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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. The Hawk
    Quick tip here as an owner of these

    I was noticing some comfort issues (pressure points) while wearing my 4XX

    A quick inspection revealed the screws at all pivot points were too tight and preventing the headphones from conforming to my head properly. I simply loosened the screws a little and everything pivots easily now.......all pressure points gone and no more comfort issues 6F486C39-4351-407D-8FCE-246603C88853.jpeg 21B7868C-BF88-4894-AD19-8DA52C55B510.jpeg
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2017
  2. Jodet
    I ordered the 4XX today and already have a tracking number. S/B here in a week.
  3. djang
    I have ordered the HE 4xx but I am unsure if my Schiit Modi2 and Magni2 will be good enough . Has anyone tried 4xx with schiit stack ?
  4. jaywillin
    I just received my 4xx yesterday. after trying it with my gustard h10, and a project sunrise iii, and reading a few reviews, i suspect the magni2 would be fine
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  5. The Hawk

    I’m running my 4XX with a Magni 3......no problem at all and plenty loud if that’s your thing
  6. djang
    I know brightness tolerance varies from person to person , but are they too bright for you with magni3 ?
  7. halibut11
    I also am running them through my Magni 3, and I do not think they are too bright, the upper mids and treble really come alive for me but it is not over bearing. As you said though, it varies from person to person but I don't think they are by any means too bright. I want to try them on a Jotunheim which is supposedly brighter than the Magni and see how that goes.
  8. Melrose
    Stupid question: How do these compare with the T50 Mk3? What I mean is, I can hear the difference between dynamic and planar, but is there a reason to be interested in the 4XX?

    Note: I currently don't have a good open headphone...my AKG K240's are nice, but I can hear the lower price point if you know what I mean.
  9. jdoo
    I would think a bright amp would be good with the 4xx because they are certainly not bright.
  10. bagwell359
    These are not bright - outside of some mid treble brightness that adds 'ssh' to the ix. I have them on a ragnarok and N3. Outside of little mid bass thickness and upper midrange dip from 65 Hz-6KHz these are wonderful. I have 5 different cups to try on these this week end, I think I can find more low bass. They drop a bit over 6K - that's not accurate, There is a certain liquid suaveness starting at 2k and going up, I wonder if it's a smidge out of phase or there is an increase of 2nd order HD. It's seductive and reminds of this system: DQ-10 w/ ribbons, ARC D-76A, ARC SP3, Koetsu Rosewood (oil damped arm)- for the two folks here that might know what that might have sounded like.

    I know of no cans under $300 that can touch these, few under $800 (but no way I know all of whats out there). I have to get back to my pals Audeze 3's and see if the HFM can hold a candle to them. Not in bass I'm sure.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
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  11. Tralfaz
    I actually know exactly what you mean about the vintage hi-fi rig! That was state of the art around...1982 or so?
  12. djang
    Great .. Then the only thing I need to worry about is that they are not DOA.. have heard a lot of reports of people receiving units with one cup or both not working..
    Is the bass on these as good as original HE400 ?
  13. heliosphann
    I think the quality is better, but it doesn't have the impact or quantity as the original 400. It improves a lot with a pad change.
  14. djang
    Ohh.. I had bought it thinking it will have the HE 400 bass or at least close to it
  15. dgindlespergerd
    Got my tracking number today also.....
    I run the HE-400 on the Valhalla 2 and sounds great. hoping the 4xx sound as good.
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