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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. doraymon
    Fully agreed on the Mojo, the Hugo and even more the Hugo 2 are in a different league.
    Great setup man, congrats!
    I wish I could have more space (and money) to have multiple amps together... the GSX mk2 would be my first option together with the Violectric V281.
    I have to say that my small but powerful Pathos Aurium (hybrid, class A, zero feedback amp) pairs exceptionally well with the Spring L3, I am extremely happy and enjoying music like NEVER before!
  2. jjk43
    I have an opportunity to acquire a used Holo Level 3. Have there been any improvements to the internal components since the Holo was released? Thanks.
  3. earnmyturns
    Neurochrome HP-1 is another good amp option for the Spring.
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  4. doraymon
    I suggest you write to Tim Connor on Kitsune HiFi site with the invoice date of the second hand unit you are buying, he will tell you if there was any changes since then.
  5. doraymon
    I continued a few tests of the Spring L3 vs Hugo 2 and I continue being impressed by the Spring's performance.
    This time I hooked both DAC's to the same source and both to the same amp, so to make it a real direct comparison between DACs.
    The only minor difference is that the Spring is connected to the amp via XLR balanced cable while the Hugo through RCA.

    Well, as I wrote above my impressions did not change. The Spring is one hell of a resolving, musical and refined DAC.
    Well done @bimmer100 & co.!
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  6. MichaelXX2
    After moving from DAC to DAC pretty rapidly over the past few months, I am certain that the Holo Spring Lvl 1 is here to stay in my system. I was originally eyeing the Schiit Gumby, but I decided to check out the Holo Spring after reading about its NOS R2R capabilities for both PCM and DSD! From my experience, this thing kills PCM recordings. Absolutely knocks them out of the park. It pairs especially well with old 80s CD releases of classic rock and jazz, which are usually very smooth and direct transfers from the tapes. DSD is marvelous, huge, and musical. This is the DAC that made me fully abandon vinyl.
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  7. musicmaker
    I'm considering the L3 DAC with the SU-1 D2D. Also looking at the RME ADI-2-Pro Anniversary. Has anyone heard both ?
  8. dcguy73
    You're looking for an amp to go with that combo, right? You should talk to TIm at Kitsune Audio. He has a Level 3 Holo Spring, a modded SU-1, and a modded iFi iCan Pro powering his Focal Utopias (of course, he also sells the same equipment).
  9. musicmaker
    Yes looking for an amp but have my heart set on a Violectric v281 with the L3 and SU-1. Will chat with Tim. Thanks !
  10. musicmaker
    Contacted Tim yesterday but have not heard back. Is he usually responsive ? Also going to look at the Schiit Yggdrasil.
  11. jjk43
    Unfortunately I have not found him to be especially responsive.
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  12. dcguy73
    Sometimes he is, sometimes he's not.
  13. jjk43
    I was going to buy a Level 3 from him, but he didn't respond so I moved on.
  14. dcguy73
    Tim is a member of the Head-Fi Forum. You could try sending him a PM. His username is @bimmer100.
  15. dcguy73
    Hmm...interesting...Tim's Headfi profile says he's using a "L4 Spring DAC...only 10 made." So there's another level higher than 3, it seems.
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