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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. paradoxper
    I think it's fairly obvious you don't have a clue. Anyways, the info is there is for other people to peruse if they are curious.
  2. ThurstonX
    You jest, but I do have the ultimate set of pads, at least for the HE-560s.  I'll certainly try both of my BPCs (Bastard Pad Children) on the HE-500s, once they arrive.  And given the minor cosmetic enhancement I did this morning, my latest creation even looks less like Frankenstein's Monster and more like Dr. Jekyll's plain jane niece.  Same badass sound, most importantly.  And, as with the Magick Monkey Cables, the best part is that I made 'em myself [​IMG]
    Back to audio bliss.
  3. StanD
    When listening with those pads, do you wear bolts on you neck and put on green makeup?
    I saw your cables, nicely made.
  4. ThurstonX
    LOL.  No, not going for the John Kerry look, but I was always a little image-conscious of them (I think they call it "optics" now; stupidity in ubiquity, that word; as a photography and astronomy guy, I suspect you're annoyed, if not downright offended).  They're my babies, after all. I don't want them to be self-conscious.  Then I hit upon a very simple cosmetic fix.  Now I just feel stylin'... yo [​IMG]
    Thanks.  It appears they're pretty rugged, too, which is surprising, given their light weight and supple nature.  Try as I might, I can't seem to avoid rolling over the longer one with my desk chair.  Nothing too bad, but still.  And yet, no damage.  Monkey Magick.
  5. shayson1357
  6. hifimanrookie
    when that happens i am probably rich as hell and buy their company..hehehe. Seriously..some of his customers have his amps with even bigger caps for more then 10 years without any problems or overhauls or maintenance... So i guess by that time i am OR bankrupt and live in the streets or ...well...we have to see then..maybe i win a lottery...already see my future brandnew black Nismo GTR on the front of the house ..standing tall with its 600 + horsepowers..or maybe an evil matt black gt2 rs, or maybe a snow white corvette ZR hehehee..or all of the above... :D
  7. StanD
    I never thought of Kerry that way before, sure explains things. You're right, the only other thing he needs are stitches.
    Maybe the next cable will have a steel jacket. I'll bet they'd sell like hot cakes.
  8. StanD
    As far as leakage goes, as Agent Smith (The Matrix) says, "It's inevitable."
    Back to cars.....
    With those HP numbers, you're going to have to learn how to drive a car that gets loose. Are you in for loads of excitement?
  9. Ultramus

    Look dude, I've not seen you post in this thread much, and thus far you haven't mentioned anything about the he-500, go bash on an amp I don't own, made by a company of which I own no products, elsewhere.
  10. hifimanrookie
    Quoting matrix now? Dont tell me ur a trekkie also? :D

    Would u believe I have my experience on the track in my bad old SINGLE days with a rallieart tuned evo 6, a nismo tuned sx200 and my favorite..a track prepared but road legal ( sort off..lolz) original E30 M3 Evo (with 4-point seatsbelts, roll cage and no back seats..)that last car sounded scary loud..and the bangs it gave with downshifting! Lolz and some others during the years (with illegal night racing in the streets)... So u can say i have my experience with some excitement... :D

    But I am now a respectable dad, husband and family man....sort of.....well..i still love to drive 'non-economical' in my (very secretly improved) mid priced car. But no one knows..lolz.. I just love those modern aftermarket exhausts!! :D

    ...thats in my vains...my dad had this problem..and so do i..and i get a feeling my daughter is having same virus.....poor mums..she always hated me going to the track when we just met.... :D
    Dogmatrix likes this.
  11. hifimanrookie
    utramus..let him...dont give him the bullets to derail this thread and do even more damage...take it from me...its not worth it my friend.
  12. Ultramus
    Ooooo there is a SS amp from garage 1217, Polaris, I wonder if I could put 2 in one box and wire it to an XLR for balanced, hmm, probably would have to modify the inputs and everything else though, darn. Anyone heard it? Or can I find impressions somewhere?
  13. Spandy87
    I absolutely love my HE-500 sound, but this headphone is too heavy for extended listening. Anyone have thoughts on ways to make it lighter or more comfortable?
  14. Ultramus
    Attach a pulley to the ceiling with a cable, put the he-500 on one end and a 500g weight on the other, now your headphones weigh virtually nothing!
    Fearless1 likes this.
  15. Spandy87
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