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Hidizs AP60II - youngest in HiRes family but worth every cent

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Jan 19, 2018.
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  1. musicsoul
    Just before I order the AP60II, would like to ask if there are any odd things about the user interface, any quirks.

    I already know that you can customise the sort order of a folder (not good but not a deal-breaker). Is there anything else 'odd'?, is the UI responsive/quick

    I saw a video on how to add a song to a playlist, a question I have - is it possible to add an entire folder/album to a playlist, or do you have to (painfully) add 1 individual song at a time?

    I'm sure I read a review of the original AP60 and it stated that there is a maximum song limit of 15,000 - irrespective of the size of SD card - is this the case of the AP60II

    One last thing, I know it doesnt come with a clip but I see that it come with a plastic back cover of sorts - I guess you can try to add a clip to the back of that yourself.

    Thanks for the info
  2. bsoplinger
    I decided to break down and order one from Amazon. Bad news is that the $30 off coupon bringing the price down to $99 from $129 is gone. Good news is that if you can deal with the black model you can use a 1 time use 25% off coupon to get the price to under $93:blush:. Extra bad news not sure what I did but my confirmation email shows the full price so now I'll have to deal with Amazon to get the discount price. :angry:
  3. shane55
    UI is very responsive and quick. No issues there.
    Nothing odd... that I've found.
    As for adding an entire folder to a playlist, that's nothing I've tried, but I'm made M3u playlists externally (JRiver Media Center), and that's a piece of cake.
    15,000 tracks? Well, I've got a 256GB card pretty full, and since they are all CD quality or higher... and some are pretty huge... I won't get anywhere near that number.
  4. bsoplinger
    I've seen the limit of 15,000 songs brought up before although perhaps not about this player and I did some math. Even allowing for a device which allowed 2 256 Gb cards, that would mean that the average file size would have to less than about 35 Mb. So you'd need to have quite a few small mp3 files and no 24 bit files to come close to this number. And this player only has one SD card slot so now the average file size would have to be 17.5 Mb to get to that amount. So this really seems to be a non issue to me at this point.
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  5. IryxBRO
    UI is quick.
    15,000 files? How you'd fit it into a single card? Are you planning to listen to regular low quality mp3?
    Comes with plastic protection cover that covers back and side parts. Back surface is flat so you can glue your clip there. Or even use some sweat screws...
  6. cleg
    So, my review of AP60 II

    really great improvement in design and UX and noticeable step forward in terms of sound. Compared with 2+ times more expensive models, of course I can name some drawbacks in sound, but it's the best small DAP I've heard yet. I really enjoy this tiny piece of hardware
  7. mbwilson111
    I have al 200 GB card full of flac albums in my Cayin N3. It is just under 5000 files, so, as you said, a15,000 limit would be a non issue.

    At the moment I have a 64 GB card in the AP60 but now that I see how fast I can scroll with it, I will probably put a 128 GB card in it soon. i actually have one I can use.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
  8. IryxBRO
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
  9. IryxBRO
    не знаю, мое мнение - звук у него сравним с Ap100 и Ap200 если не брать во внимание меньшую мощность выхода и чуть попроще высокие. Толи Hidizs из все под одну гребенку пилит, либо выбор компонентов получше. Но звучит он нормально.

    Sorry, people for my English :) Anyway, enjoying this DAP further.
  10. shane55
    Great review.
  11. JesvsR
    I think the amp is LM4562NA... don't know if it's better than Hidizs one
  12. Dobrescu George
  13. lior777
    why not xunsound-xs-01 ? its have more strong amp than hp60 II no ?
  14. IryxBRO
    Hard to compare. It is hard to judge any DAP based only on D|A and amp choice. All the rest of components and logics as well as how good it is designed and put together also adds much to the final audio quality...
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  15. bsoplinger
    Not to mention software and even simple things like separate volume buttons. Lack of gapless playback.
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