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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. David Kleinfeld
    Hi , after around 2 months of regular use I have no microphonics on mine anymore and i think it was gone after few weeks only. I wish you the same, the cable also got generally better overtime for me, sound becoming more relaxed and smooth. Curious to know if you have the same experience overtime.
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  2. dhc0329
    Thanks for sharing again. It is stated..

    Considerable changes occur in the cable during the break in process. Any gases that were trapped between the insulation and the conductors during manufacturing are dissipated. Additionally, the insulation material charges up. The diode effects of the conductor will be more pronounced after 168 hours of break in. During this time the cable takes on a direction.

    I am not sure if I have patience to wait but I will be cooking the wire now and let you know the change.
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  3. audionewbi
    R2R20000 is an incredible little unit, however I wish it had a little less noise. If I was Hifiman I stop using the rest of the PCM1704 chips and release a larger unit, with some physical button, a discreet amp section and a noise floor. There is a significant sound difference between 4.4mm and 3.5mm balance connector with 3.5mm TRRS been the best sounding. It shouldnt be the case, makes no sense.

    It doesnt automatically recognised the connection plugged in which impacts sound. It always mixes 3.5 TRS with TRRS which thankfully only results in a slight ringing not a board damage.

    As is, it is a 1500 USD product at best, there were so close, so close. Having said that, I discovered that best ability of R2R2K is playing redbook PCM to a level that I only heard from HUGO II. Coldplay is one of my all time favourite bands, but sadly their albums all are heavily compressed. I always thought I will never be able to enjoy them with any DAC/DAP. But with R2R2K, honestly it is like I'm listening to a newly remastered version of those albums I play hundreds of time. This is an amazing accomplishment to me.
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  4. dhc0329
    I believe not many units have been sold. HFM can either remain as failed TOTL dap vendors or turn things around by releasing R2RK version 2. :)
    Like you said bigger battery and definitely a physical skip button plus better amp. I wouldn't mind up to 30% weight increase. HFN doesn't seem to have
    a good software skill to back up their hardware but then I don't expect too much. Keep the basic function but make it stable..Not really sure if they will continue
    upgrading the firmware for R2R2K as I am seeing no activity.
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  5. tjxism
    No, please don’t make it larger and heavier.

    I will be eager to see a 2.0 product for sure. Better battery efficiency and physical buttons are good to have. But, but, provide a product that works! Not a PROTOTYPE TOLP :frowning2:
  6. tjxism
    I think they are updating the firmware quite frequently but the updates don’t resolve the basic issues…
  7. David Kleinfeld
    If HFM could fix the responsiveness of the UI and issue a mini bluetooth remote like the one Sony sells for its walkmans I would not ask for more. The battery to me is no longer a real problem. Not only I would very seldom listen for more than 2 hours on the go but if you bundle it with a power bank that is the same size as the device you can charge it up to 2 to 3 times at least.
  8. tjxism
    I got the Dita Oslo oil soaked cable today. It’s really working wonders between the Solaris and R2R2k! The most relaxed cable I’ve ever used. It also has a higher impedance than most cables out there that kind of reduces hiss.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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  9. tjxism
    You are asking too much :)
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  10. David Kleinfeld
    Well now that I bought the remote for 1Z i use it nearly every day and I find it very convenient. The cost of development of a remote like this shall be close to nil and R2R2K is already a bluetooth receiver so it should not be too difficult to make it work.
  11. kenkuan
    I second this... They need to get their act together on the BASIC and EXPECTED stability of their marketed TOTL player. Let's see a v2.0 that is gonna blow the competition out of the water.
  12. tjxism
    I was in the R2R2k WeChat user group. HFM founder was also there. It’s no fun asking anything from him :frowning2: the guy is an arrogant b*** and I’ve letf the group. But I give him credit for making products sound so good but s***s in every other way.
  13. David Kleinfeld
    Not really related, but last week I went to a shop to try again IER-Z1R and tried it with both 1Z and R2RK. When he saw my R2RK the sales guy told me the nickname of the device in Chinese is little princess or something like that...
  14. tjxism
    The Crown Prince.
    Not “little” prince, that’s too girlie for a “TOLP”. Lol.
  15. tjxism
    Why it is called the prince? The r&d has took them 3 years just like a fairytale prince stayed in the womb for 3 year... fun facts time!
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