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HibyMusic Android and iOS Music Player - Bit-perfect USB Output; Network and Dropbox Streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by lukeap69, Feb 28, 2015.
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  1. SilverSymphony
    I just used Hibymusic app on iOS and feel very interesting.
    The most power feature is playing music from LAN or Baidu but almost of my huge music library are located on my Google Drive account. I used Kodi before but it’s not an audiophile app.
    I hope someday Hibymusic app can stream from GoogleDrive like Kodi. It’s a wonderful feature for me and so many user from all over the world.
    Wish your company success and continuous growth.
  2. halo9
    Hi Joe, thanks so much for posting that. I downloaded it and got it working on my iPhone. I know it is a beta version and have some feedback/bugs for you when used on an iPhone 7+..

    • Overall I like the new UI, but feel it can be fine tuned a bit. As U-3C has pointed out, the scroller on the right hand side has too fine a tolerance, can be tricky to get it scrolling unless you are on the very edge. I can see phone cases interfering with it. As they said a millimetre or two will make a world of difference. I also echo the suggestion for separate shuffle/repeat buttons.
    • The now playing section at the bottom just seems a tad small (on the iPhone 7+) and I find I select another album or artist when I'm browsing, when I was actually trying to bring up the player. I liked the original version were I could swipe left anywhere on the screen to bring up the player. In the default apple music app it is slightly larger.
    • I like the new album view but when you select an album all of the tracks are sorted alphabetically instead of in track order like it used to be. Can there be a choice in settings perhaps? Or make it track order like it used to be in the original/current app.
    • I like the new artist view too, and especially once you choose an artist and are able to choose to sort by track or album, though I wish it would remember the setting as it always defaults to track view, even if you change it, go back, and straight in to the same artist.
    • On the topic of the track/album toggle button, in the artist view when an artist is selected or subsequently an album, it would be great if the buttons over the album cover/art could have dynamic colours or a shadow so they stand out. Some album cover art matches the colour of the buttons and you cannot see the toggle or selection buttons at all.
    • In the artist view, once you select an artist, toggle to albums, and select an album it lists the tracks alphabetically instead of track order. Again a choice would be nice but I feel this should be track order. This bug is in the original/current version too.
    • In the artist view again, when you select an artist and toggle to album view, the displayed album size is great, but I find the two columns pressed up hard against the edges with a big black gap down the middle, kind of like the normal album view without the middle column. It would be great if they were centred a bit better to bring some balance to the view as appears strange (could be a iphone 7+ thing).
    • Lastly it would be nice to be able to change the colour theme in settings. Like an overall hue adjustment to the UI. This is mainly to do with having buttons disappear in album covers/art with similar covers, though being able to customise it would make a lot of users happy.
    • Would love to see an output bit depth/rate on the player to know the exact output to the DAC.

    That's all the UI stuff so far. I still have to load a bunch of hi-res music into it to test the player as all my music is still in the original app on my phone but will report back if I discover anything else. As people have mentioned and I agree I would be happy to pay for a pro version with the extra features and if it was a polished app. Cheers.
  3. halo9
    Hi Joe, just an update regarding my previous comments. I have uploaded a lot of flac tracks to the iOS beta and found the sorting issues in artist and album view are for the iPod library only. When viewing the flac tracks, tracks are sorted by track number in all views as it should be, fantastic. The sorting issue only seems to affect the synchronised iPod tracks.

    A perfect example is one album that I uploaded in hd flac and also placed the MP3 version onto the iPhone, both have identical track info. When I go to artist/album view, there is only 1 album listed but the flacs are listed first in track order, then the MP3's next in alphabetical order.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks again.
  4. Isloo
    Does anybody know how to export playlists created in the hibby app to other apps on an android device?

    I would be very grateful for any suggestions anyone has, as I have a lot of playlists on hibby, but can stream them to my speakers. Hence the need to use another app with streaming capabilities. Thanks in advance.
  5. LostEchoes
    Hello Joe.

    Are you thinking of increasing the number of tracks that the player can handle and "see" ?
    I read that there is a limit of 15.000 tracks, but some of us have bigger libraries (mine is 16.000+).

  6. nroquebert
    Hello everybody,
    Could someone explain the settings of Hiby ? Some are very clear but other are not.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  7. Reactcore
    I'm trying to get playing flac files from a Win7 PC working using Hiby's LAN feature. I have updated to the latest version 2.3.4 on my Samsung S3 phone with Mojo attached.
    At first i only could see my PC when scanning for servers but no folders were shown inside. later i found that i need to use the windows libraries and that the shared folder with the music files need to be shared to everyone to be detected by Hiby.
    Now comes the odd thing: it seems to ONLY show mp3 or WAV files in the folders. Then i tried to just rename the extention of a flac file to .mp3 or .wav and then they show up in the folder in Hiby. and they play as a flac file with awesome sound.
    Now i'm not going to rename thousands of flac files on my pc to mp3 and make them unplayable with foobar on my pc.
    I have installed mfFLAC.msi on win7 and now win explorer shows the artist, album etc. data but nothing in Hiby.
    I also tried Minim server but this isn't even detected by Hiby.

    Pls. dont tell me to upgrade to Win10

    I really like Hiby and not having to keep swapping sd cards would be a big plus.
    Thx for any reply.
  8. Mr Trev
    I've never had any luck getting LAN to work either. My music lives on a WD MyCloud and Hiby will find folders (artist/album/genre, etc.) but not the actual music files. If I select the actual IP address as the server (as opposed to MyCloud) then I can file browse the music, but that's hardly convenient.
    If anyone has some advice for me too, that'd be great
  9. Reactcore
    Well it does work.. but only with .mp3 or .wav extension, those seem the only windows(7) known formats.
    I made a simple batch file for bulk conversion like this: create a new text document and rename its extension .txt to .bat then right click and choose edit. Write one line: rename *.flac *.wav and save. (if you don't see the extensions go in windows folder options> organize> folder search options>view and be sure the "hide extensions for known file types is deselected) this batch file need to be run from within the folder with the .flac files. i made a second file to convert back.
    In Hiby its shows the files with .wav extension but they are just played as flac on high res and sound superb.

    Until i have a solution i'll have to do it this way.

    Hope someone (Joe?) can help.
  10. s4tch
    @Reactcore how exactly do you set up the shared folder?
  11. Reactcore
    Be sure you registered 1st in Hiby.

    Go to your music folder and be sure you music is (renamed) mp3 or wav files. then right click and choose include in library> music.
    now in explorer expand in the tree the music folder on the lef. there you see your selected folder.
    now right click again on your music folder and choose properties> choose sharing and then Share..
    click on dropdown menu and choose 'everyone' and ADD and then choose 'share' underneath.

    Now when you scan in Hiby it will find your PC and you can open it. it will show the drive and folders on where you music is originally on your PC.
    here you will find your files with .mp3 or .wav extension.
    note that it wont appear .flac or other high res file.

    Which windows version do you have?
    I think with Win10 it might do show .flac files.
    Can someone confirm this?
  12. Reactcore
    Thx for the help anybody.

    I figured it out, Win10 makes no difference. But changing from android v4(samsung s3) to v6 (samsung note4) did. Somehow in older android version the folderview dont work.
    HungryPanda likes this.
  13. s4tch
    i simply can't believe the dlna sorting issue is still around. here is the same folder via hiby and bubbleupnp:

    S70829-08513198.jpg S70829-08515672.jpg

    here's a link to the same record, just to confirm the original track order:

    hiby sorts the tracks inside any folder by track title, and that's simply wrong. please do fix it asap, it's so annoying that i simply stopped using hiby at all, despite my general satisfaction with the app. i just check hiby after updates just to see if this issue is still there. the recent update was just an other usual disappointment.

    am i doing something wrong? i'd be happy to stand corrected if there's a way to get it working right.
  14. reeza
    Awesome. I’ve just recently discovered HibyMusic since backing the Hidizs AP200. I’ve since installed the beta on both my Android and iOS devices. Loving this application, works/ sounds great and looks really good too.

    Do you see support for “HiByLink” coming to iOS? and any chance to support ReplayGain on both iOS and Android?



    Apologies @Joe Bloggs Just noticed a “Gain Replay” option in the settings of the iOS beta, however not in the Android beta. Assuming it is ReplayGain, should the naming match? Also, toggling the switch doesn’t seem to take any effect.


    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  15. Yethal
    Are we going to see more devices with support for HibyLink? So far we have four devices confirmed (Cayin N3 and the three Shanling players).
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