Headphone Sightings 2
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When I went home to Chicago I saw some dude on the train wearing Triports. I almost wanted to go over, wake him up, and say "those are a waste of money" then get off the train.
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Originally Posted by lazee_bass_turd
lol, we bump into each other on the internet way too much, mang.

Nah, I don't think it was you on the shuttle; the dude was kinda stocky and looked kinda greasy, like he'd smell if you got too close.

I'd totally do the huge cans thing, but I don't have the funds to buy a pair of hifi cans and a headphone amp. Maybe I'll use my financial aid next quarter to buy a pair of AKG K501s or K271s.

I used to use KSC75's as my primary portable cans but one of the clips fell off and lost it somewhere on campus. I just bought a pair of CM700Ti's, so yeah, if you see some Asian dude with long, metal earbuds it's most likely me.

Goddam son! This is Amaranthica from IGN! HI 2 you and shock_troop!
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Rogue, from The Cruxshadows... iPod in what looked to be a silicone (iSkin?) case with an armband and using stock ibuds... at JFK Airport
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Originally Posted by reivaj

Depends on what you're talking about.

Speaking of Triports, y'all have no idea how many people I've had to persuade to not buy Triports when I used to work at Circuit City. Those were the cans all the rich people that bought the biggest iPods with FM transmitter and a case went straight for, and I had to convince them how much they sucked and how much of a ripoff they were. Most of them listened as I wrote down for them the link to Audiocubes, but others ignored me and bought a pair or two.
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The other day while I was in the waiting room at the neurologist's office, I saw one of the doctors walk in wearing a pair of custom UE's. No idea what model they were though, clear earpiece and green cord.

Odly enough, migraines is part of the reason I delved into hi-fi audio. I'll get migraines because of white-noise, or unbalanced sound. Funny how that works out. (If any other head-fiers get migraines, I'd be interested to know about it.)
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i saw a pair of koss plugs in some1s ears today. they looked a lot better than my etys do in my ear but that is mainly cause you can actually see them from the front. hmm its kinda gross putting sumthin that big in your ear...
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On the way up to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver today I saw a girl wearing a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 3's on the bus. I never heard of them before I saw the girl wearing them but the first thing I thought was "bose is making female version QC2's now?" because they were so small. But after later checking the bose website I found out they were bose's new headphones. Pretty expensive though.
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The only person I know other than me with decent headphones is a friend of mine which has bought a pair of white px100's after listening to mine's
He was using Ibuds before... Now he can't use Ibuds anymore: since now he's addicted to the px100's sound!!! (Ibuds are really crap)

Here in Italy it is IMPOSSIBLE to see people wearing circumaural headphones in public, and then in my entire life I think I have seen a total of maybe 4 or 5 people wearing small supraural cans out in public.

Here in italy it is all an ocean of ibuds and cheap sony buds, nothing else, it's sooo sad.
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Originally Posted by Rick Hunter
Here in italy it is all an ocean of ibuds and cheap sony buds, nothing else, it's sooo sad.

Be a trend setter; wear some Jecklins in public.
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Originally Posted by ken_loo
just saw a girl with sr-60s, didn't get my "nice cans" reference though

LOL I can't believe you actually said that!

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