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Hifiman he-400i Impressions and Discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MattTCG, Jan 8, 2014.
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  1. fjrabon

    Perfect match? No, unfortunately not in that price range, anything you buy for $100 that is a combo DAC and amp is going to make some compromises somewhere. That being said, I thought the HE400i went fairly well with the Schitt Fulla.

    The cheapest great setup for the HE400i is probably the Schitt Modi Multibit and Schitt Vali2.
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  2. katzolik
    Schitt is not even close to be available in Germany! 
    I thought about the SMSL M3.. but it is a bit high power for the 400i i think.

    Micca Origen+ also seems to be good but also not available in Germany =/
  3. HirschiAUT

    There are two sellers for Schiit in europe:

  4. katzolik
    Oh Schiit you are right =D 
    Still a combined 300€...
    Would you say that the Fulla is still better than the SMSL M3?
  5. DavidA
    I would do just the opposite if I had the Utopia, I would sell it and get 4-5 different headphones of various sound signatures.  I like variety in wine, women and song [​IMG] 
  6. Terco
    Hi I just ordered mine yesterday, I'm thinking to get the Alpha pads for these but any recommendation for cables? I use the Jotunheim and I would like to use the 4 pin connection, thanks in advance :)
  7. James Myers
    Just thought Id post some measurements I've done on my slightly modded HE400i: As you can see; a dramatic improvement in sub-bass, and smoothing of the treble. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to deal with the 6khz dip and distortion peak without completely muting the treble. The pads also improve the sound stage and imaging significantly, and are now my favorite gaming cans.

    I've A/Bed these with the ZMF Omni, Audeze LCD2.2F, Hifiman HE560, Mr Speakers Alpha Prime, and Sennheiser HD800 (anax mod), and the modded HE400i can surpass/compete with any of them. If anyone would like a breakdown of the modded HE400i compared to any particular pair of cans I mentioned, let me know.
    HE 400i Stock
    HE 400i + HM 5 pads angled pleather pads
    HE 400i + HM 5 pads + cotton in front of drivers
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  8. ihideinbarrels
    I tried looking to see if others had this issue but I haven't really got anything. I have a quick question. I just got the HE-400I today and it's great. Plugged it into my LYR headphone amp and it's good. The moment I take off the adapter on the headphone cable and plug it into my iphone or Chord Mojo, I hear the sound flickering between left right left right and then it settles only on the left side while the right side is silent. Has anyone else had this issue and if you did, how did you resolve this? Maybe it's a bad cable, but then why would it work perfectly fine when using the adapter as opposed to just using the 3.5mm jack? Thanks ahead of time!
  9. katzolik
    Strange that your stock measurements are very different in bass extension than the ones from innerfidelity!

    Your measurements look more than HE-400S graphs from other sites.

    But you can recommend the HM5 pleather without any drawbacks? Because the hifiman velour is kinda itchy on my skin!
    also i would want to see the exact placement and amount of your cotton mod!
  10. Born2Cuddle
    Does this only happen when you are hiding in a barrel?
    I would ask whoever you bought them from to send a new cable and see if that fixes it.
  11. bolmeteus

    +1, is the hm5 worth the purchase without stuffing cotton inside?
    I am a bit confused about your stock measurement, differs notcibly from measurements of reputed sources.
  12. drwlf

    And @katzolik:
    I believe they're worth the purchase as they're relatively cheap, the biggest drawback IMO is the initial installing procedure, you're fine just as long you take care whilst installing the pads to the (additional) mounting ring.
    If you have that additional mounting ring (from the cheapest official velour pads for example), it takes a couple of seconds to switch the pads, that's easy and convenient.
    Other drawbacks could be the boosted sub-bass - might be too much for some, (but I just find it more linear/neutral), tamed treble peaks - (some energy might be lost there, too much for some?), the beforementioned soundstage positioning change, squishiness of the pads (which I find absolutely lovely), and the pleather as a material in warmer/humid climates, (it doesn't breath at all, didn't bode well during the summer here.). I wonder, what else - haven't done a proper review/comparison yet, too busy it seems. Anyways, the changes are mostly positive for me, and the ease of switching back (and forth) between the stock pads make the negative aspects negligible.
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  13. katzolik
    The problem is i don't know who to trust!
     Because the graphs from James Myers are so different to the innerfidelity ones. 

    I don't have them right now. I have the HE-400S but they go back because of the HE-400i sale.
    And the velour pads of the 400S are driving me crazy.. I just have to take them off because of the itchiness!
    Also with the stock pads the 400S really lacks sub-bass.
    I assume that the Focus pads will have the same velour as the standard 400S pads so i will need different ones and wanted to see my options.
    If the measurements of James Myers are correct the HM5's are a no brainer.
    But if the measurements of innerfidelity are correct the HM5's will boost the bass unnecessarily.
  14. peter123
    If the text on the Innerfidelity graph is correct it says HE400 without the i.....
    I've tried with the non-angled HM5 pleather pads and the soundstage width, that's not the best feautre of the HE400i to start with, what significantly smaller to my ears so I went back to the stock pads. I've got the Alpha Pads  as well so I'll give them a try when I get the time and see how they works out for me. 
  15. katzolik
    I know in the PDF there is no i
    But on the site in the headphone-measurements section there they are called HiFiMAN HE-400i 2014..
    So i assume he forgot the i... 
    i think angled pads will improve sound stage because of more air and correct angle to the driver.. 
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