HiFiMan Shangri-La Jr (New $8000 Electrostat)
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Any takers:


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$$$$ time!
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Hmm, I wasn't impressed by the Shangri-La Senior, seems like this is trying to become a cash cow?
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A cash cow for obvious reasons. I only have one suggestion. Change the goddam name from Shangri-La Jr. to something like Shambhala or Himalaya. Something also relates to some Tibetan mythical places. Honestly who would like the junior version of something?

Every rule has an exception. This one is slightly less than $8k

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What about 'Shambolic' or simply 'why'
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Well, the real question is the amp included or is that the price of the headphones. Plus, can the headphones be purchased by itself without buying the amp. Basically, Hifiman has product in $1300, $3000, $6000, all the way to $8000, and $40-$50K bracket. I bet their next released will be at $15000.
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My BHSE + 009 system did cost me around $9500 (both new), this Shangri-La Jr. is a bargain :D :D :D

Your Stax system is overpriced compared to this "Jr.". I really hope that Stax will not go down the greedy road. I am afraid that day is already numbered...case in point the SRM-T8000.
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My BHSE + 009 system did cost me around $9500 (both new), this Shangri-La Jr. is a bargain :D :D :D
I think the Shangri-La Jr. will be perfect for audiophiles who demand 5x the performance** of the BHSE + 009, at a similar price point. ** The performance metric used here is rate of depreciation.

I think the term "flagship stew" is appropriate for some companies.
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Wait so the prophecy is true!?

Hifiman actually step it up and release even a more expensive set of cans.

What's next a $12,000.00

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