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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. mattiav
    Current HE4XX has 3.5mm connectors. I use the balanced cable for my Meze 99 Classics for them - works great. Mostly because the balanced out on the DX220 provides a good bit more power and oomph.
  2. SolaVirtus
    I've got a periapt cable I'm happy with. Works with my M1060C, too. Good quality, decent price.
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    I've read some reviews on the ones sold on Amazon and they say they are stiff, is the Periapt cable stiff also??

  4. bagwell359
    Custom Cans (UK) fair price & ex quality, Black & Silver Dragon (crazy price, very good), Cardas - pretty much all of them - hand made or by pros, same for Mogami.
  5. SolaVirtus
    They're thick and a little heavy, but I wouldn't call them overly stiff.
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  6. Shane D
    I have been off this thread for quite a while as these were on my "sell soon" pile.

    Today I was trying out my new amp in balanced mode (Liquid Carbon X). My Beyer T5p.2's sounded muffled. Maybe 'cause it was so new? I needed a more open sound.

    I looked down at the floor and saw the HE4XX's and thought "What the hell?" Well, it was a very nice surprise! I have never heard these 'phones sound better and this is their fourth amp pairing.

    I bought a balanced cable a while ago for my Loxjie P20 and it fits the HE4XX's, Meze 99 Classic's and Beyer T5p.2's.

    This amp has given the HE4XX's new life.

    More testing tomorrow.

    Shane D
  7. turbomustang84
    I had been overlooking my 4XXs concentrating on my Sennheiser menagerie but hooked them up to the Little Loxjie and they do sound incredible
    And the Depeche mode album Construction time again is particularly great on this setup ,. I am using an
    Audiosource EQ to step up the Bass though ......How un Audiophile of me lol
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  8. Shane D
    The Loxjie/HE4XX combo didn't work for me. I do get you on the EQ though. I have tried many versions of EQing over the years and none of them got me good clean sound with added bass. Until I discovered the Schiit Loki. This thing is magic. No good in a balanced chain though. I use it with my SE amp and it perfected my Grado's and Beyer's.

    Shane D
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  9. turbomustang84
    I've got an Audiosource One that I've had since the early 90s and it is sealed so never end up with scratchy sliders and ten channels per side is plenty for my needs .
    I might try a balanced EQ at some point .
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  10. Shane D
    Loki is just four and all I need. I tried using EQ's with many bands and always just made a mess. The Loki is just bass, mid bass, mid range and treble. You can't make it any easier.
    My big uses are bringing up the bass and bringing out the vocals.

    Shane D
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  11. ronfifer
    is an amp with 380mW @32ohm enough to drive the HE-4XX?
  12. SeEnCreaTive
    More then enough. They run well on just about anything.

    Typical phone headphone jacks are like 25mw at 32ohms. So 380mw is plenty
  13. turbomustang84
    So like others in this thread I really like the HD-4XX but have struggled to find the next step up in planar headphones.

    Everyone seems to like the Monolith 1060 but I did not.
    and I really liked the HE500s but I had a chance to buy a set with a bad driver in one ear and Hifiman has discontinued making those driver's so if i buy a used pair for $350 to $400 and a driver fails I'm crap out of luck .

    So I will keep my HE-4XX but an upgrade path is unclear any suggestions?
  14. ronfifer
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
  15. ronfifer
    Out of your HP collection, which one do you prefer for FPS gaming? And with which AMP?
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