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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. decur
    Has anyone tried a Samsung s9 phone using ldac successfully with the r2r2000?
  2. dhc0329
    HFM has excellent support policy for worldwide customers. I had some issue with my r2r2k and they replaced it with a brand new device right away
    with no hassle whatsoever. Now that I got this tiny device with the addicting sound in my pocket I have no problem listening to my music anywhere.
    N8 has a great sound but it is just too heavy to carry around. If HFM can enhance their mobile app to make it more functional (too primitive at the moment)
    this device can really work. This is a surely a portable king!
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  3. tjxism
    I like the device very much, SQ and form factor wise. But it certainly feels like a beta product. The most recent FW (Dec 21st) is still far from stable.

    Now I am most exclusively using it as a (very expensive) Bluetooth DAC/AMP, but even in this mode it has its limitations - no hardware buttons to skip track; short battery life (only comparable with "true wireless" ear pieces without a charging cases), unexpected reboot from time to time. I am waiting for my iPhone OTG cable to arrive to test using it as a USB DAC/AMP, but I assume it'll still be buggy in that mode.

    The bright side is that HFM is updating its firmware frequently. Hopefully it will be more polished soon.
  4. dhc0329
    Fellow r2r2000 owners..which IEM are you running with your r2r2k? Has anyone tried legend X? care to share your view on synergy?
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  5. David Kleinfeld
    Hi All, FYI UI2019-1-24 V1.9 beta has been released.
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  6. musicday
    Have you heard the Tera-Player? ...speaking of the portable king :) as you mentioned.
  7. dhc0329
    $3400 device playing only wav with no display screen? portable alright but a little too much..
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  8. dhc0329
    What’s new
    1. Support for A2-speed micro SD cards;
    2. Modified the "Update Library" prompt, you will be prompted rather than auto updating every time;
    3. Modified the "all songs" prompt content, you will no longer be prompted to rescan the card;

    I have no idea what was change in this respect? I didn't detect any change with rescan or browse routine after adding songs.
    Also still haven't figured out what 'File Sort' option does. One thing I noticed if I have it ON, it doesn't update the total number
    of songs with Rescan after adding new songs. So I am having it off.
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  9. tjxism
    With File Sort off, the player will sort the files by the date/time they were copied to the card. Turning it on SHOULD have them sorted by name.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    But is it finally sort of a dap? :wink:
  11. tjxism
    By pre-millennium standard, yes. It really brings me back to my college days.

    No one should take post-iPod UI for granted.
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  12. dhc0329
    What do you mean sort the files by the data/time? Is it when you browse "All Songs"? that songs will be listed by date it was added
    when you select File Sort off? I have the option OFF but it does NOT appear to be the case. I am still confused as to what HFM is trying
    to achieve here but well, this isn't the big issue, so I will just move on...
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  13. tjxism
    I don’t have the answer. That’s all they’ve told me. You need a rescan to trigger the sorting. I cannot tell a difference switching on/off, so I assume it only acts when you make changes to your library and once you have the files sorted, it’s irreversible.
    This function is still messy, but I’m sure it’s not designed to have any impact on file counts as you mentioned. That must be a bug.
  14. acia
    how does it compare with mojo please?
    I have a question - if I buy new WA11 passport (which I actually ordered in May, but still have not get), can I use r2r2k as a transport and dac and wa11 as an amp? Both device should support type c, but I am not sure how it would work. For example: iPhone - tidal - Bluetooth - r2r2k - some cable? - wa11? Maybe for anslog signal from r2r2k dac to wa11 amp I need some line out cable, just 2 mini jacks?
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