.
  11. T Bone
    I have had the level 1 DAC for quite a while now and want to "bump" to the level 3 if I can find one.
    I am thoroughly pleased with the performance of the Spring. I'd like to compare the level 1 and level 3 head-to-head and see if the upgraded power supply and caps really makes a big difference.
  12. WNBC
    Gotcha, it’s been 6 months since I owned my last Level 3 so I can’t make any comparisons and I didn’t take super detailed notes that I know some people take. Plus at that time I had MicroZOTL. Great combo. With Level 1 I am pretty happy and can say there will be no new DACs for 2018. Maybe Level 4 for 2019 :wink:

  13. oneguy
    I had the Spring KTE as well as the Gen 5/Analog 2 Yggy in my house for about a month overlap. I think the AES input wins even with the Gen 5 USB input so I used AES but just a generic XLR cable. Without upsampling and listening through headphones I found the Yggy and KTE to be about level although each had its strong suits. Once you started upsampling, the KTE pulled out ahead through speakers though, the KTE couldn’t touch the Yggy at all.
  14. T Bone
    Like most Holo owners, I have my Spring paired with a Singxer SU-1 digital-to-digital converter. That gives me an I2S output that lets me bypass the receiver chipset on the Spring and essentially mainline a signal right into the R2R chip. (gross oversimplification I know)
    I compared the I2S and AES inputs on my Spring and I found the I2S to be superior to AES in every test. I'm sold on the I2S input - at least with my DAC.

    BTW - I have a premium WireWorld Starlight Gold AES cable that I am no longer using if you're into "audiophile grade" cabling.
  15. oneguy
    Perhaps. PM me.
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