Headphones for serious audio monitoring work
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May 30, 2009
Right now I need closed headphones for actual professional monitoring needs. Not to sit home to enjoy music, rather, think of this as "mission critical". So the requirements are simple: As flat and as detailed as possible, all while remaining durable for outdoor (sometimes sheer wilderness) uses.
Source device is a Sony PCM-D50, unamped.
Budget: Below $250 USD. I have the Sennheiser HD215 right now and I'm getting the feeling that they're no longer proper for what I need. Maybe ATH-M40fs? They claim a "flat response". Or the Sony MDR-7506?
Thank you very much.
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Yes, in that case it would be the ER-4S (D50 has way too much power for 4P). But I never dared to get the ER-4 because of the sheer fear of the tri-flanges. Many Chinese audiophiles claimed anything from stuck sleeve to otitis media.
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Hmmm... Seems that the T50rp is right up your ally. The frequency response is pretty flat from what I remember. 
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t50rp sounds more lifelike must be an ortho thing.
More fuller body to it.

 Exactly, especially on live recordings, it almost feels like you're there when they are recorded correctly.
To the OP: If you decide to go with the T50rp I wouldn't get into modding them as it might change the FR. It sure does sound good when you put them in a wood inclosure but I bet it's not good for monitoring purposes. 
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DT48E...25ohms version...probably even flatter than the Fostex and fantastic clarity throughout the mids. A 3 time Oscar winning location sound engineer used them exclusively FWIR
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CD900 ST? Oh no, those are rare and pricey...
The DT48E with new ear pads is a good option, especially for acoustic life performances. If low budget is more to your liking I would try a HD428 and I am not joking. 
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ATH-M40fs does indeed have a somewhat linear response and yes they are quite detailed, I listened to a pair for quite some time, almost a year. Though it was always plugged to a Roland mixer, which did amp them, so I'm not sure how they perform unamped.

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