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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. Tman5293
    I picked up my HE4XXs this morning and I am seriously impressed. This is my first pair of planar magnetics and the only headphones I have on hand to compare them to are my HD650s. They easily hold up to my HD650s sound quality wise. Absolutely worth the money. Bass response is a bit more punchy than the Sennheisers with a bit more dropoff on the low end. Highs are definitely more resolved on these. A bit more sparkle in the trebles as well. Mids are slightly recessed as compared to the HD650. The soundstage on the HE4XX is a bit smaller/more compact than the Sennheisers. The Sennheiser's soundstage is wider and a bit more airy while the HE4XX is more narrow and impactful. Overall I am impressed with the sound quality and resolution at this price point.
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  2. dgindlespergerd
    I love my HE-400 for the sound stage and Clarity, would I love the 4xx as much?
  3. Letmebefrank
    Initial impressions are good. This is a very good headphone for the money. However, the stock pads are pretty bad; very stiff, poor seal, bright treble. I ordered some ZMF Ori lambskin pads and extra rings based on some measurements and recommendations from another forum. I am so glad I did. The ZMF pads completely transform these headphones into a heavy hitter, and they are also much more comfortable. More impressions to come with further listening to music, movies and gaming.
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  4. heliosphann
    I thought the Ori's would sound good on them. I'll have to find my extra pair and compare them to the Eikon pads.
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  5. TWerk
    I really feel that the "good" sounding headphone market is oversaturated. They all sound "good" at this point, but what you start to look for is something great/exceptional in certain aspects.

    This "decent bass, good mids, decent highs, average soundstage" is just too common. What's the point anymore?

    Heck, Hifiman has 4 of them already from the same exact line (400i/400s/400/4xx). Stop making the same can over and over again with different marketing. The Massdrop page describes them as "planar magnetics like you've never seen before." Sorry but we really have. We've seen it 3 times before these. Just like the other high end cans from Hifiman that have multiple versions just because they can....

    I own and love my Pro 900 from ultrasone, nothing has bass power like these. Crunchy highs, impactful lows, great imaging.

    It just sets itself apart from the wasteland of meh, it doesn't sound like every other "good" 100-200 dollar can out there.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
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  6. Tman5293
    I've heard the Pro 900 and I don't find them all that special. My friend owns them and he swears by them but I just don't see it. To me they have overpowering bass and less than average soundstage. Like listening to music underwater.

    The problem is that it's completely subjective. One person's halo can can sound absolutely terrible to a different listener.
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  7. TWerk
    That's surely understandable. I know people don't like them and certainly respect that. But at least they do something unique. Some love it like me and your friend, and others don't. There's something happening with them.

    It's this wasteland of cans that all sound so similar that all get "good" reviews. Once you've heard one, you've heard them all, and there's ALOT of them now. ALOT!

    He-400Y sounds good, no? Make it bright, neon, glow in the dark yellow. That could be the next one they release in 6 months, after this model's hype train has run out. :triportsad:
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  8. junki
    I wonder if anyone has had the chance to try the HE4XX with Brainwavz pads. Specifically, their oval HM5 ones that are thick and plush.
  9. lowmagnet
    I just got mine last night. I really like the design being a combination of the ergonomics of the HE400 and the HE400i.

    1. using a 400i cable, it's easier to replace
    2. the headband adjustment is linear and friction-based
    3. The housing doesn't 'microphone' like the 400i if you bump it.
    4. I like the pads on the 400i, which the 4xx thankfully borrows.
    5. the matte is really nice looking

    My only negative so far is that I can't lay the earpieces on top of each other sideways when I set them down. That's a small price to pay.
  10. ld100
    So how is the sound after some listening?
  11. lowmagnet
    For me, it's tighter in the bass region, possible due to a 'deader' enclosure or better clamping force than the HE400i. I don't know if anyone took them apart to see if there were any mods done inside to deaden it. Movement doesn't creak which was my big complaint with the HE400i.

    I used Avalon to test out general sound quality since I know the songs fairly well. Maybe it's the fit, but since I can't tell that they're on my head as much as the HE400i, it makes them feel invisible. Very immersive and the usual 'wide' sound I attribute to most of the planars I've tried.
  12. jdoo
    Mine came yesterday and did a little listen last night and then again tonight. I like the structure, very solid feeling and I agree that they disappear on your head due to the comfort. Comparing to the only other planar I have the 1060's are a bit better on separation and clarity with deeper sub bass but they have been modded and have many hours of use on them. I went back tonight to check sub bass on 4xx and they seem deeper tonight so break in is helping. I would like them to be a little more transparent but I'm holding off on pad swapping or any modding until they break in. I like them a lot starting off but think potential is there to improve. One thing I think the 4xx do better than 1060 would be the bass which is punchier on 4xx. Great value can imo
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  13. bagwell359
    35 hours of break-in and 15 hours of listening;

    Very much a planar, eschews pin point imaging in favor a holistic presentation from upper bass through mid treble – it’s all of a piece. There is lots of detail, but its in the fabric, not thrown in your face.

    The highs are very good, and pleasant. There is the sense of an extended treble but that its got a downslope which robs a bit of the top air.

    The bass on super recordings like Dr Chesky stuff is very good, lacking a bit of impact under 60 Hz. Average recordings with two or more instruments (rock bass and drums) seems to leave the bass sounding woolier than other phones say it is.

    If I don’t change my opinion I’ll be down to the Senn HD-600 and these, and my other phones will be on ebay, and then I’ll be looking at changing them to balanced to see if it’ll for these what it did for the 600’s.

    BTW, these are a steal IMO – if you dislike the Fostex TH-X00 as much as I do, run don’t walk to snag these.
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  14. halibut11
    I just got mt 4XX's yesterday and have had a good amount of time with them. My other pair are TH-X00's and I like how they are very different in regard to sound signature. They're no worse or better to me, just different. The TH-X00's are more fun in the bass and of course are closed, and the HE-4XX's are more detailed and are better with vocals and high mids/ treble. For my ideal one closed one open headphone stable I think I am set for awhile.
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  15. jdoo
    I should add that the 4xx need a decent amount of power to come alive. I listen on aune t1mk3 at full volume but go to aune x7s on a dac it balanced and get to adjust volume where I want which is about half on most music.
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