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= HiFiMAN HE-560 Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jerg, Mar 25, 2014.
  1. raybone0566
    Can't speak on the 560. He-6 was quite a change, really opened it up. Maybe David could chime in. I believe his are modded
  2. richard51
    i just remove the grill  on the HE-400 and that make a very audible change, more space between music instrument, more airier...I like that very much...I replace the original grill by a mesh designed to cook the pizza in the oven, the mesh is flexible and easy to work with, and the color is  a golden hue....[​IMG] 
  3. DavidA

    As the other 2 have already noted, there is a change in the sound, a little better sound stage, slightly more open sounding/air, it got rid of a very slight ringing at certain frequencies for me and it made the headphones a few grams lighter since the grill I used is about half the weight of the stock one and the silk organza is better at keeping dog hair out.
    Posted a picture back a few months:
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  4. DatPixel
    Is the HE560 main problem, the ringing, or is it also particularly prone to sibilance?
  5. DavidA
    I only noticed the ringing with a very few tracks and its not easily noticed.  As for sibilance, I don't think its a problem with the HE-560 but this is just me, others may have a problem with sibilance since every one hears differently, but if your audio chain is on the brighter side then its very possible that sibilance will be a problem for you.
  6. raybone0566
    I believe the sibilance issue with the 560's is due to amp & source matching. Best two amps I've heard them with were the moon 430 and the audio Gd nfb1. No sibilance whatsoever.
  7. MLGrado

    I have never experienced any sibilence issues. Actually, on some of the worst tracks I have for sibilence, the HE560 exhibits less of a problem than my past headphones, which include Sennheiser HD650 and Grado RS1i
  8. DatPixel
    Very good, your answers are very helpful. By your impressions, I don't think they are sibilant by nature, but only in case of a bad system
  9. 520RanchBro
    Or a poorly recorded song. Sibilant sounds are inherent in the recordings or they are not, some more severe than others. All headphones do is highlight or downplay that depending on the frequency in the recording and the FR of the headphones. If a recording does not have any sibilants, no gear will add it in.
    Is there some other definition for it here? It's something the performer or recording artist/producer does, not the gear. If you have recordings you find sibilant on other headphones and you're sensitive to it, check out frequency response rates of other cans you're interested in. Sibilance is mainly in the 4-8 khz range.
  10. DatPixel
    As you said, gear can strongly emphasize the existing sibilance depending on treble peaks. Hopefully, that's not the treble region mainly emphasized by the HE560
  11. StanD
    IMO sibilance occurs at the extreme ends of the audio chain. Not your DAC or Amp. Most likely it's at the source (recorded). I think one has to have nasty headphones or IEMs to create it when it's not there in the source. I'll bet that none of you guys own nasty cans, or else they've been quickly relocated to the drawer of forgotten headphones, never to be heard from again.
    Headphones that have some peak in the treble that sibilance lives in can emphasize what's recorded.
    Some folks will blame amps and DACs, I think that's misplaced.
  12. StanD
    Deleted a duplicate glitched post. Head-fi has a bug.
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
  14. SSL443
    By measurements, Focuspad-A decreases what little ringing the HE-560 might have (I don't notice any). I don't find it to be sibilant. If someone were to notice that, it's nothing a layer of 2-ply TP wouldn't fix. I recommend that, plus Focuspad-A.
  15. DatPixel
    StanD: I would say it's the potentially uncorrect way it handles the impedance of a headphone. So, the amp can be blamed.
    Plus, certain transistors / opamps / circuits can be brighter than others.

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