High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

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  1. Deezel177
    No, it won’t. In terms of palpable weight, my 4-wire Ares II+ feels heavier than my 8-wire Lionheart.
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  2. pithyginger63
    ooh, just the man i was looking for, hello kind sir. is the ares ii+ thicker (like, just the overall profile, not the wire gauge) or are they similar in size?
  3. Deezel177
    Overall, they’re similar in profile. The Ares II+ just feels heavier because of the looser braid.
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  4. azabu
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  5. ctsooner22
    Great thread. So many cool cables out right now. I am thinking about getting the soon to be released EA cable. It's in the Horus series and was so warm and ultra detailed on teh Phantom's, that I really want to give it a spin.
  6. Deezel177
    It now has a name: Janus! :)
  7. ostewart
    Just got an Atlas Zeno headphone cable for my HiFiman HE-500 as I really enjoy the Zeno IEM cable

    Let's see how it is after some testing :)
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  8. pithyginger63
    just curious, has anyone ever tried the Bling Bling cable from labkable? any pictures?
  9. ctsooner22
    You crack me up! LOL.... I just got a message back from Suyang and Eric telling me it's the Janus this morning. I love it. Yes, a cool name and to me it was the best cable I heard with the PHantom's. It's going to be very very special for sure! I need to get a pair in to review with the Phantom's and the wife's Bravado's. :wink:...
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  10. Barra
    Is there a high end full sized HP cable impressions thread? I am looking for a perfect cable for my new HD800 and have more questions than answers after trying out all the CIEM cable options.
  11. ctsooner22
    There are many great cables for cans. I found a guy in SD, CA who makes what ai feel is a great cable adn not just a great value. AudioArts is his line. I like it a lot more than teh Nordost cable which to my ears is too hot on top. Audioquest is making cables too. They are very very neutral. I think they are on the market. IF not, I'm sorry, but I'm sure they will be soon. My buddy Vinny Vu makes a new line of Dana HP cables. He is a great guy to deal with too. I like his HP cables very much. Feel free to PM me if you want to. I've heard many of the HP cables over the years. What I like about the Audio Arts copper cables with shielding, is that they would be perfect with any Sennheiser can's. I use a 15' run with my ZMF Ori's and they took them to another level. My buddy uses them with ORi's adn also his Odin's and he feels that they kept the beautiful neutrality and timber, while allowing the dynamics to sound wonderful. No microphonic when things touch them either, lol.
  12. PinkyPowers
    I'm using the plusSound X6 Tri-Metal for my LCD-2.2F. Amazing depth and energy.

    Cardas copper seems to be working great for my HD800. Though I am looking for upgrade ideas.
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  13. Barra
    I love the Norne SolvX silver for my LCD2.2. It seems to be a great pairing providing cleaner and higher impact bass and perfects the treble.

    For the HD800, it sounds great already with the stock cable alone, but I am guessing after my experience with the 8-wire CIEM cables, that there may be more to give with the right configuration. Now I have a thousand questions. Length, Cryo, silver vs. copper, optimal gauge, wire pattern, core count, and how do I get that thick rich cable look that I have seen at so many meets.
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  14. audio123
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  15. ezekiel77
    No headphone cable thread, I've checked lol.

    The best cable I've heard for headphones is the Danacable Lazuli Reference. I think it's just thick gauge copper, but I never forgot the sound. Resolute, details but not forced, accurate pinpoint imaging, a cleaner, more expansive stage, and above all it preserves tonal richness and body of the notes, making the listening experience fatigue-free, engaging, and near-orgasmic. My legs turn to jelly every time I think of it and regret the day I sold them (spend way more time on portables so couldn't justify keeping a top-tier cable for occasional listening). The sound impressions are more or less the same across the cans in my collection (800S, LCD-X, HEKv1). The Utopia thread sings praises of this cable too.

    My forays in desktop headfi are limited, but I've pitted the cable against the Whiplash TWau (for headphones), ALO Ref 16 and a pure silver cable by Impact Audio. The Impact one I liked the least bcos the sound is brighter, thinner, and a bit artificial. The Ref 16 has a similar signature to the Lazuli Ref with slightly worse soundstaging/imaging capabilities, whereas the TWau is in the same tier as Ref 16 but with a tinge more apparent detail. I do think the Lazuli Ref is a tier above them sound-wise.

    The biggest caveat is the girth and weight of the Lazuli Ref. Heavy, thikkkk and not ergonomic. Also the price ain't friendly.
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