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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
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  1. peterq
    I have zmf eikon pads and mrspeaker alpha pads, I prefer alpha pad for now.
  2. Silent One
    Wishing all my HE-6 brothers & sisters nuthin’ but good audio fortunes, not limited to their cans. Only now this winter have I sensed anxiety over potential failure of my own pair - none yet. Tonight’s session marks 1,835 dedicated hours inside the listening room with them. Politely treated in some sessions, pushed to perform in others...like a beta tester!

    Being a late 2013 model, hope I can save up for new cans before any rude interruptions.
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  3. Feilong4
    Just got a set of Dekoni TH900 Elite Velour pads for the HE-6. Hmm, I don't quite like them.

    With the velour pads, the bass seem a tad bit more bloated and overall sounds a bit closed-in. As a reference, I've been using MrSpeakers Flow Angled pads which seem to place vocals a bit more "closer". The bass is not bloated or at least not as bloated with the MrSpeakers pads.

    Hifiman HE-6, MrSpeakers Angled pads vs Dekoni TH900 Velour.png

    Has anyone tried Lawton Audio, Stax SR-007, SR-009, or Hifiman Pali Pads on their HE-6's?
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  4. cskippy
    Most velour pads don't perform well with HE-6. The Dekoni TH900 SHEEPSKIN and PERFORATED SHEEPSKIN pads are the ones to try. But I quite like the MrSpeakers angled pads as well.
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  5. cute
    You might give ZMF Ori pads a try, I found them to perform very well on my HE-6...........
  6. Feilong4
    Typically, open-cell foamed earpads leak bass and so are brighter, right? The foam on the Dekoni elite velour seems to be using a very dense sort of foam, which I assume is the same sort of foam used on their sheepskin and perforated sheepskin variants as well. I think I might've missed your measurements of the sheepskin and perforated sheepskin pads, but are the perforated sheepskin less pronounced in the bass?

    I'm just a bit afraid that they might do the same thing the Dekoni Elite Velours already do in bloating the bass and having this "closed" sense of space. I may give them a shot though.
  7. cute
    The Ori pads are very close to the Mr Speakers angled pads, Ori pads have more ear room, and don't bring the vocals as close as the Mr Speakers. I do use the Mr Speakers angled pads on my fully Lawton modded D5000, D7000 and THX00, work best on those. Ori pads on the HE6 just more comfort and not quite the compressed soundstage as the Mr Speakers angled pads there.
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  8. Feilong4
    Ah yeah, actually one of the things I'm looking for is a less compressed soundstage that I get with the MrSpeakers angled pads. Do you think the Ori pads, relative to the MrSpeakers Flow Angled pads, bump up the bass a bit on the HE-6?

    By the way, have you tried the MrSpeakers Alpha pads?
  9. cute
    No bloated bass with the Ori pads, and no joy with the Alpha pads.....
  10. lambdastorm
    Lawton mods are good but their pads are downright awful. I've had their HE6 pads for a while and the left earpad ripped open in a year. Currently rocking the MrSpeaker stats' pads on my HE6. Obviously they don't measure well but they do sound more spacious than the Dekoni HiFiMAN pads.....
  11. lambdastorm
    Oh and do you prefer the perfed Ori or the none-perfed one?
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    I just put the Dekoni HiFiMan Fenestrated Sheepskin on my HE-6s and so far have been really enjoying them in comparison to the HiFiMan Focus A or B pads. I would say they are more clear and detail rather than brighter but definitely can see how they could be perceived brighter.
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  13. Feilong4
    A buddy let me borrow his Auteur pads. I tried them on my HE-6 Prototype.

    I can't say I like the pairing. The treble seems kinda harsh, and I think it may be from the reflections within the earpads. Soundstage seems to be a bit more closed-in in comparison to stock pleather pads. I prefer the stock pleather pads and the MrSpeakers Ether Flow Angled pads over the Auteur pads for the HE-6.
  14. bagwell359
    I've been using the MrSpeakers Angled Flow Closed with the HE-500 to great effect for almost a year. A fellow Head-FI lent me his unmodified HE-6 with 'the' velour pads, and the Angled are better, but not as good as on my HE-500 (lots of mods: rear screen replaced with 1/2" grid, fuzzor, Black Dragon, dynamat, felt). So the fairly obvious conclusion is that the HE-6 need some mods to be able to show off the benefits of the MrS Flow Angeled.

    What are the best/most necessary mods to the HE-6 IYO? I have to think the LFF mod would outstrip all my efforts.

  15. cskippy
    I actually quite like stock HE-6, the velour pads have the best FR from the bass up to the lower treble. Focus pads/Focus A pads are also pretty good. HE-6 just has an etch that HE-500 doesn't have to the same degree. I'm using Focus A pads on my HE-500.

    Mods are hard to nail down. LFF's work is excellent. I changed mods depending on gear and other member taste's if modding for them so it's hard to say what will work best for you. You have the right idea with the felt and fuzzor. I also employ microifber cloth sometimes.
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