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Hifiman TWS600 - First Impression

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  1. Ithilstone
    Some small thingy arrived today at my door step...
    Courtesy of Mark from Hifiman (Thank you!)

    A way, way faster than I expected


    So I grabbed a camera and took some photos:
    (hope you like green as this is the only decent background I could find)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That's what can be found in the box


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I had no problems connecting them to Moto G5+ (8.1)
    ACC codec was automatically picked - so all good

    Just had to change tips for smaller ones and I was ready to go...

    Listening impressions to follow soon...
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
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  2. FastAndClean
    that thing bulky
  3. musicday
    But is true wireless.
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  4. Ithilstone
    Personally I do not think size is a problem at all - yes those are on a large side - but weight is well balanced - not too heavy to be a problem not to light to forget about them
    Fit with a right tips is very good for me - did some short runs (up and down stairs) and those stay firmly secured in my ears.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  5. luiscomputech
    The shape looks a bit like they won't fall out if you move quickly which is something I look for in buds. Let us know how they sound . I'm interested in getting a pair soon . Tell us how battery life is too please .
  6. robertjwarren
    I would be especially interested to know if there is any lag when using these while viewing You Tube video either on iPhone or iPad
  7. bizkit
    I got an e-mail from hi-fiman about these whilst gracefully sipping myself into drunk enough to buy random things on amazon territory. Launch edition and free something included sealed the deal. Touché, Hifi-man, Touché.....
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  8. Ithilstone
    Need more time to be sure those are secure and will stay in place ( we just have a massive storm and cannot go for a decent run now) And NO I will not be testing it to that extreme! :arrow_down:

    It looks good TeamHifiman though ;]

    Battery again time will tell as I received them today

    If you are interested in buying them I think Hifiman still have a limited edition so first run will get free HE600S if you will be buying directly (https://store.hifiman.com/index.php/tws600.html) might be a good idea to buy sooner than later ;]

    Sound wise - those are on a brighter side with nice clean vocals - I will have more to say after some decent time spent with them
    I heard RE600 (v1) very long time ago so unfortunately cannot confirm if those use same driver as the name would suggest ;]
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
  9. Ithilstone
    No iphone etc. in the house (and never will be) but no lags on android ;] if that helps
  10. robertjwarren
    Yes that helps I have a nexus 7 tablet too...
  11. dill3000
    These look great!! - So tell me about the weight? is it pretty light on your ears?? - I'm liking the looks.

    Nice neat case, like the way it's so simple to pack the IEMs away and charge. Is it USB-C by the way? Is the Bluetooth coverage good?

    Looking forward to hearing your sound impressions.
  12. Ithilstone
    According to Hifiman those are around 6 grams each - not too light but much lighter than looks would suggest ;]
    Yeap USB-C
    About BT - I think that's tells everything ;]
  13. dill3000
    Wow, I guess the coverage will not be a problem lol.
  14. antonyfirst
    They surely look great. I am very curious to hear how they sound, and to which other Hifiman canalphones they are most similar.
  15. jant71
    Yeah, wide open no obstructions. How bought with the phones in a back pocket! :ksc75smile:
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