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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. hifimanrookie
    Yep HUGE ones hehehe :beerchug:
  2. ThurstonX
    You boys and your capacitor envy, always showing off and attempting to one-up each other.  Take it to the gym, why don'tcha [​IMG]
    Meanwhile, my Li'l Lyr and I will go strolling down Happy Lane to pick up pair #3 of my HE-500s [​IMG]
    (gonna be a long stroll, as I haven't even gotten the shipping notice yet :wink:
  3. Drrizzt
    The combination of the smooth, slight medium centric sound, and tube of the Project Sunrise makes the Eric Clapton unplugged recording to sound absolutely JAW DROPPING.
    This album doesn't require speed lightning trescient respond. It needs realism, Thick voice, smoothness and balance between the definition/smoothnes on the mids. That's exaclty the strengh of the He-500 to me.
    I've the feeling that the He-500 has been designed for live accoustic music. I'm not sure that the more detailled HD800 or HE-6 would take any advantage on this.
  4. shayson1357
    chicks dig HUGE CAPS [​IMG] 
  5. ThurstonX
    Size matters.  I know HiFi will agree.  For Stan it's probably all about technique and overall execution [​IMG]  Somehow that's related to the HE-500s.  Oh yeah!  They've got size and technique, with fantastic execution!
  6. hifimanrookie
    I found some older in process pics of my baby of which i am sure especially stan will like, just look look at all that yummy technical equipment to which my poor baby is connected to and abused by :wink: and look at that huge transformer and those sexy caps on last pic..mmmmmm it brings up the best technician out of me :D

  7. Ultramus
    I would like to diy one of the firstwatt amps, either f4 or f1j, but I can't seem to find a parts list, just the schematics.
  8. davidsh
    GE-500 synergises just as good with AiC unplugged as Eric Clapton unplugged
  9. Ultramus
    My definitive eargasm track is 1978 by smashing pumpkins, something about th way the he-500 plays that track is just so delicious. Hearing the same track through the same setup on the hd800 didn't have the same appeal.
  10. Drrizzt
    You are one year ahead of the real name of that track.
  11. Ultramus
    Whoops. Well uh, that's the super special 1,000,000 bit rate version that they personally delivered to me and no one else. Its not surprising you don't recognize it :xf_eek:
  12. StanD
    Hey, Hifi, one day those caps are going to start to leak, one after another. What then? Lucky for you, it'll be many years before the great flood happens and you'll be onto some new toys.
    By then Mr. Howell will have made his ultimate set of pads and will have started a lucrative custom cable business. [​IMG]
  13. paradoxper
    That's funny. The DS is a gainclone amp - this has been known for quite some time. EC even released a DIY kit for it. 
  14. Fearless1

    Here is some vintage cap porn (she has had some cosmetic work done though)
  15. Ultramus

    I'm still not convinced, nor do I honestly care, I've previously stated that. And why if the design is bad would EC release a diy version? Especially when I know EC for sure has a very high reputation. Until I see someone tear open a darkstar or have the definitive schematics, I'll not think poorly of it until hearing it, which I doubt I ever will.
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