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Hifiman 801 Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by greenleo, Sep 29, 2009.
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  1. myared
    Thanks NC.  What would be a reasonable allocation unit size for a 128gb card to hopefully use with the HM801?  I envision having a mixture of FLAC files on the card, some 44.1/16 files at about 30-50 mb, and some 96/24 files at about 100-200 mb.
  2. nc8000 Contributor
    I don't think it will matter because your music files are all going to be much greater than the cluster size so your waste will be minimum. However the 801 might not accept all sizes, my C4 does not
  3. LarsHP
    Has anyone had luck using FAT32 formatted SDXC cards with the stock firmware?
    Or is this for RockBox'ed units only?
  4. nc8000 Contributor
    It should work with both. You format the card in the computer. In my C4 the C4 can use the card but the pc can't recognize it whe connecting the C4 to the pc via usb
  5. myared
    I'm assuming you formatted the card to FAT32. What allocation unit size did you go with?
  6. LarsHP
    Sorry I asked about SDXC w stock firmware. The answer was already there ...
  7. myared
    OK, I got one too and I now can confirm that the Lexar Professional Class 10 (133x) 128 GB SDXC card works in the HM801, with the stock firmware.  You just need to format the card to FAT32.  I went with a cluster (allocation unit) size of 32kb.
  8. flargosa
    For those who want something cheaper, get the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB SDXC.  I bought one two weeks ago from Amazon, it works perfectly.  Just have to format to FAT32.
  9. Communism
    Anyone knows if the 801 w/o game amp will produce any hiss when using with IEMs?
  10. LarsHP
    It depends on how sensitive and how low impedance they are. If the iem has a sensitivity of about 120dB and impedance around 30 Ohm, then hiss will be audible when not playing and during playback with low level music - in a silent room. If your iem has lower sensitivity or higher impedance you probably won't hear any hiss - and certainly not in a noisy room. In the street no hiss will be heard anyway, I expect.
  11. dallan Contributor
    I never heard a hiss. 
    By the way, i a/b this at the meet today with other devices and it reaffirmed to me that it is the best sounding portable solution hands down.
  12. MarkTwain
    No hiss at all from my HM-801 to my JH16Pro. Dead quiet, except when you first ON the 801, it has a power on click sound which is moderately loud. Used to not put on my IEM until it is power on.
    No hiss sound at all after that from the lowest volume to the loudest, and the background is completely silent even if you twist and turn the 3.5mm plug. This is same for all the amp modules I have (2 standard amp module, GAME module and Balanced Amp Module).
    Confirmed nothing wrong with my JH16Pro, as I can hear hiss from DX100 when tested 2-3 weeks back at a normal volume, and if twist the 3.5mm plug, there will be interference sound. Maybe it is static built at the connection area due to no grounding?
    Frankly speaking, after tested all the DAP and external amps (DX100, iMod4, iMod5.5, Sansa Clip, Sony X1060, T51, Korg MR2, Fostex HP-P1, Iriver H140, etc), nothing comes close to the SQ of HM-801, especially with the Balanced Amp Module. You have the highest clarity that is better than all the DAP that I have tried and yet produces music full of emotion and with analogue sounding.
    This has been my companion for long flights which I can listen to it for more than 10hours straight non-stop without fatigue, with travel charger on. No other DAP comes close.
  13. Communism
    So game module is not needed for IEMs I assume?
    Am considering picking one up at the FS section but I use mostly IEMs so I'm wondering if there will potentially be hiss if I were to get a 801 without the game module.
  14. LarsHP
    The GAME (GanQi Amp Module for Earphones) is a separate purchase, but as you can see from the other head-fier's answers, it's not all IEMs that will have hiss with the Standard V2.0 module. My reference in the earlier post is EarSonics SM3 and the Ortofon e-Q7, who are both producing hiss w/ Std. amp.
    If the seller doesn't specifically state that the HM-801 comes with the GAME amp, then I would expect it isn't included in the deal.
    BTW: Note that there are 2GB and 8GB versions of the HM-801. The latter are newest. Finish is also a litlle different, but nothing to worry about.
  15. myared
    Great to hear that!  I'm waiting on my JH16 delivery (should be end of this month), and I can't wait to use them with my HM801 with GAME module.  Also, I'm glad to hear more and more that nothing sounds as good as the HM801, not even the DX100.  I got the HM801 back in December and for a short while felt maybe I should have gotten the DX100 instead...  Not anymore!
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