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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. Soundsgoodtome
    If all you have for a source is a cell phone or a weak amp in your DAP then I would go with the hex. It sounds fantastic even with sources that don't put much power out. However it also doesn't scale much either.

    Otherwise the he560 is just as good if not better than the hex with full sized gear.
  2. DavidA
    It was just too laid back for my taste, sounds a little lifeless next to the HE-560 but as @Soundsgoodtome noted they are very easy to drive so if you only have a DAP or phone then its something I would consider but if you have a decent desktop system then the HE-560 is much better IMO.  The HEX is like the LCD-X, both easy to drive but I like the LCD-X sound better but the HEX is way more comfortable. 
  3. raybone0566
    Anyone thinking about spending 1k or better should consider the focal elear. Inner fidelity has the review up now. Think I found my next set of cans. Time to sell some gear. Does it ever end. Hmmm
  4. StanD
    There's always something else waiting in the wings. So when is what you have more than good enough or is it the quest that entices you?
  5. raybone0566
    Definitely the quest
  6. DavidA
    Was looking at the Elear also, but not selling anything
    Not on a quest to find the best, just looking for a different sound signature than from what I have.
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Same for me, even when the differences aren't immense, it is fun to try new sound signatures. I also admit to enjoying the thrill of a new toy almost for that feeling alone! Thankfully I can't afford to indulge such whims easily or I suspect I would waste more money.
  8. StanD
    That's sensible. I was referring to some folks that enjoy the hunt and might never be satisfied.
  9. DavidA
    I guess you could say I enjoy the hunt but to find a different sound signature, not the supposed best sound signature. 
    The thing about the Elear that got me interested is Tyll's description of them being so dynamic, its one of the reason that the HEK, HEX, LCD-X all are not interesting to me, they are great sounding but at times boring.
  10. raybone0566
    There's a few I'll probably never let go. The 650, he-6 & 560's are in a steady rotation. That new toy syndrome is probably a part of it as well. Still looking for a flagship ss amp to satisfy me. Still waiting on the black widow. They are finally shipping a few out weekly.hopefully soon
  11. StanD
    Right now I'd find a pile of profiteroles to be quite satisfying, mmmmm.
  12. nk126

    Mmm, did somebody say dessert? My doctor sure as hell didn't when I saw her a month ago ... but I swear somebody else did [​IMG]
  13. DavidA
    Damn you, so much for the diet, heading to Liliha Bakery to pick up some coconut cream ones and a nice light champagne to pair them with [​IMG]
    raybone0566 likes this.
  14. StanD
    Aloha, you are pretty far from The Big Easy. Looks like the good stuff has found its way across the Pacific. How hard is it to get your hands on audio gear over there?
  15. DavidA
    Not easy to get stuff here, no high end audio stores so only Best buy and some others like Walmart, Sears, Etc.  Best thing about Hawaii is the diversity of the culture, food here is great, lots of different cultures with their own unique foods so its hard to lose weight, also have many great restaurants with interesting fusion between various cultures and the women are great looking due to lots of interracial marriages and many are fairly active due to the great weather.  My current GF used to live in NYC and she doesn't miss it at all.

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