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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ProtegeManiac, Aug 2, 2017.
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  1. genck
    Thanks for the reply, I'm a fan of the HE-400 so much that I'm on my second headband and have another spare in case it breaks lol. I may just pick up 4xx's anyway and see how that goes, the price is nice.
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  2. turbomustang84
    I would use my HE-400 more but I hate the Cable connects ....
    Caught up on a drawer pull and nearly took off my head ....lol
  3. genck
    Well, at least you didn't strip the threads from the connector or break the cable. The cable is long as hell and certainly is easy to get caught on stuff. That's how the last headband broke. Aftermarket cables in the $30-50 range that are shorter make the audio quality more muffled, a shame.
  4. DavidA
    Haven't heard a HE4XX but I do own HE400 and HE400i and they are very different sounding. I can't remember what they sounded like stock since its been years that I've modded them but in their modded state they are quite good and I have no reason to sell either even with all the other headphones that I have (see my profile if you want to see what I have)
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  5. Philimon
    Anyone know how long ZMF typically takes to ship out earpads?

    Edit: I figure it it out. They took about 1business day but was longer for me due to holiday+weekend.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
  6. DavidA
    I'm one that likes the SMC connectors more than the newer 2.5/3.5mm jacks since over the years I've found that the SMC jack provides a more secure connection and doesn't get loose over time like the 2.5mm and the 3.5mm while a bit more sturdy than the 2.5mm jacks just last longer but still develop issues later.

    What cables did you try that made the sound muffled? The only cable that I had issues with is the stock one on my X1, for some reason the impedance of the cable was quite a bit higher than normal and it did affect the sound a bit.
  7. leeperry
    You can find 100% IACS conductivity pure copper 3.5mm's, SMC & 2.5mm's are 28% IACS brass at the very best so this will hurt transparency and the very reason why so many HE6's got hardwired.
  8. DavidA
    conductivity is one thing, a poor connection is another. I could have pure silver connectors but if the connection is poor the great conductivity means nothing.
  9. leeperry
    2.5mm provides too little contact surface but 3.5mm is fine, pretty much the industry standard for a reason so Hifiman going 3.5mm was a great move.
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  10. DavidA
    Still missing my point that the design of the 2.5 or 3.5 jack does get loose after time and has caused issues of bad connections for me and many others but I've found most have no issues with the SMC connection in terms of intermittent cut outs or static while I can't say the same about 2.5 or 3.5 jacks. With the HE560 that uses SMC jacks I've found that the problem of bad cables is the wire cracking right where it meets the molded plastic of the jack, same thing I've noticed with the newer 2.5 and 3.5 jacks.
  11. Philimon
    Just got the zmf ori lambskin. They are about twice as thick as stock. The material seems meh to me at $60+shipping, but ive not a lot experience with earpads. I was expecting something more luxurious to the sight and feel but they seem no better than brainwavz to me. Anyways, I spent the dough due to one user’s frequency response measurements of 4XX with ori lambskin, which basically appeared to smooth out the treble. Sounds good so far but Im not convinced of any comfort enhancement. My ears are small I guess and didnt touch when stock. Also, there is some sort of clicking sound when I adjust the headphones while they are on my head. I dont know if its poorly installed earpads or if its a “suction” effect like i read elsewhere.
  12. Philimon
    Blue stock; Red zmf ori lamb


    Besides thickness, another major difference between earpads is that the zmf have smaller ear openings.
  13. genck
    These: https://www.amazon.com/Quality-Upgr...he-400+cables&qid=1562809036&s=gateway&sr=8-6
  14. bagwell359
    According to measurements and subjective listening the MrSpeakers Ether Closed Angled gives the most even treble and best overall sound for the HE-6 and HE-500. Never seen measurements for use on the HE-400i, 4XX, HE-5LE, HE-5se, but most of the round cup HFM made from 2010-today get a big boost in sound from it. Not cheap - $75 or $80. FYI
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  15. CADCAM
    I have the HE400i with 2.5mm into the cups and hoping the cable is the same as the HE4XX.
    I need suggestions on a balanced cable for my HE400i, there are a couple on fleabay but I'm not sure.
    Anyone gone balanced?
    Any and all input appreciated.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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