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Hidizs AP60II - youngest in HiRes family but worth every cent

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Jan 19, 2018.
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  1. vyogan
    The arrow down or up is for next or previous song? Does it also work with the screen off?

    How is the battery life? Does it last up to 12 hours as advertised?

    Also, how does it compare to the Fiio X1 sound wise?

    I've had my Fiio X1 for a few years now and my only gripe with it is the scrolling wheel that just never worked. It is still usable but navigating with buttons were never comfortable or easy.
  2. IryxBRO
    No, it doesn't work unless you turn the screen on. But, it does work if you'd choose to skip songs with volume buttons. (Volume in this case can be controlled only if the screen is on)
    I've got 10 hours.
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  3. shane55
    Actually... you can program the Volume buttons to skip and back up songs with the screen off.
    So... with the screen off you have a choice of the Volume buttons working as volume buttons... or as song advance/reverse buttons. This is done in the settings menu.
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  4. IryxBRO
    And? Read my reply carefully... You just said the same.
  5. shane55
    Haha.... yes. I did misread yours. So now they have two different ways of stating the same thing. :L3000:
  6. bsoplinger
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  7. shane55
    I got this delivered to me yesterday. Am currently burning it in.
    The sound...? For a $10 IEM, it's great!
    It actually sounds better than the $60 Nuforce EDC I got from Massdrop. I think that by tonight, after 24 hrs. of some pretty rigorous exercise, it'll sound better, and after 48 hrs... even better.
    Well worth $10.
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    Those Nuforce EDC were pretty terrible :p
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  9. shane55
    Yes! (sorry, OT) I'm surprised at some of the people who were praising it. They really are very bad. These $10 Hidizs are much better (back on topic), and I think after burn-in might be workable for commuting or the gym.
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  10. bsoplinger
    I have those NuForce EDC on the burn-in rack now. Sounds like I'm not going to be too happy.

    Getting back on topic. Just got the player yesterday so haven't spent too much time with it yet. Is there a firmware update. I tried the Hidizs site but I'm having trouble getting it just to load, let alone trying to find out if they offer firmware updates. Just odd quirky behavior things. Like about ⅓ the time having it telling me there is no SD card when I turn it on. So I have to remove then insert the card again. Its just this player, others I own see the card just fine. If all I needed to do was that it wouldn't be too bad as I'd loose the resume from previous position feature occasionally. But unfortunately it then makes me wait on rebuilding the music database.

    Confusing settings such as both a sleep timer and a shutdown timer. I expected that the shutdown timer would turn off the player if it was not playing music and didn't get button presses after the chosen time. But it is a simple turn off the device in xxx minutes timer. Which seems to make the sleep timer redundant. Sleep in 10 minutes and shut down in 20 I suppose. Just seems odd.

    Is there a way to get to the top level menu without repeated back button presses? The Xduoo Nano D3 has a long push of the back button operation I find I used lots and I really miss that functionality.

    Good news is that cue sheets seem to work flawlessly. Other inexpensive players that aren't gapless offer them as a cheat to have that functionality. I wasn't about to go back and re-rip my CDs into 1 long FLAC + cue just for those players. However in learning about cue sheets I found what I consider an excellent use for them: mp3 rips of YouTube concert videos. These things aren't offering great sound but a chance to get the experience of a live concert. Problem was that a single mp3 of a 90 minute concert with 20 songs wasn't the ideal listening operation. But there's almost always a post with the video that offers song timings. And a cue file is just a text file in an easy enough to create manually format.

    So I have a bunch of these mp3 sound only files from YouTube and the cue sheets I've created. The way the AP60 ii processes them is about the nicest I've seen. Other players with cue support either show just the mp3 file and then when you start playing it you can use the forward / back buttons to advance from song to song. One player shows both the mp3 and cue file. If you select the cue file you get the behavior I just described. If you choose the mp3 file you get a 90 minute long single song. The AP60 ii shows the mp3 file and selecting it works like the previous but it also lists the songs in the order from the cue file. Its a really nice implementation of cue files giving you both individual song selection and the whole thing with individual song marks. Rather like chapter marks in an audio book.
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  11. bsoplinger
    Was going to edit the previous post but decided to create anew. There is a firmware update. V1.11 beta, which I assume means 11th iteration of the beta for version V1.1 as opposed to the beta of the 11th version of rev 1 firmware. Regardless, first since I had real problems getting the main English language site to load although all subsequent navigation was fine, here is the link to the firmware update page for all the Hidizs products


    Second, the firmware update added the long press back button to go to the root level menu. Additional press, long not needed, gets you to now playing. I see they added a clock, choice of 12 / 24 hour. Where it is displayed don't know. Perhaps because I sleep with earphones and a DAP, although I can imagine plenty of other situations where it would be useful, I don't know why almost no DAP that has time has an alarm feature. My $18 IQQ clone of the Ruizu X02 offers that!
  12. IryxBRO
    It is displayed when you wake the screen... isn't it?

    seems that there is a problem with your card in terms of formatting. I would assume to reformat it again and reupload your music. Should be fine than.
  13. bsoplinger
    I literally just had applied the firmware update. Still haven't used the player so still have no idea where / if the time gets displayed.

    As far as the SD card problem, I'm thinking it was because I used that card to update a different player that uses the same methodology as this firmware. A file named update.upt stuck in the root directory and that gets automagically deleted when the update is done. I'm guessing that there's something else put in its place in the root directory, perhaps a version number or the like so that the same update can't be applied multiple times. But since the update occurred now with the Hidizs firmware the mystery file will contain magic Hidizs info instead of magic whatever player it was info so I'm hoping I won't see an issue. As I said I'm using this card with multiple players without issue. Although when I go to move it again I'll trash everything in the root directory but my music folder and the lost.dir which the Android system requires to consider a volume valid to avoid future issues. Otherwise I'd just have to 'repair' the card next time I mount it on my tablet.
  14. IryxBRO
    The root of the problem is the use of the same SD on several devices. This regularly brings some problems.

    Time is displayed here (wake screen after screen sleep):

  15. bsoplinger
    How did you do this? As in I didn't see a direct support email address or even a feedback type form on their site. Was I half awake and missed it or ?

    If you've seen my comments here and elsewhere, its like I'm on a personal mission… Any DAP that has a clock / time feature should have an alarm too. It needn't be very fancy. It can have a fixed duration of ringing, preset and fixed alarm / chime sound, etc. Setting it can quite simply be an enter time alarm goes off entry. That's all I'm looking for. Of course things like a nap feature (go off in xxx minutes), ability to change the fixed items I mentioned previously and a snooze feature would be nice. But I'm not asking, wanting or even requesting those things. I understand that each feature takes time to implement and test and with an unknown benefit, as in if there was a nap feature yyy more units would be sold, I don't want to ask for unreasonable things.
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