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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. nangryo

    I coudn't care less about it has the same or simillar firmware. I don't have 901 and just 901 IEM card. The thing is, the firmware on 650 get crashed several times whilst playing several of my flac files and get rebooted.
    Not to touted about battery drain..
    I have 603 before and although it is simple, it does work without hiccup. Oh.. and it used standard charger by the way.
  2. erictioh

    im on latest firmware and playing flac with level 3 and 5. has been using this 650 daily for 3 months and i never have a single crash before. ui performance is fast
  3. nangryo
    well, when I was sold it, There is no firmware upgrade. If you look at my post, I was asking about firmware upgrade before too before. And even if now it get resolved, there is still propetiary line out and charger. Really... I never think hifiman really want this dap to sell too well, just like what sony used to be with their first mp3 player.... purposedly make it awfull so people will stick with non mp3 player. In this case clearly hifiman people buy their 802 and 901 line rather than this low margin one
  4. CJG888
    There is a firmware upgrade available, it improves stability and (usually) allows gapless playback.
  5. Koolpep
    Until 10th of March there is a special deal on the hifiman HM-650


    $279 with Classic II card
    $299 with Power II card

    Even though I have a 901 I am thinking of picking one up for this price.....

  6. nmatheis Contributor

    Thinking of picking one up since I don't have a HFM DAP in my collection. Has anyone used the Musical card with the HM650? Any thoughts?
  7. puppyfi
    Very very tempting....this got me really interested and made me read through the whole thread plus some reviews by Mark2410 and Headfonics.
    I don't care about the 250g weight, the 'short' 9 hours battery life...BUT using proprietary charger (and LO)???.....I think I will pass 
  8. Koolpep

    Yes, here you can really see the limit resources hifiman has to work with. They can't utilize an enormous infrastructure like on the iRiver/AK.
    On a recent trip, I just couldn't get myself to take the 901 with me - just because I didn't want to schlepp around the charger. Used my AP100 instead that can be charger via USB like so many other things.
    However, the quirkiness and retro-ness is actually quite charming in many ways. And the sound quality justifies a lot of compromises.
  9. OrbitalGolem
    I couldn't resist at this price with the Power II.  The charger size is a bummer, but I'm already accustomed to dragging a laptop with 9-cell battery around.  Hoping it works well with the Fostex/Massdrop X00 cans I bought.
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    Which amp module did you go with Koolpep? I'm wondering if the Power II will give enough play on the volume pot for sensitive, low impedance IEM and/or hiss.
  11. Koolpep

    Didn't buy it yet....still time until 10th of March....
    The Power II has output power of 85mW per channel, less than the balanced card due to single end construction. 
    So, it should be quite ok for sensitive IEMs, it's not too powerful, despite the name...
    But since I have the classicII card already, I probably will go for the PowerII.
  12. nangryo
    This is make up appearance upgrade from HM650 to 802u. But also says improve sound by around 30%
    Pretty cheap just around 100usd without tax and shipping.
    Must use agent because domestic shipping only
    anyone want to try?
  13. Koolpep
    Hmm, very interesting indeed. Can you provide a link?
  14. nmatheis Contributor

    Thanks for the reply KP!

    The ad copy specifies Classic II gives tubey sound. That sounds good. Any thoughts from HFM DAP owners on whether sound signature differs much between Classic II vs. Power II?

    Yes, link please :L3000:
  15. nangryo
    I do have the link. But since this is not official hifiman product, I don't know if it is appropriate if I post it here.. hence just the picture
    They have around 60 stocks left.
    What makes me curious is, how the hell the can make such unofficial mod that precise. It takes official specs from original factory to do stuff like this.
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