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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamato8, Apr 26, 2011.
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  1. elwappo99
    I didn't intend to incite a schiit-storm [​IMG]. I'm sure I can find a handful of reputable comments that were sources to that. 
    I would say with the Dark Star it's got a double whammy for a high price tag and a damn good looking design. I don't even have a good adjective to describe that. It's not "sexy". It's more like a bulky powerful looking amplifier. Is there a thread for "best visually appealing amplifier designs" like there is for headphone designs?
  2. hifimanrookie
    Dont worry about the storm my friend..thats standard issue here when u use a brand thats not standard used by owners of the he500/560.. So dont worry about it :D

    And Yeah there is: i think its called: best looking amps..or something like that...or was it best looking tube amp..am not sure now..but something like that exist and lots of sexy looking amps were showed...
  3. StanD
    You want good looking, here's good looking. I know you'll agree. You better agree with me, this time. [​IMG]
  4. Ultramus
    Maybe people were just being facetious in the HE-6 thread about the Dark Star?? I don't know, I've never heard it, nor would I ever pay the price associated with it, I'd much rather have someone build me a First Watt design, especially the current buffer one, if I had an HE-6. Could run that off the MJ, and then I could have at least 50lbs of stuff powering my headphones, we do measure performance in weight now right?
  5. hifimanrookie
    I...cant..have..to resist....damn..use ..the force..pls..give..me strenght...omg...i ..have to admit....arrrgggghhh.cant..hold it any longer...this cant..be happening..not..to me..noooo.....to strong...OK..I AGREE WITH U..happy now? Need a stiff drink now.. :D Hehehehehehe u surprise me sir.. :wink:

    but seriously..my new Solid Tech rack looks so much better then the old atacama rack (which is for sale now) on the pic :wink:

    And between us...my amp is not that good looking! On contrary..i on purpose didnt want a flashy looking amp..i just wanted the most efficient, best performing, with best possible internals (i dont care about looks much) amp within my budget...compared to the new mcintosh headphone amp or the cavalli or even the wa6 or the even the emotiva my amp looks simple or even ugly with only one knob up front and one simple blue led....until u try to pick it up and try to move it....lolz
  6. Llloyd
    I agree it shouldn't.  There are lots of simple designs out there that are free to rip and put in a box for little money, and there should be some stuff on the market like that.  The darkstar is a good example of someone overcharging for nice case work for an already existing design (for those who don't know, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gainclone).
    As hifimanrookie pointed out not all designs are equal and you get into R&D costs, boutique parts, original design, etc.  A lot of amplifier designers are on a quest to get the absolute best sound and are constantly asking how they can make something sound even better than their best work. This of course varies company to company.
  7. hifimanrookie
    For that price u can shop with a few other brands (apart from the wellregarded first watt designs ofcourse!) building u a custom amp to ur needs and wants...there is even a fellow headfi'er who makes superbe tube amps for us...glenn something his amps are called...some say he can make u the ultimate headphone tube amp...ask ultrainferno..he has one of the customs from him...
    But if u check it out..u will find a couple of other wellknown , wellregarded brands who can make u a custom even far under that price for what a dark star goes for. :wink:
  8. StanD
    Ouch for the Darkstar. I guess the R&D costs were more profit motivated.
    Manufacturing is not a cheap process and full of risk. Small or hand made runs are very costly, so I can understand why a Boutique amp is going to cost. As far as improved, many times that is not realized and all I can say is Caveat Emptor. One thing many of us fail to realize is that once a certain level is reached that exceeds the human senses' ability to perceive a difference, "anything over a handful is wasted." There are cases when that handful metaphor may not apply, but not in this arena. [​IMG]  Maybe I should have said, earful.
  9. hifimanrookie
    Yeah i agree... And u have brands who use same internals but put priorities on better outer esthetics and increase price accordingly...i go for the brands who try to improve their stuff in soundquality...

    My experience: even during the built of my amp (..my amp took a year to finish..normally it takes 3-6 months after ordering)..it took so long partly because i three times got this mail: am trying something new on ur amp to make it sound better..give me some weeks to test it out...yess..even during the built this crazy dude tries to improve what he builts (my powersupply went through 4 Different enclosures before he was happy!)..and i never ever paid any dime more then agreed initially...i only waited longer and longer..lolz... For me thats very important...and that i only paid half upfront and half when it was ready to ship(with pics) and he periodically sent me pics of the process...

    But am sure some other brands would do the same with custombuilding..upgrading stuff while building but not quoting u for that..just as a matter of proces and customer satisfaction.
  10. Llloyd
    I think we all just agreed on something. [​IMG]
  11. StanD
    Gilbert probably missed a few car payments because of you. [​IMG]
  12. hifimanrookie
    Hoooray. :beerchug:

    .u see..we can do it....being nice to each other..stand even said he liked the looks of my amp..now at that moment my mouth fell on the floor..hehehehe

    But seriously..if we dont forget that we are here for same reason..our passion to listen to music the best way WE THINK is possible... We will be fine...And i know on certain areas we are millions miles apart from each other..but deep inside we think the same....as we love the same...music!!!!!!
  13. StanD
    I can agree with that. [​IMG]
  14. hifimanrookie
    or he just cared more about me being satisfied (as he knows i was a very very very very very demanding dude and maybe even sometimes a pita!) and happy with my amp more then of earning those extra dollars, and i am not only Bc customer who has this experience..and this way of treating his customers makes him having a waiting time of at least 6months (the new owner of that new to built bc amp told me that) for ordering and why he is doing so well (and has an excellent reputation) for so many years... His loyal and satisfied customers are his best advertisment..

    .just look at me..i cant shut up about it.. :D
    trust me ..if i am not extremely happy i wouldnt even mention it anywhere (and would have sold it).. Just like the he400 i once had and didnt like it....no word about that phone from me.. :wink:

    Wish more brands were like that brand..most brand are after sales priority..i understand sales is important to survive..but...oh well..am glad i found a few brands who try to be different then the mainstream thinking of selling stuff :cool:

    And now i shut up....as i talk to much especially about stuff i like..can u imagine how i am when i start talking about tuning cars..lolz :veryevil:
  15. Austin Morrow
    If anyone in here is interested, I'm (very woefully) selling my HE-500's due to my moving into an apartment independently from my parents, and I need the funds for the new apartment furniture, appliances, etc. $499 for just the headphones or $600 with the Codia Headphone Stand and Claire Hybrid cable by Forza Audio Works. :)
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