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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. CJG888
  2. Teguh Prasetyo

    i heard hm603s is most picker dap ,is it true ??
    if im using my rha750 / m50x would be a sinergy with 603s ?? still i ot the analogue n warm sound with my cans??
  3. Teguh Prasetyo

    u sould update your FW into 2.4 the latest.
  4. CJG888

    It should be a good match but, frankly, with your very sensitive cans and IEMs you might be better off with the 601LE (I have both, and usually use the 601LE with IEMs).
  5. uzairahmed101

    Problem solved it was actually on sleep mode for 10 minutes lol so it would turn off every 10 minutes i thought it would sleep in case of inactivity but maybe thats what auto power off is for is it?
  6. miguelpp

    are you running the latest firmware? Check your player for your current version and compare it to the one available at their site.
    There were crashes while browsing through your album list, and those were fixed.
  7. erictioh
    i got this hm650 some week before, it sounded much better than x5 and dx90 that i had. initially im able hear the diff whenswitch to vintage, after awhile now i cant hear any diff anymore, any one has this issue?

    recently did one mistake by plug the line out to the phone out od external amp, im not sure if this will burn thr vintage feature?
  8. Teguh Prasetyo
    wanna ask,how musch the SQ / the Analogue Sound if we comparre with Colorfly C4 ???
    n if compare w/ reel to reel player casste is more natural n more better 603s or walkman tape ??
    coz i have sony fx 241 which had sound excellent.even has a muddy / grain sound.
  9. LetheFB
    Hi mates;
    I consider buying a Hifiman HM650 but i want to know what type of plug the device is sent with.Is it vary from counrty to country or do they send same type of plug to everyone without taking into acoount where you reside in. As you know, we don't able to charge the device via usb cable; so wall charger is needed. I reside in Turkey and plugs are different from the ones used in US or China. I have sent an email about this issue to the seller but there is no answer up to now.
    The seller answered my enquiry. For those who wonder the aforementioned question, the seller's answer is as follows:
    [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)] and yes , the HM650 can not charge via USB cable but only wall charger ,  and I am glad to tell you that we will send the correct adapter that fit  for the shipping country , so pls do not worry about it . Any questions pls just feel free to contact us kind regards[/color]
    Maybe somebody wonders the same question like me. The answer is simple and obvious but i want to ensure it  [​IMG]
  10. erictioh
    do you know there is something call international plug adaptor?
  11. Koolpep

    the wall charger has a removable 2 pin connector for the power cord that goes into the wall. It's a standard cord as can be seen here on the right:
    ..and here is the socket of the wall charger.

    Since the power adapter is multi voltage you can use it world wide 100-240V and enjoy your player everywhere. 
    The 2 pin cable can be bought in your local supermarket or electronics store, I am sure you have one of these in your household already (electric shaver?).
  12. LetheFB

    Thanks a lot for your helpful answer
  13. chawya22
    I just received an email from HiFiMAN that states, from Feb 20th through March 10th, the HM-650 will be discounted. The HM-650 with Power II amp card, $299 and the HM-650 with with Classic II amp card, $279. As of right now, those prices aren't active but I'll try again tomorrow. I sold my HM-650 because I didn't  feel that $449 was such a bargain given it's buggy UI and other issues but at the claimed sale price, I may give it a second chance. Check Here on the 20th.
    Another Link but prices still haven't been updated.
  14. nangryo
    I've sold my hm650 already. The sound is goood. Even have other 901 iem card on it sounds really great. But I think hifiman purposedly cripple this dap because afraid of cannibalizing their high end offering. Awfull firmware. Battery drain fast, but yet you have to carry it's dam**d propietary charger. Get worse when Try to share songs to friend without card reader. After getting frustated many times with the charger, I let them go.
  15. fengwei007

    HM650 has exactly the same or similar firmware as the 802/901/802u/901u/802s/901s. If you can't live with one of them, you won't like the others. Actually without the wheel, HM650 might have less problem than the 802/901.

    I have both HM650 and 901s now, I like both.
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