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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
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  1. Feilong4
    Now rocking Dekoni Elite Velour Audio Technica AD pads.

    Similar tonality of the MrSpeakers Ether Flow Angled pads (for the most part) while not compressing soundstage much if at all.

    Hifiman HE-6 Dekoni AD vs MrSpeakers Flow Angled.png

    My favorite pads as of now although my ear touches the bar going across the driver.
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  2. lambdastorm
    I keep coming back to the stock pads cuz the tonality is just more 'right'. Other pads I've tried include the Dekoni Hifiman pad, Hifiman focus-A pad, ZMF Pilot pad, Dekoni TH900 pads, Lawton HiFiMAN pads and MrSpeaker E'Stat pads, while each of them has their own strength they all sound kind of congested and unnatural compared to stock. The stock pads don't seal well and don't seem very well-made either but they just have this magic that makes HE6 an HE6. At this stage I don't even know if there's any pad that can be really considered an 'upgrade' instead of a side-grade.
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  3. jarnopp
    Is your pair moddd? Maybe try the open grill mod, if not, and see what you think of various pad options.
  4. Silent One
    Purchased my HE-6; Lawton Audio pads 2013. Still looking, feeling good post 1,886 hours later.
  5. lawrence2357
    I put my official angled pads on as soon as they arrived, didn't occur to me the stock pads could be better. Read this and tried them and YESSS I prefer them by quite a margin. Did you mean velour or pleather? I'm using velour.
  6. lambdastorm
    The velours are better by a considerable margin, pleather pads are a bit hot on the treble and not as smooth sounding. Oh and someone says the velour pads hifiman sells these days are not the same as the one that comes with HE6s. I just ordered a pair. Will post more impressions when I get them.
  7. lambdastorm
    I did the grill mod when I first got these.
  8. Happy Camper
    I miss these babies. Still looking to service them.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  9. wenbinbin2010
    Anyone test out oratory's Harman target response curve EQ preset for the HE6se? https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/9o2f5n/psa_oratory1990s_list_of_eq_presets/)

    I'm testing it out right now with some minor tweaks and it cleans up the mids, gives a better sense of separation between the bass and low-mids, while giving a nice, clean bass boost too. Treble was already smooth for me out of the box, so no complaints there. I'm driving the HE6 with a Liquid Platinum with the volume around 1-2 o'clock.

    I was debating whether I wanted to keep the HE6 or not, but with some EQing, they fit my preferences better and are incredibly dynamic. As a reference, my favorite pair of headphones is the LCD-4 without any EQ. Now I'm thinking about trying out the HE6 with a speaker amp and seeing if it really does take them to another level.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  10. Feilong4
    I tried the EQ with stock pleather pads though I didn't quite like them. Way too mid forward for my liking. I'm not sure what the stock pads are on the HE-6SE though (Pali pads?) - that might cause the very deep dip at about 1.7 kHz. I've tried a couple of EQ's from Oratory1990 from the headphones I have/had on the list and I liked 2 of the 5 headphone EQ's I've tried. The 2 being DT880 and DT990 EQ's although it couldn't really handle the bass boost. The diaphragms started audibly "fluttered" on bass heavy songs.
  11. wenbinbin2010
    The +9 dB boost at 1.7 kHz was way too much, so that was my primary tweak to his EQ preset. Dropped it down to around +3 dB. I'm noticing too much bass on some songs, but overall I like a little bit more sub-bass emphasis, coming from the Audeze house sound.

    Stock HE6se pads are the Pali Pads. Not my favorite material, so I might consider one of the angled leather Dekoni pads in the future.
  12. Feilong4
    Yeah, I dropped down the bass as well. I put +4 at 15 Hz with a Q value of 0.5, +1 db and Q:1 at 20 Hz, and +1.5 db low shelf at 100 Hz. I'm currently using Dekoni AD pads. I added a bit of foam I cut from a small earpad to add a bit of distance from the helix of my ears and the bar over the driver assembly.
  13. wenbinbin2010
    Just happened to stumble upon your HE-6 review on r/headphones! I'm surprised you haven't owned any Audeze headphones for being a planar fan. Your "preferences" sound like they would fit the typical Audeze sound pretty well. I recently sold my LCD-4, but I have another LCD-3 arriving tomorrow. For the price of the LCD-4...I might just keep both the HE-6se and the LCD-3.
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  14. Feilong4
    Cool! :) I was loaned a LCD-2.1 Pre-Fazor and didn't quite like them. I found its treble response sort of "grainy" and harsh IIRC. I actually really liked the bass response though.

    I have yet to own an Audeze due to the reports of the drivers failing and myself not wanting to take that risk, whereas for Hifiman's headphones, it's typically just a bad soldering job. I haven't yet heard any other Audeze as surprising as that might be.
  15. wenbinbin2010
    Driver failure is definitely a reason I'm still exploring other alternatives like the HE-6. Audeze does have amazing customer service for any headphones under warranty though. Keep an eye out for their Black Friday and Christmas sales! Even their B-stock headphones have 3-year transferable warranties.

    The LCD-2 was my first foray into the audiophile world, but their higher end offerings are in another tier IMO. DAC and amp are other variables though. I have vastly different upstream gear now than when I still had the LCD-2. Who knows, maybe I'd be happy with the LCD-2...probably not satisfied though!
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