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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. Coq de Combat
    Eke, I like that data point. I can see what you mean, and I had a similarly morbid mantra before. I used to think that suicide is an option, therefore I should wait with it until the last minute, when all else has failed. It kind of works for lighter depressions and anxiety .. it's like a calming effect to know that death is an option, and that I never have "no choice". But when the depression goes below a certain point, I can see how it starts working against me, and becomes counter productive. Death becomes more of a goal and a given choice rather than that last option it was supposed to be.

    From now on I don't think I should think about death in such a way. I mean, of course it's an option, just not for me, not just yet - I still have a plenty to do before I go, such as raising my kids, stop being homeless, start playing more games, try those sexy headphones I haven't tried yet, listen to music that isn't heard yet, go places, meet people, see where this thing with this certain someone leads (oh boy), see the progression of my ex wife when she blooms out in all her glory and becomes a happy person, taste new foods, try drugs I haven't yet, work with helping people (yep, when I get much more stable I will start looking for jobs working with young adults, because I feel I can do so much for them), see my friends who still feel bad bloom out and get well, see my friends who are well get even better, be there for people, get more ink (much more ink, never in my face though, my neck tattoo can be covered with a shirt), I need to climb some mountain some day, I need to get rid of all my prejudice and see transparently and see how it affects my life and way of living (I am however very advanced on this one, but I feel I can do better) and most importantly I have to enjoy everything in life in general.
  2. DigitalFreak
    Weird how the convo went in this particular direction. This morning I was thinking about mortality, life and death, and the meaning behind it all now that my fathers gone. I posted this on my Facebook page and after reading the last couple of pages decided to post it on here too. Take it as you choose.
    Copied Directly From The Facebook Page Of Arly Borges (DigitalFreak)
    Today I had a rather interesting experience. It's the beginning of high summer in central Canada. FINALLY!!! Its around this time that my now deceased father would begin his gardening regime and get everything ready in our gardens set up and pruned. He liked to call this time of year the growing months. When I was a kid as young as 7 or 8 I remember my dad running around our old house, located in the core, meticulously pruning his beloved grape vines. He'd spend days slowly looking through the tangled mess of vines mentally marking out what needed to be cut away and what vine needed to be tied down so as to direct it in a certain direction. He liked to trim and tie down every thing in such a way so by midsummer our grapevines would grow into a cohesive green leafed canopy.
    Him having a green thumb and being rather sentimental when we sold our old house he very carefully transplanted 12 of the original 24 vines he grew from small roots and started fresh in our new house in suburbia. As with our old house within a short 5 years he would transform an empty boring open section of backyard into a 20 x 14 foot, gazebo like, leafy canopy. The last few days me and my mother have been quietly fretting amongst ourselves. Every year my fathers grapevines require trimming at the beginning of the summer. Unless trimmed the vines will begin to dry up and the the whole vine itself will start to slowly dry out and eventually die. The last few days I've been slowly working through the intricate lattice of vines doing a copycat of my father, mentally planning out what should be trimmed and what should stay. Needless to say, I've been feeling rather apprehensive of doing all this by myself, wondering if I'll trim off to much or to little. Today with fingers crossed I finally grabbed the trimmers and began the process.
    It was both a bizarre experience as well as eye opening. Today I learned that no matter how much one likes to think of him/herself as different from their roots in the end your bloodline will always call you back and there's no denying it. While I quietly snipped away I couldn't help but feel as if I was following in my fathers footsteps and the memories of him methodically widdling away the time in our backyard ran through my mind. It almost felt like he was there watching me as I quietly worked away, separating each vine shoot and pulling out dried out shoots.

    In the end we truly are a base summation of those who raised us. Thanks dad, love and miss you. I hope you're looking down on me and mom while resting in eternal peace.


  3. DigitalFreak
    It's gone quiet in here again. Everyone have a good weekend?
  4. maverickronin
    Pretty good.  I got to sleep in till noon 3 days in a row. and compare a Koss ESP950 on loan from @Claritas to my Stax SRS 2170 (SR-207 + SRM-252S).  Probably gonna do a write up on it.  "Entry level Electrostatic Shootout" or something.
  5. Mimouille
    Pretty busy...flew back and forth from Shanghai, with the family for a Gala diner we are organizing...no sleep and no music...

    I caught up today by listening to my SE5 ultimate with Cowon P1. The pairing is better with AK240SS, but still great. Will do Tera tomorrow.
  6. DigitalFreak
    Sounds like we're all suffering a bad case of busy life
  7. ardgedee
    Interested in seeing your thoughts. I've been very impressed by the ESP-950 when it's powered through a third-party energizer. Through the ES90 it's packed with, not so much.
  8. warrenpchi Administrator

    Of course!  It was for you after all.  [​IMG]
  9. maverickronin
    I don't have an adapter so I couldn't say what the 950 would sound like from a different amp.
    To sum it up, stock I think ESP950+E90 is just a hair behind the the SR-207+SRM-252S.  The Stax has smoother more refined treble and better bass extension but it's also more laid back and 'ethereal' than the Koss which may not be to everyone's preferences.  I think they're both great though., especially for the money.
  10. jgray91
    Honestly, I'm just cruising along waiting for a certain Rockets to arrive from a certain Diary member. Last and only time I heard it, I got to compare to my Chiri-chan, a.k.a. the Sony MDR7550. It's almost exactly like it, only much more portable by not having a long ass cable and not as vented as Chiri-chan, less fiddly and has a bit more bass. It also looks nice as balls being titanium and all. Maybe this would start my "must have titanium knick knacks" addiction, although, that is also expensive.
  11. DigitalFreak
    The rockets are a nice IEM. I've used mine tons of times. Good sound and built like a tank.
  12. jgray91
    Guess what came in today: my Aurisonic Rockets!

    First of all it feels amazing. And this is the first time, I think, that I prefer to use the small tips, as the medium tips will not fit. Also, deep insertion without the useless tri tabs!


    I tried the anti loops briefly, but it too is as useless as the tri tabs for me. So, off you go into the metal box again.


    Secondly, the build and feel in the hand feels tough. The housing is also surprisingly small! Chunky ass jack,though the 45 degree angle is nice.

    Finally, the sound. Oh yes finally. It is as amazing as I remember it. Granted that its still New Toy Syndrome, but I don't care for now lol.

    All in all, it's a thumbs up.


    P.S. I'm inclined to believe that the leather pouch is really leather, due to the fuzzy side.

    P.P.S. It makes for a great scifi tentacle prop!

  13. maverickronin
    More randomness.
    Western developed, fully voice acted, bisjoujo themed, puzzle game!?

    Found this on sate at the Humble Store on Friday.  It's basically just a memory/color matching puzzle game in bisjoujo wrapping paper and tied up with a ribbon of RPG elements but I've been enjoying it far more than I probably should.
  14. jgray91
    So after using the Rockets in the office today, I realise my mistakes.
    1) the stock ear tips are these weird mushy stuff that "crumples", deform and stick to any bit of skin to disallow me my deep insertion from last night

    2) when deep insertion was achieved through some fiddling, the occlusion effect is very very real and painful in a short time

    3) thus the stock tips are designed for sitting the body just outside the canal and my other mistake

    4) the tri tabs is NOT useless...

    The ear tips have to go. It would be either the sony hybrids or the RHA tips, I think.
  15. DigitalFreak

    Careful, my experience has been the Rockets are really tip sensitive and the wrong tips can drastically effect the sound.
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