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HifiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jigf, May 21, 2010.
  1. firegon
    I haven't tried swapping out the connectors in HE-6, but I have done it ( well ... Matt from ForzaAudioWorks did it ) in HE-500. 2,5mm fits, 3,5mm doesn't - at least without significant changes to the cups.
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  2. Drrizzt
    Yep i got a modifed he6 with the 2.5mm connector !
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  3. thecrow
    Does it make sense to perhaps own the he6 and hekv2?

    I just bought the hekv2. (After considering the he6se that i have neber heard)
  4. lambdastorm
    It does. And in my case I sold the HEK in favor of my good old HE6 4-screw. The magical thing about HE6 is that its punchy and detailed at the same time. The HEK may present more detail in a more delicate manner, but it can't match the HE6 in raw power and toe-tapping factor. Thru out my 1 year of ownership I've always felt the HEK is a bit too soft sounding compared to my other headphones. It doesn't help that its bass starts to roll off from 25Hz.
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  5. lambdastorm
    Super l8 reply, but can you compare the HE6 with HE5LE? There's one on USAM for sale right now and given that I'm a fan of the old hifiman lineup, I can't help but wonder........
  6. thecrow
    That’s great. Thanks
  7. SilverEars
    Unfortunately, this is is the case with the HEK. I do like the large stage with the HEK and electronic genre with it, but HE6 does seem to have a more of a dynamic sound response compared to the HEK.

    HEK has a bit of a thin sounding characteristic and therefore has spacial quality to it's sound with outstanding sub-bass, and HE6's good qualities is it's mids weight to the sound (richer sounding), strong dynamic impact, and I find the imaging/separation to be it's strongest trait expressing realistic decay qualities of the sound.

    I prefer sound with a bit of mids weight which sounds more natural to my ears. So, HE6 is more of my preference of the two.
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  8. thecrow
    Is the bottom end more extended in the he6?
    And suitable for rock, particularly from 70’s, as well as more recent?
  9. Feilong4
    I'm sure this has been asked many times, but which pads do you guys use for the HE-6?

    I read a post with measurement somewhere in the thread with the MrSpeakers Ether C angled(?) pads being a very good pairing. I have a pair of those pads myself and am wondering if any of you guys have tried them with these specific pads.

    I don't have an HE-6 myself but do plan on getting one someday. A couple of years ago, I remember demoing ago a grill modded HE-6 with Alpha pads(?) at a local meet and was pretty blown away.
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  10. Feilong4
    I forgot to ask much earlier, but can I get a picture of how it looks like? Maybe with the grills off?
  11. SilverEars
    I think if one can afford to, experimenting with pads would provide good insights with these I'm sure.

    I'm a bit limited with experimentation with these, and IMO Hifiman Velpads is the best sounding, and I just get a feeling it is the best for imaging and natural decay of sounds. The stock ones, and Focus pads didn't sound as proper for me. The imaging came together with the Velpads. The problem is, it probably brings out the sibilant treble a bit with those types of mastering. If the mastering doesn't have that type of treble, it really brings out impressive sounds.
    Yes, can people share what damping mods has been done, and share such experiences on what has resulted with the headphone response?
  12. SilverEars
    I can't say for certain, but HE6 just leaves impression of impact, and tactfulness of bass. HEK leaves the impression of subs due to the way it's mids are not being as weighty. Subs stands out a bit due to this I think.

    HEK seals better due to the it's design and the evolved pads, and HE6 is more oldschool in design, so that stock pads will leave some gaps, and velpads will be like the newer pads that seal around the head better, for a better low-end response. This can make a difference in bass for example.

    I do enjoy a bit of classic rock. Can you provide examples of music you listen to, and what you want as the outcome?
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  13. Feilong4
    I meant to see how the 2.5mm sockets were implemented, but that too!

    I have a MiniDSP EARS to measure so if I ever get my hands on an HE-6, I can experiment with this.
  14. thecrow
    Well I’m still exploring my hekv2 so tonight i might try some pink flloyd and dire straits

    As ideas for rock and other music that i often listen ti (off the top of my head) let’s throw around some
    Led zep, deep purple, doobie brothers, definitely STEELY DAN (aja did not jump out at me last night) and FRANK ZAPPA, police, rolling stones

    And separation of instruments is very important to me
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  15. jarnopp
    On my modded pair (bass lens, open grill mod), I’ve tried stock, HM5 angled leather, Dekoni Elite Velour, and my current favorite, the Dekoni Elite hybrid, which seems to combine the bass from the HM5 with the sweet midrange of the Velour and also reveals more detail.

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