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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. killie77
    Great Stuff
    Managed to find the link and activated bluetooth on the M1 had to do a restart to get the Link working.
    Was just about to go and the battery died on the M1 :triportsad:
    Not to worry will give it a charge and try later.
    Thanks so much for all the help. Couldn't have done it without you
  2. killie77
    All Good :)
    Everything working
    Thanks again
  3. Cachicamo
    Does anyone know if there is a way to export playlists that were created with Hiby? I'd like to that so I have them backed-up in case i do a factory reset. I can't find them in de Android folders.
  4. Kyrts
    Lovely player, using it on a Z3c, for classical music, with the provided 'classic' EQ settings. Didn't care to mess with anything else since it sounds so great as it is.

    Want to suggest a classical music specific feature.

    Classical tracks have usually both very long folder names and individual track title names that include up to but not limited to composer name, work title, track title, performing artist(s), conductor etc, many or all of these are in the track name, so it would be very helpful if the line displaying each folder name or individual track name would be allowed to wrap around to at least another line in order to contain a meaningful part of the very long folder name or track title itself.

    I know this is probably a non-issue for other genres, however to give you an example, an individual classical track can have a title that looks like the following:

    IN FURORE IUSTISSIMAE IRAE RV626- Aria (Allegro)- In furure iustissimae irae.ape
    NULLA IN MUNDO PAX SINCERA RV630- Aria ( Larghetto)- Nulla in mundo pax sincera.ape
    Premiere Ste 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme'- Chaconne Des Scaramouches, Trivelins Et Arlequins.flac
    Deuxieme Ste 'Le Divertissement Royal'- Prld Des Trompettes Et Autres Instruments Pour Mars.flac

    These do not even include composer, performer(s), conductor etc, so not really the worst cases, but just to get an idea. Folder names are usually longer than above examples in order to describe somewhat accurately what is contained inside.

    BTW, looking at the above examples, another classical music specific request would be APE file support as so much of that music exists in that format.

    But even if none of the above materializes the player is very pleasant sounding as it is, which after all is the most important task it has to accomplish and does that very well already.
  5. fourrobert13
    Hello all,

    I started using this app with my Cayin N3 and the Hibylink feature. This ended up causing me to explore the app more and using my phone more for music playback instead of my N3...lol. I'm not a flac user on portable devices, but did use some for testing the app along with mp3 and AAC files. What I found was flac and mp3 display the correct bit rates. AAC however, did not. AAC would display 192 bits mostly, but occasionally I'd see 272 bits. All but a handful of my AAC files are 256 bits (the rest are higher bit rates). I emailed support and sent them a file and they confirmed the issue and said it would be fixed in the next update. I didn't read through the thread to see if this was already reported but thought I'd share this.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
  6. BetterLate
    Sorry if this has been addressed, but just started using because of Hiby Link. If I am in the middle of an slbum, how do I stop that and start playing a different album? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple of hours. Thanks!
  7. fourrobert13
    Using Hibylink with your DAP or just using the app with your phone?
  8. BetterLate
    As far as I know the sole purpose of Hiby Link is to use your phone to control a DAP and that is how I use it
  9. fourrobert13
    There really is no way to stop the music. You pause what you are playing, then go back through the menu and find what you want to switch to and tap the song you want to play. That's how I do it with my N3 when I use the Hiby link feature.

    ETA: This is the Hiby music app thread, but Hiby link is a part of the app. I use the app on my phone for music playback as well as to some times control my N3.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
  10. BetterLate
    That is what I do but it keeps playing the
    i got this sorted out. I was confusing myself because I had somehow coded an album to shuffle. Once I got that sorted out all is good. Thanks for your help!
  11. Cachicamo
    Has anyone seen the yueyuemusic plugin? What does it do? I can't find any information about it and it has made me curious...
  12. thamasha69
    I am wondering how HibyMusic handles album art for tracks that have been synced from an iTunes library. For instance, if I transfer my iTunes library to an iPod, when allowing Hiby to search/sync the iTunes library, will it also display the album art? Or will album art only be displayed for those tracks which have the album art embedded in the file (versus those iTunes tracks where art is saved in a separate folder)? I hope this makes sense :/
  13. Cachicamo
    Hi guys,
    Since the last update (Hiby betaversion V 3.0.0 Internation build 5490) a lot of my artwork has dissapeared. It shows when I'm playing the song, but not in the albumscreen. Anyone a solution? It was okay before the update.
  14. svil3
    Something related happened to me in this latest version too: sometimes (actually very often) the album artwork of any random song just stays and later it doesn't changes with the following songs no matter what, I have to kill the app to get back to normal. I happens with HiByLink but also with local music wich is even stranger.

    In another subject, the recently added lockscreen controls doesn't work in its native form (android), I have to activate "The use of lock screen" setting which is laggy and kinda ugly.
  15. Ron_f
    Does it have widgets that can be put on the homescreen for easy access?
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