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hfb - Bounce House - chat aka shtpost central

Discussion in 'MuppetFace' started by muppetface, Sep 26, 2014.
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  1. DigitalFreak
    @Silent One
    I just noticed you have over 21 000 posts?!?!?!? Silent my arse lol
  2. maverickronin
    Good to hear you're doing better.
  3. C.C.S.
    Good to see you're back. And I'm glad to hear you're starting to feel better.
  4. Silent One
    No, really...it takes quite the effort to break my silence. [​IMG]
    @ Coq de Combat
  5. warrenpchi Administrator
    Lol, I had to.  [​IMG]  You know what they say, once you go carbon, you never go - um - something else I guess.
    Hehe, that's the same person I blame.  [​IMG]
    You're gonna want this... it sounds way better.  [​IMG]
  6. jgray91
    Welcome back CdC!
  7. Silent One
     I've been living in isolation; have not yet seen; heard Tidal. [​IMG]
  8. DigitalFreak
    What on Gods green earth is that thing and why do I think it looks badass, albeit, weird?
  9. Mimouille
    It is obvisously a Ronin Chicken.
  10. DigitalFreak
    Well that clears that up ??????????????????????????//
  11. Mimouille
    A masterless samurai, only not a man but a chicken. No brain, only honor.
  12. Coq de Combat

    You might actually think I have no brain because to celebrate life I went ahead and got myself a couple of more tattoos:

    Also, when I woke up a special someone put this note on the mirror for me:


    It's in swedish and says along the lines of: you're the most beautiful in the world <3

    Sometimes life really sucks. But sometimes, life is so great. The heart on my wrist is kind of an "extra life" and the heart on my neck is kind of "from now on I'm putting my own happiness before society's rules and norms". It's more important for me to stay happy and alive than obeying unwritten rules that will lead to another trip to the psych ward.

    Much love to you guys. Thanks for being the awesome ones you are.

    gelocks likes this.
  13. warrenpchi Administrator
    Hey, that reminds me whatcha up to these days?  I'm wrapping up a long overdue Liquid Glass review, after which I will most likely buy it.  Wanna listen sometime?  [​IMG]
    Lol, it's one interpretation of Coq de Combat (fighting chicken/rooster).
    Lol, that's awesome!  [​IMG]  A 1-Up!
    Ville, this is mainly for you, but I'll leave it here, instead of in PM, just in case it can ever help someone else too.  In certain ways, at times in my life, I have been where you've been.  I would hazard a guess that you and I have some similar "flashbacks" on occasion.  Anyway, some people make it back from that brink, and I was one of the lucky ones.  What helped me the most was one simple (or simplistic) revelation:
    Life's negative aspects, in all its forms, will forever be against me.  It will work against my happiness, it will work against the happiness of those I love. And that's a fight that I may never win, a struggle I may never overcome... BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I'M GOING TO LIFT ONE FINGER TO HELP IT.  Negativity may win through sheer force of strength, but I will not surrender to it.  So in a sense, it will never truly beat me.
    Also, welcome back my friend!  [​IMG]
  14. Coq de Combat
    Wow, that was beautiful my friend. Truly beautiful. I will, if you don't mind, copy it and keep it in a file for self affirmation ..
  15. eke2k6
    I don't want to say that I understand what you're going through, because that would be disingenuous. Instead, I'll just share something that's always at the back of my mind that helps me put perspective to whatever struggle I'm going through. It's a bit morbid, but I find it extremely calming...even in the roughest moments.
    What keeps me together is the realization that I'm going to be dead soon. In the grand scheme of the universe, I am only here to say hi and bye. In 200 years, everything I know and love will be gone, and no one alive on the planet at that time will have known who I was or what made me who I was.
    As depressing as that may sound, the flip side is what keeps me happy on a daily basis...my daily problems are even less significant. I spend so little time worrying about what others think or say, because I know that their opinions of me are as permanent as a blade of grass. Instead, all my energy is focused on myself, those I love, and the things I love. Everything else, I view as temporary and fleeting. It really helps me to zero in on what's truly important in my life.
    Just offering another data point from your fellow earth-dweller. [​IMG] 
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