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HiFiMAN HM650 Portable Music Player Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 30, 2014.
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  1. Koolpep
    Please PM me the link then please.
    I am pretty sure it's the factory that produces these upgrades for hifiman that sells them. The tooling costs would make a "copy" product otherwise way too expensive for such a niche product where you probably can't sell many....
  2. Koolpep

    Please PM me the link then.
    I am pretty sure this is from the factory that hifiman uses for their parts. The tooling costs to make a good copy wouldn't make any sense otherwise for such a niche product.
  3. nangryo
    PM sent.
    The upgrade includes the 802u framework for hm650 unit and apparently some pcb control that connects to the main dac and amp modul.
    It seems those pcb control have improvement on power management or something hence they claim improvement of 30%
  4. nmatheis Contributor
  5. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I think you guys misunderstood what that mod is, it is not using 802 parts in 650, it is just saying that if you send them your 650 or 802 they will upgrade its capacitors, LDO, operational amplifiers, resistors, and send it back to you. I wouldn't bother, you don't know what your getting, they only show pictures of disassembled stock units...
  6. nangryo
    Yeah... it could be..... since I only use translator. It's hard to understand the whole page.
  7. Koolpep
    That's a bummer.
  8. nmatheis Contributor
    Aha! Nope. That's not for the HM650 I don't even own yet...
  9. drbluenewmexico

    i see one in your future, perhaps, Nikolaus !   perhaps a distant future, perhaps an immediate future...
  10. Saoshyant
    With the current sale price of this DAP, it's awfully tempting, even though I know I don't need it.  Currently, I have a first gen X5 which I can use as a transport for my Chord Mojo, so I'm not quite lacking for a portable player.  This hobby is awful, especially considering how many pretty toys involved in it...  I have to admit I might break down anyways and give the HM650 a try.
  11. Gerryhatrick

    I feel the same way! I'm seriously considering taking advantage of Hifiman's sale even though I have an ibasso dx80 that I am very happy with. The collecting bug has hit! Has anyone compared the 650 to the dx80? I'm guessing they are both good in their own way, but do they produce a different SQ, sound stage etc. I'm keen to experiment with great but different sounds. BTW I use over ear cans (BWP7's at the moment. I don't use IEM's.
  12. chawya22
    I took the leap, again. I sold my previous HM650 (FW 2.001) before the current FW 2.004 version was released. From what I've read, the real deal breaker issues I had, have been corrected. Worse case scenario, I'll return it within 30 days, for a refund minus shipping (I'll just consider that a rental fee). 
  13. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Many people find the DX80 on the brighter side, brighter than DX90, and the HM650 is the complete opposite, Hifiman analog filter for the dac creates a smoothed over sound, and also rolls off the treble response. Would work well with bright headphones like some AKG or Beyerdynamics, but imo it highly narrows your choice of headphone pairings, at least for my tastes. But ymmv. So bottom line is if you are happy with the treble detail your headphones are putting out with DX80 then you might find the HM650 to a bit of a step back in treble detail and presence, but in return maybe the mids might be better on HM650. 
  14. puppyfi
    HM650 does not seem to be popular among the sea of old and current daps.
    There is also very few review on HM650.
    I managed to find a chinese website that did a comparison on 9 daps, HM650 included.
    Link here
    On sound comparison, HM650 scored a very respectable 27 and 21 points against AK Jr (12,12), Cayin N5 (21,24), Colorfly C10 (27,24), Fiio X5ii (21,21), PAW5000 (24,21), QA360 (27,27), Sony NW-A27 (18,18) and Soundaware Esther M1 (24,21).
    The other columns were driven power (HM650 scored 15,15). 
    Those points were scores given by 2 different reviewers.
  15. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    My QA360 scored the best out of those 9 daps! Looks like I won't bother getting HM650 :p Although I don't really trust any of these reviews tbh. But just to add to your reviews, I found a review saying Sony PHA2 is much better than HM650.
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