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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. David Kleinfeld
    Happy Week-End everyone !
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  2. Tawek
    how you compare the width of the soundstage wm1z vs R2r2000 ? Thanks
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  3. dhc0329
    Looks great but I did not like U18 combo at all. The details and openness are good but too piercing on top end so not too enjoyable
    but I guess everyone has different ears.
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  4. David Kleinfeld
    Thanks and I agree it's not as smooth as with other iems like Solaris. To me it is still acceptable and that's only my view but I think the cable is helping. Here I used modified to 2 Pin Sony/Kimberkable which is adding some warmth. Compared with the stock cable which I had converted to 4.4. I think the Kimberkable is more enjoyable with R2RK.

    That said I am fine with a bit on the brightness from time to time but I understand it may not be pleasant to everyone's ears and definitively it's not for very long listening sessions.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
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  5. David Kleinfeld
    My perception is that 1z has a wider soundstage but it's also difficult to compare because R2R2K has a much more bold and aggressive sound signature.
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  6. David Kleinfeld
    Here is a quick way to fix the lack of physical buttons, gapless playback and speed of UI but which requires to carry around 1z or 1a.

  7. audionewbi
    Hi guys, does anyone know what metadata format R2R2000 supports?
  8. twister6 Contributor
    Wait, are you serious or joking? :D You need BT wireless remote and $3.2k 500g golden brick to fix the lack of a physical Play/Pause button on another much smaller $2.5k brick? :wink:
  9. dhc0329
    Just a tiny bit of consideration by HFN (like drill a couple of holes for that skip buttons) could have saved us from this madness. :frowning2:
    But then again it could've been a lot worse...look at tera-player. I am looking on the bright side but need an alternative which sounds
    good as this and small.
  10. kenkuan
    I read that the r2r2000 red is warmer and has a lower resolution sound signature than the black one; and that the red is more suitable for regular vocal pop, instrumentals, but the black has a wider soundstage that is more suitable for large scale and more complex classical music. Like to know from those who have heard both give your opinion on how true are those comments compared to your own listening experience. Thanks!

    By the way, how often does your device freeze and needs a reboot? I read that it happens once in a while...
  11. David Kleinfeld
    Well agreed the weight/price ratio is a bit of a joke taking into consideration the price and weight of both 1Z and R2RK black but by contrast if you look at 1A+ R2R2K Red , the combo weights about only 30 g more and is cheaper than Cayin N8 so perhaps not so crazy after all depending on how much you enjoy R2RK sound. Also agreed with dhc0329 that HFM could have just put a few physical buttons on the device to make it much more usable, but I guess we were all aware of this issue when we bought it.
  12. David Kleinfeld
    I own both Black and Red versions and at least for my devices I do not think there is very noticeable difference in detail retrieval even if perhaps technically the Black is more competent than the Red. Soundstage may be slightly bigger on the black but again not something so obvious if you were doing a blind test. I agree however that the black version is likely to be better for classical music because the sound signature has perhaps slightly more weight or body and extension to it.

    I do not experience device freeze or it would be very seldom perhaps 1 per month or so.

    Best regards
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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  13. gazzington
    Where can you buy the red one fro
  14. gazzington
    Meant from?
  15. musicday
    Maybe PenonAudio or AudioAffair can help you.
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