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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. LarsHP
    At last I found a traveling case for my HM-801: a Nintendo DSi "Comact Case" made by Hori.
    It is semi-soft with pleather outer cover and some kind of wowen felt or whatever on the inside.
    Both the player, a set of IEMs and three SD-cards will fit nicely in it. If you have the Balanced Amp card mounted the player will still fit in there since the case is flexible.
    The three pockets are made for game cards for the Nintendo, but are simply perfect for SD cards. There is also a pocket for the DSi stylus, but at the moment I have no use for that pocket.
    Hope this is of use for those still looking for a case for their HM-801.
    I have removed the brand tag on the border of the case (see first photo)
  2. warubozu
    Cool, thanks for the tip.
  3. LarsHP
    You are welcome!
    It took me quite a while to find one that fits this bulky, but not big box [​IMG]
    What I mean is - it is too big for a mobile phone case and too small for a camera bag.
  4. myared
    Haven't tried it yet, but someone suggested bags for GPS devices.  They seem to be just the right size too. 
  5. myared
    Hey guys, I bought a spare battery for my HM801.  What would be the best way to use and prolong the lives of both batteries that I now have for the player:
    1. Using the battery that came with the player, exclusively, keeping the spare one stored (uncharged) until the original battery completely dies out, or
    2. Charge the spare battery and alternate between using it and the original battery
  6. myared
    According to HiFiMan tech support, I should keep using the original battery exclusively.  Regarding the spare battery, here's their advice:
    "No, don't touch it or charge it.
    Just store it without doing anything.
  7. musicbased
    Ok so somehow i missed this new amp coming out, and am wondering about whether i should get it or not...
    I have Etymotic er4p/s and the standard amp module that came with the player.
    How easy is it to 'go balanced' with er4s?-and is it worth the trouble?-Does it sound better?
    Also,Is the normal headphone output improved with the different balanced amp, or does it stay the same?
    Anyone using this with er4s??
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    In my experience ER4 really scales well the better you feed it including balanced. You need an after market balanced cable for it. The single ended output also improves with the balanced module and then you don't need to fit the balanced out hump on the back
  9. musicbased
    Thanks nc.
    Do you know where i can get a balanced cable from?-You had one from apuresound didn't you?- I'm guessing it will be quite expensive from there.
    With the amp @ $249 plus the cable $? (and import tax for both!), do you think it's worth the upgrade in terms of sound?
    I'm wondering whether a nice amp for the same money would give better results?  [​IMG]
  10. nc8000 Contributor
    APS is the only one I can think of for an ER4 cable. I have not heard any of the other amp modules so don't know by how much it improves sound. For $249 I think you would be hard pushed to find anything better in an external amp given that hou then also need a good quality cable to connect them.
  11. musicbased
    Thanks, i will see how much it will cost for the cable..
    If i just wanted to get the balanced module with just normal er4s, can anyone confirm that the sound from the standard HO is improved compared to the standard amp?-In what way?
  12. musicbased
    Another question..
    Does anybody know what i need to get in order to connect the hifimans coax input to a mac, so i can use it a a dac?
    Seems like the mac only has an optical out..?  [​IMG]
  13. dallan Contributor
    USB input only from mac
  14. musicbased
  15. LarsHP
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