HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening. .

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  1. maul
    I already posted this in the grill thread, but since it's dead I'll post a pic here as well to bring back some awareness of the mod. If you haven't listened to the 500s with the grills off I recommend it, a definite improvement in my view. I wanted to get something as close to that as possible and this was a good compromise with the computer fan grills. Unfortunately I couldn't get it lined up horizontally as the connectors were in the same place as the metal extensions. Still, it looks alright:

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  2. Oscar-HiFi
    I'll be grill modding mine at some point, listened without grills and definitely preferred it. I have taken the fabric off the stock grills for now, not that it makes much difference.
  3. bobbyblack
    Please guys if you don't have grill mod,do it,the sound is much more open,balanced.It doesn't require much skills,it is very easy,just find the right material.
    Here is mine with with Brainwavz hybrid pads: IMG_20171220_133507.jpg
  4. maheeinfy
    Noticed this on hifiman store ' Fraudulent customers' LOL
  5. bobbyblack
    I promised i came back with more detailed view about the Brainwavz hybrid pads:the sound is very similar with stock velour,the bass is there hiting hard when needed,mids are pleasent with the upper mids softer somehow than stock velour(i like it more),details and micro details are present,very nice all that with air around the instruments,good imaging,nice stage.For sure don't sound dull or veiled like stock pleather.
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  6. John Q Lin
    How do you strengthen the connection between the cable wires and the headphone. I always worry about it.
  7. Oscar-HiFi
    black paint removed from grills :) still not found the right mesh to re-grill them

  8. K1030
    Hey all, I just picked up a pair secondhand so I'm looking to replace the used pads with the best pads that add a lil bass without bleeding into the mids and highs. Ive narrowed it down to ZMF Ori and Ether Flow angled and flat. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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  9. cskippy
    Out of those pads I would recommend the Ether C angled pads. Ori pads will probably have a 1khz bump and recessed upper mid range/lower treble. The Ether flat pads will probably be better but will possibly be more forward sounding compared to the angled C pads. Plus, with the angle you get slightly better sound stage and imaging.
  10. Oscar-HiFi
    I would also recommend the Ether Flow angled pads, they are slightly angled and are the best sounding pads I have used so far on the HE-500.
  11. K1030
    Thanks @cskippy and @Oscar-HiFi, of course they are the most expensive pads. I hope they are the most comfortable too. Can't wait to give the combo a listen.
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  12. DaemonSire
    Hmm interesting about the Ether Flow angled pads. I've been looking to try something new on my HE500.

    How do the Ether Flow pads compare to the FocusPad-A (my personal favourite)?
  13. cskippy
    This is on the HE-6 but you can still get an idea of the difference between the pads. I like the Ether C pads for better comfort, less itchy, and improved bass response. Depending on your preferences, it might be too much.
    Here's a link to the rest of the pads on HE-6:
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  14. K1030
    Thanks this is exactly what I needed. Looks like the ethers are worth the premium.
  15. DaemonSire
    Awesome, thanks for this and the other graphs too. I was curious on the Ori Perf and Suede pads too.

    So if I'm reading that correctly, it looks like the Ether's have more energy in the mids and a darker treble (when aligning the relative bass volume). Looks like the FocusPad-A as less mids but a smoother, brighter treble. Very interesting.

    So Ether pads if you want a warmer, darker presentation and FocusPad-A if you want more of a neutral/brighter presentation. Does that about sum up your thoughts @cskippy ? What are your absolute, favourite pads?

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