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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. MarkTwain
    I had the old 2Gb version and then later on the last batch before production ends.
    The newer batch with 8Gb has slightly better built quality after they managed to get a better company to manufacture the exterior. The sound is the same for both 2Gb and 8Gb model, as they are all superb sounding.
  2. MarkTwain
    If you have a choice, grab the Balanced Amp module as it sounds really very very good with just the phone-out plug and don't need to use the balanced out.
    You can be for sure that DX100 is still not close to the SQ and analogue sounding music of HM-801. It is as detailed with the GAME module or Balanced Amp module installed, but a lot more smoother and musical that you can listen for long hours without fatigue.
    This is unique as a DAP with both details and musicality, as most DAP can produce at best more "details" but not as musical sounding.
  3. myared
    Would the balanced amp module sound better than the GAME amp module with JH16s, and significantly enough to justify the extra dough for the balanced amp for someone who will use the HM801 exclusively with IEMs (and who already owns the GAME module)?  Thanks.
  4. myared
    I apologize if this issue has been discussed somewhere else... Has anyone found a "reasonably compatible" case (camera case etc.) or any other solution to permanently keep the HM801 in for safe use and transport?
  5. nc8000 Contributor
    801 balanced with my JH13 or HE-500 is sound wise the best portable sound I have heard but I fell in love with the C4 user experience. The C4 for my use and sound preference beats the dx100 and is not far from the balanced 801
  6. flargosa
    You should give the balance module a try, Head-direct has a 30 day refund if you do not like it. To my ears it is noticeable vs game amp, there is a definite improvement in overall dynamics of the sound, even using the single ended output of the balance module compared to the game amp.  The gain is low enough that I don't worry about inadequate volume control travel for minor volume adjustments for my IEMs.
    What the game amp has over the balance amp is the mids presentation, it is not as delicate sounding and the mids of the balance module can get slightly push back due to the increase in dynamics.
  7. myared
    Wait, so where would the IEMs normally go with the balanced module installed, in the single ended output of the module itself or in the regular output of the player? 
  8. nc8000 Contributor
    If you have balanced hedphones you need the hump on the back with a balanced output. If you have single ended phones they go in the normal headphone output on the 801 and you don't have to fit the hump
  9. warubozu
    Has anyone updated their firmware to v0.21? Just wanted to know if v0.21 is stable or not.
  10. myared
    JH16s are not balanced, right?
  11. LarsHP
    Yes, very stable - however, if you want to keep EQ working, then forget it. Fang has said that the contract on the EQ software is over and thus it is disabled in the newest (0.21) firmware. Do you have the 0.20 firmware?
  12. Pacerdave
    I just received my 801 today and it has the 0.21 firmware and it has the EQ.
  13. Pacerdave
    Just checked.  The sliders move, but they have no impact.  So, LarsHP is correct.  While it is still visible it is disabled.
  14. dallan Contributor
    I haven't been following, i still have version .19  is it worth upgrading, i don't even remember how.
  15. nc8000 Contributor

    That depends on what after market cable you might have bought. Stock no headphones I know of are balanced except HE-6, RE262 and RE272. HiFiMan also supplies a HE balanced cable with the balanced module (at least the did with mine)
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